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A watcher looks over at the now dead tech and sighs. "Leave the git be. He locked himself in his suit and it won't unlock until he deactivates it. That will probably be once he runs out of food unless we jettison him out of the air lock." The watcher lets out s cold cruel laugh at the thought of dropping the locked armor out of a air lock.


The ship that I am in arrives at the main ship and I am taken off and dragged through the halls and end up in what looks like and an interrogation room. I and thrust into a chair then left alone until who ever was my interrogation came to speak with me.


The doctor turns to face the now awake Cynthia. "Good your awake. How are you feeling Ms Ravius."


The elevator proceeds downward to the next floor. As it arrives it opens up revealing a rather unsettling sight of gore from what looks like a fairly recent battle. Most of the corpses are marred beyond recognition others resemble the outline of the creatures that the survivors were fleeing from.


I stagger back a bit as I take the news Corso just told me... I remain silent looking out the view port towards the Collective ship. {All teams work on disabling the weapons on that ship as well as eliminating their fighters. Any escape pods or shuttles try to leave mark them for our ships to intercept to prevent them from escaping."

IC: I'm feeling fine... I feel different, what happened?" Cynthia asked.
he can try all he wants Tier thinks to himself as the watcher threatens to blow Tier out an airlock.
I step over the gory mess, making my way further into the room. I call out.
"Anyone alive? Preferably not mutated like theses things?"
{Roger that.} I shift to a more public channel. {Drakes, let's give 'em hell!} This is met with several cheers as they finally get to take the offensive. We rush the Collective shots, wiping out fighters and avoiding shots as they came, beginning work on the turret systems. {Flint, I can go straight into the hangar and mess up their fighter lines if needed.}

I turn as one of my officers inform me that we have captured Flint Jr. I smile slightly as order the officer to lead me to where he was being held and quickly. In a few moments I am standing before him in the interrogation room. "Open a holo comm with Flint Sr. I am sure he will like to see this." I walk over to a wall and enter a pass code on a hidden panel which opens a small vault containing several devices I used during interrogation.


Nothing moves nor are any sounds heard in the hall. A dim light is visible from one of the rooms ahead.


My comm buzzes and I check to see who it was. All of a sudden several of the screens on the bridge show an interrogation room with Jr. in a chair and the Director off to the side preparing equipment. My face shows horrific worry looking at what is possibly going to happen.


"You were wounded badly in a battle. We managed to save your life using some medical nanites that Kayle had provided for us. Please take it slow in trying to get back to your normal habits, to much strain might reverse some of what was fixed."


The watcher looks over at Tier. "I don't need to try Poltergeist scum. You have to unlock your armor to be fully capable of defending your self. I have the advantage since you cannot move with out unlocking your armor."

I fire a salvo of rockets, destroying more of the few remaining turrets. {{Flint, it's a mind game. Fight it and give me some direction. Draconum and I can deal heavy damage, but only if you tell us where to hit. And you need to launch boarding parties. Most of their turrets are gone.}}
Tier smiles behind his helmet and keeping his thoughts hidden thinks wrong type of lock Triad bastard but ill go with it ... for now
We stack up at the door of the dimly lit room. After we get into position, we enter and scan the room for hostiles.

I turn around and smile at the image on the wall. "Ah I see you answered Flint. Your son has come to visit me here as you can tell." I draw a syringe and fill it with a clear liquid then turn to Flint Jr. I inject the liquid into his neck. He cringes and lets out a small cry of pain. "Don't worry he isn't hurting... yet anyway."

"You bastard leave him alone your issue is with me not my children."

"Oh but that alone brings them into this. If you wish for me to cease my actions here all I ask is that you surrender yourself to the Collective Triad. I will then return your son to Poltergeist and leave."


A small consul on the wall is the source of the light that the group had noticed before.


The watcher keeps his gaze on Tier hand on his weapon in case he tries something.

Knowing that he was too distracted with the Director, I shift to the plasma launcher on my back and fire, a hole tearing through the hull of the ship, crossing near the power generator, and the blast rocks the ship. "Knock, knock, b!tch."
I shook my head. "Then we can wait to take the armor off unless you want to do it in the armory... This armor is one piece and is the only thing I'm wearing."
"I'm sure I can arrange for that. We can put you in some standard issue gear and get you to my ship. Then we'll find your mother." I sighed inwardly. At least she'd seen sense if nothing else.


I nod. "Not sure our armory will have a way, but we'll see. You want foot soldier or medic gear?"
"No... We shall not see her and she'll know about my decision anyway... And why can't you just give me some regular clothes... I wont touch your stuff for it will cause problems like I already said..."
I shake my head. "Only serve to get you through the ship safely. Once we're on the Bladerunner, I have a spare change I can lend you."
...... "I am not going to wear Poltergeist armor... I clearly want them destroyed as well... And you are endangering me more by doing that."
"We're on the Fury of Terra. The Director would be stupid to attack us right now. Let's hurry the f*ck up and get you out of here. Poltergeist armor will get you through the ship with no questions asked."
We approach the console, and I start tapping the keys in order to get access to the data. Karissa and my bodyguard stand nearby, ready for a fight.
"My answer is no...And you can't command me nor tell me what is best for my safety. And for someone who has some clearance he sure isn't smart about it..."
I growl in frustration and walk away, heading for the armory.


I sigh as Kayle walks away and I look at Viola. "He's right though. If you want to get off this ship without someone reporting us to Flint, then we need to put you in Poltergeist armor. It'll be for one elevator and a hallway."
Watching as he walked away from the two of us, "And I don't care... You are still putting me in more harm than you think you are helping... It's either we don't get going, or I go through the vents."
"Just follow me and...I don't know, cloak or something. I never did pay attention to everything a Watcher could do."

The ship barely shudders with the blast. Quickly the room is locked down due to the hull breach. Several turrets reactivate and begin firing EMP rounds at Corso.


The screen displays an error message and requests a password for further usage.


I turn back to my tools and start to pick through them trying to decide what to use next. I knew Flint would break as soon as his son was truly being tortured. "You might want to call off the Lorian ACs. Another hit like that could cause my hand to slip and hit something critical and poor Jr's abilities were just neutralized. Then again if they could also damage my ship enough that the life support is taken down or the core is destroyed."

{{Corso.... Cease fire and return to Fury of Terra. Docking for you and your people is ready on the port side.}} I turn to face the Director again and straiten up. "Alright, I will come to you in a shuttle only if you release those you captured from Illador. They will leave on that shuttle unharmed and your people will not fire on it either. Those are my terms." Hawk, who had just walked onto the bridge, looks at me in astonishment.

"WHAT!! Your giving into his demands of surrendering yourself?!?!" Hawk exclaims with hints of anger start to fill his voice.

{{Negative, Flint. John's his bargaining tool. He won't let himself accidently kill him, and I know where I'm aiming. Either get those boarding shuttles out and doing their job, or I'm going in alone.}} I fired another salvo of rockets while avoiding the EMP rounds. Soon the EMP turrets are space scrap. {{You know you're stronger than this.}}

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