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I remain quiet as Viola and Torvus talk listening to every word. I sigh to myself before walking back to the bridge. I didn't expect her people to act this way about this war. I decided then to help fend the Collective off and do no more for the Alki aside from protecting their secrecy. When I reach the bridge I cancel the order for the drop. Something didn't seem right about the capital ship of the Collective showing up now...


Illador exits warp over Feuir near Frykt Incarnatel as I return to the bridge. I keep my surprise hidden as I observe the massive capital ship sitting in orbit. This cannot be a good sign.

I feel the ship exit warp and wake up, climbing out of Draconum's cockpit and heading to the bridge. "I take it we're here then?"


I climb out of my pod and apologize to most of the men who had prepared. I then went to the bridge and saw the Collective's capitol ship. "That can't be a good sign..."
I watch him get grabbed, and dragged off, screaming. I walk over to where I saw the hand, and toss a grenade in there. I signal for the others to slow down, and we move out, heading slowly through the room.
Tier stops going over his gear for a moment as the ship drops from warp. it would seem we have arrived. He says to himself as he puts on his armor, grabs his weapons, holsters them, then heads to the bridge to see what is going on and if they needed him.

"Not at all.... Junior just arrived with Illador as well."


"Yes we are Corso it also looks like the Director has arrived as well...." I continue to look out the view port of the bridge.


Ah good more Poltergeist have arrived. Oh it looks like Little John Junior has come to help his father. This might prove to my advantage. I smile to myself as I reformulate my plan. I would have to take one of the ships and I knew just which one to take. It would give me a powerful bargaining piece with Poltergeist.


The grenade explodes in the ducts focusing the flash into the room briefly. A loud pain filled hiss is heard from another vent aimed at the group.

I nod. "Good, we'll have some back up. Wonder if Corso came with."


"The Director? I have an idea then. They don't know the specifics of Project Earthborn. Let me drop him a surprise."

"He did and Corso is plotting something for the Director." I started to get a bad feeling. The ship wasn't firing rounds to glass Feuir it was just sitting there.


"That might not be necessary but I will keep it in mind."

I watch the ship. "They aren't glassing it. Think he'll make a move against one of our ships?"


I look at John. "You sure? It'll give us one hell of a tactical advantage."
I throw an incendiary grenade in the other vent, and we continue on our way, cautiously.

"Maybe, we must be ready for what ever they throw at us though."


"Your right that it would but to breach their ship to even get you on board is a different and possibly impossible objective..." I lose my step as Illador rocks from a blast. "Damn it... Damage control check all systems, find out what is working and. Mechanics start fixing what needs fixed as Damage control calls it out. Communications get me Fury of Terra NOW!"


I smile to myself as the weapons team works on disabling Illador. Soon the rest of my plan will fall into place...


"You really shouldn't have done that. Light and fire just mad then madder." A voice says to the group from a lightless empty room on their right.

I stumble a bit and curse. "I'll get the Tyranor's and Draconum out there. We can run interference." I sprint from the bridge, giving the command to get in their units and move out. Soon the space between the Collective ship and the Illador filled with mechs, me in the midst.


"They're attacking John's ship!"
"Oh? And what should we be doing?" I say, turning my light to where the voice was. I hear Karissa and my bodyguard enter the room behind me, and we scan the room.

"Well first thing is you need to know how to kill these things. Bullets and grenades can kill them but it is much easier just to take the head off." A pair of piercing grey eyes look at Tratos from a corner.



"Sir weapons systems and propulsion is down, Shields are holding but not for much longer."

"Damn it. Start loading everyone into transports in case things start to go wrong. Start with not essential crew members and personal."


"Deploy boarding parties and bring me Flint Jr and as many of the crew of that ship as you can." I take a seat and watch my plan play out.


"Damn it. Helmsman bring us into orbit now. Weapons team bring all weapons to full power. All fighter teams prep for launch."

{Drakes, keep those transports out of our ship.}

{Yes, sir!} Rounds of all kinds lit up the sky above Feiur as we engaged the fighters and transports, taking out as many as possible.

{John, get out of there. They're trying to capture anyone important.}


I slam my fist on the table in anger. "Dammit! Why can't we catch a break with that f*cker?!"
I stare back at the eyes, my hand hovering over a kukri held at my chest.
"Hm. Sounds like fun. I'll try not to blow anything else up."
Tier steps on to the bridge knowing something is going on as some random officer just ran by him in the hall. "Sir what the .... where do you need me sir?" Tier asked staring out the view port at the battle and the triad ship.
Character you haven't met yet. His name is Corso Rios, Cayl's son. And Torvus is on Flint Sr.'s ship.

{I am not abandoning ship until my crew is safely off.} I keep issuing orders as the ship take more rounds. An alarm sounds signalling that the shields were down. "Damn it, Make haste in the evacuations they are sending boarding parties."

I turn to face the soldier. "Help fight off the boarding parties or with the evacuations."


"If it was that easy then we wouldn't be fighting this war." I turn to face the read out on Illador. "Damn it their shields are down and so are their weapons and propulsion. Their sitting ducks...."


Several turrets on the Collective ship begin to target the Tyranors picking one off almost immediately.

A transport makes it through the fight can latches onto part of Illador and releases its crew into the ship. Many of them are quickly killed by the crew but a few survive long enough to wound or kill some of the Poltergeist crew.


"Probably a good idea. While the despise light and fire they are drawn to it. I think it is because they think their prey is there." The eyes blink but still keep their focus on the group.

A hail of rockets renders several of the turrets inoperable. {Hurry it up then.} I fire on several fighters, destroying them. {They've opened fire on us.}


"I guess you're right...I'll help where you need me."
Quite the contradiction, it seems. I think to myself. I slide my hand away from the knife, and reach for something on my waist.
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I turn to face the soldier. "Help fight off the boarding parties or with the evacuations."

"On my way" Tier says before he turn and darts from the bridge heading for the nearest enemy boarding party. as he runs he draws his rifle.

"Just make sure Viola is safe. I don't want her to somehow end up n the Directors hands."

Slowly Fury of Terra makes it into orbit to join the fray firing a volley of blasts from its turrets.


"Yes it is a contradiction. You really should guard your thoughts better. I am not even a high grade psionic and I can still catch the whole of many of your thoughts."


{Be careful Corso, Get to close and they will draw you in with a tractor beam and disable you mech." I check my logs and many people have already left in dropships that are now heading for Fury of Terra I knew I didn't have much longer before the boarding parties overwhelmed the remaining forces but I had to make every second count. "Get the main cannon online. We have a few minutes before we could possibly lose the ship and I want that cannon to at least fire one shot into that bastards ship."

"Yes sir redirecting everything none essential to the main cannon. The shot will be ready in five minutes."

{Roger.} I was fortunate that my cruise missiles had such good range or they'd be useless.


I nod and hurry to the detention level, finding Torvus and Viola talking. "Well, this is awkward."
You mean, besides the fact that I'm making no attempt to hide my thoughts. I reply mentally, and I grab what I was reaching for. I screwed something on the end of my rifle, and fired at the eyes, my gun making no sound and giving almost no muzzle flash.

The eyes disappear for a moment then reappear in another corner revealing the outline of a tall human.
"Really I try to give you some advice as a hunter of these things and you shoot me. Maybe I should just leave you here for them to feast upon your flesh or turn you into one of them."


The Collective ship rotates to reveal more turrets and those continue to fire into the fray.

I avoid the shots and light up the turrets with more missiles and rockets. {John, how's it coming in there?} I avoid another fighter and shoot it down.
"And how to we know that you aren't one of those things killing everyone?" I counter, bringing my rifle around at a quick speed. My bodyguard draws her Rail-Gun, and loads a round.

"Wouldn't I have tried to kill you and your companions then, and why would I have shared anything with you about them?" The being takes note of the weapons and sighs. "I really do think your just listening to try to gain the advantage of surprise. I am starting to wonder why you are even here since most of the survivors of the attack were cowering near the exit of the bunker."


{We are charging the main cannon now. I am at least going to get one shot off at these pricks.} I here an alarm go off and curse.
"Damn it. Call all forces to the bridge and lock all of the doors."

{What was that?} I fire another volley and take out more turrets, bringing down fighters with my machine gun.

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