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"....All of which were already evacuated. I'm not an idiot." I reply, and signal my team to continue exploring. I already didn't like the person talking, and had other things to do in the bunker.
Tier stops in the middle of the hallway having received the recall to the bridge. i was just f#cking there! gahh oh well orders are orders. He then returns to the bridge and is one of the first few to arrive there.

{Just an alarm Corso, don't worry about that an focus on staying alive out there.}
I enter in a few codes on the main computer and most of the ship starts to lock down. I let a small sigh of relief which was quickly met with the ship shaking violently again. More sirens sounds and damage reports start to show that the rear of the ship was just blown off by a large missile. "Damn it... program the auto lock and fire for anything that marks hostile and begin the final evacuation." I turn to enter another code into the computer which would purge the system of all data stored on the ships hardware.


The figure steps out into the middle of the room and is still surrounded by shadows. "That still doesn't tell me why you still venture into the depths of this lab. I would figure my father would be more concerned with getting the survivors off of this glassy rock rather than the old Confederate data that is hidden below."

IC: {Right. Just hurry.} I quick dash around a rocket and fire on the fighter who'd shot it, raining more missiles on the turrets.
"And who is your father?" I reply, already guessing what he is going to say.
Tier stops just outside the bridge, turns around and starts shooting anyone who is not poltergeist.

"If you must ask that question than I really do wonder your purpose here if it wasn't to evacuate the survivors." The figure replies.


{I am just about done.} I finish wiping the system of all data just as the crew finishes programing the main cannon to fire at the nearest hostile target when it can.

The Collective forces begin to return fire at Tier and the defending Poltergeist troops.

{Good. Unfortunately, I don't know that you'll be able to get out. Scanners indicate a lot of Collective forces just outside your front door.}
Tier ducks around a corner to avoid being shot up. He then proceeds to pop out of the cover he has every few moments to shoot at the Triad troops. "Go back to where ever you came from B@st@rds!" Tier yells over the weapons fire at the Triad troops
I ignore the next comment. Karissa walks over to me, and say "Looks like this floor may be clear, though there was another room nearby." I nod, and she leads the way to what she found.

{Damn it I thought I had more time.....} I curse and draw psi-rifle bringing it to my soldier aiming at the main door to the bridge. I create psi-barriers around the remaining crew and soldiers as we wait for the Collective to breach the door.

A few Collective grunts shout back something rather vulgar at Tier and the soldiers before tossing two grenades into the Poltergeist ranks.

Two watchers infiltrate the bridge through a side corridor poised to strike to disable the remaining Poltergeist on the bridge once the grunts pressed their way through the door to the bridge.


"There is nothing in that room. Maybe a few old files but they are nothing of interest. Mostly payroll files that the Confederacy used." The shadows start to fad away around the figure revealing the more fine details of the man. He wore a modified ghost suit with several Poltergeist markings on many of the devices and he had short groomed black hair. His grey eyes were even more focus on Tratos now."Now I do ask that you answer my question. What is it that you seek here? There is nothing but old science records and the abominations that lurk in the shadows."

I avoid another round of shots and return fire. {Scanners indicate two hostiles on the bridge with you.} I wasn't about to let the Collective capture anyone.
"You'll know it when we find it." I reply, and turn to the two. "We ready?" Karissa nods, and we start heading back to the elevator.

The man frowns at Tratos. "Oh your no fun at all. If you told me what you were looking for I could help you find it faster. I know this bunker rather well since I have been here for a few months hunting the Colnarzeem, the creatures that you have encountered recently."


{What?....} I turn around to scan the rest of the bridge just as a breaching charge goes off blowing the main door to the bridge open knocking over several crew members and soldiers. Before I could react two watchers come up and grab me. I manage to fight one of them off and swing my left arm at the other one. She releases me and dodges my strike and backs out of my reach. The other watcher comes up from behind drawing his knife hoping to catch me off guard, as he swings I side step making him miss and bring my right fist down into his back sending him downward into the floor with a thud. The first watcher also draws her knife and moves to strike at me. She grazes my left arm as I dodge the attack by stepping back. I morph my right forearm into a blade and swing back at her forcing her to back off again. The male watcher starts to pick himself up off the floor and swings at my legs throwing my balance off as I try to dodge. The woman watcher sees this and strikes at me again this time digging her blade into the top of my right arm. I winch in pain and throw her off and try to recover my balance. I pull the knife out of my arm and toss it aside and try to stand up strait. Something wasn't right, everything felt off balance and like it was moving. I look back at the knife again and see that the hilt of it had ejected a small vial. I look back up at her to see a cruel twisted smile as she walks over to me and pushes me down. I look around from my position and see that most of the crew were incapacitated while they were disoriented from the explosion of the breaching charge. I couldn't help but feel like I failed them and my father. I lost Illador and was not even able to save the all of the crew. I feel two powerful hands grab me and drag me off of the bridge probably heading for the boarding vessels that the Collective had used earlier. I was now a prisoner of war.

{John? John!} I curse and switch over to a channel to Flint Sr. {Flint Sr., this is Corso Rios, please come in.} I fire a round of machine gun fire at a fighter, watching it explode in grim satisfaction.
"Then tag along." I reply, annoyed. My team passes through the first room before the elevator.
As Tier is surrounded he activates the locking mechanism on his suit. heh id like to see them TRY to get me out of this armor with anything less than a nuke now. he drops his rifle to the floor not wanting to endanger John.

{What is it Corso?} I keep my attention on the battle at Hand. We just entered orbit and were starting our approach towards the Collective vessel.


I am tossed into a chair and secured before the shuttle takes off heading back towards the capital ship. I try to move but fail to even lift my arm. I try to call out telepathically to my father but also cannot. I curse to myself mentally as I knew what was inhibiting my movement and psionics. I wait patiently as I am being transported.


"Have it your way then." The man steps back melding into the shadows leaving only his eyes visible for a seconds before completely disappearing.

I quick dash out of the way of another missile, watching it hit a fighter. {They've captured John Jr.}
I hit the button for the next level, and watch the door close.
I heard the sounds of combat, intense it was... Collective, but I didn't want to side with either anymore. Nor would I help any side. "You know... I wont be helping Poltergeist... bad influence it is already."

Cynthia's eyes jerked open.
"I never said you had to, but you won't get through the fire fight outside in one piece. Not alone." I had noticed Kayle show up and waved him down. "Please, stay here until I can spot an opening to get you to your mother."


I stayed put, waiting to see what Viola decided to do. "And there's still the matter of that armor of yours."
"I had already given to much..." I couldn't decide what to do, exile myself for my wrong decision and help from the shadows? Or accept my mistakes and possible problems later on? "I don't think it would be wise for me to stay... That is my opinion, and my armor is my problem unless I can get it off."
I look at Torvus, who nods, then at Viola. "I'm a bit of a technical and mechanical genius. If anyone can get it off, it's me."


"Don't let them know you're there then. I know your mother hasn't. Not but for a few close friends."
Tier and the other poltergiest troops are loaded onto a seperate transport and taken to the triad ship. a couple of techs are trying to get Tier out of his armor put are failing miserably and one just happens to put his head in front of Tier's psi blade emitter.
Tier activates the blade and cuts the techs head in half.

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