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I plug something into the console, and start typing in command lines to attempt to bypass the computer's lock. The item that is plugged in beeps quietly, and starts scanning the console, trying to find a way in of its own.

"I accept your terms Flint. You have half an hour to arrive aboard my ship. If you do not show then all the prisoners will be executed, starting with your son." I turn and close the vault on the wall and walk out of the room and head towards the bridge to wait for Flint.

I let off a small sigh of worry as the images blink off of the screens they were on. I have the crew check for any worms or anything that might allow them to spy in on us. Once it was clear I sigh again. It was now time fore me to start putting my plan together and I needed to do so fast.{{I have a plan Corso trust me. I inform you and a few other in on it more once you get back.}}

Hawk looks at Flint still rather disgusted. "In all my years with you Flint I have never know you to give up so easily. Normally you would have invaded that ship to rescue the people. What happened to you?"

"Hawk I haven't truly given up. I know that this war won't end if the Director kills me. In truth I know that Ivan and Leah would probably take up arms to finish my fight. I plan on ending it once and for all in the next hour...." Hawk looks at me confused. He didn't know what I was planing and it probably worried him on what I might try. "Meet me in the 'black' room in five minutes. Find Kayle, Torvus, and Corso then bring them to the room." I turn and walk off the bridge and head for the mentioned room. It was called the 'black' room because the walls were lined with devices that created so much interference that no communication, or recording equipment could function. Once the group was in there then I knew I could safely discuss my plan.


The computer freezes as the device tries to bypass the lock. A few minute later another message pops up saying invalid password 1/5 attempts.

I growl and order the unit back to the Fury. Landing in my position, I climb out of the cockpit and begin looking for Flint Sr. "Of all the stupid things to do..." I muttered.
I just sighed as we continued down the hallway, with a slight hum as the cloaking turned on... True freedom shall be in my grasp by the end of today.
I think carefully. "First is the armory, see what we can do about that armor. Then we'll get you to another ship. I...I'm sorry Viola, but I have to finish this."


I reached the armory first and waited, irritated with Viola's lack of common sense.
I ignore the message, and start typing another command line, trying to make it accept a bit of data being sent by the device attached to it.

{Hey Corso, Kayle, and Torvus do you read me?} Hawk calls into the comms. {If you do Flint. Sr. needs us to meet him in the 'black' room on E deck. Give me a shout out if you need help finding your way there.} He sighs after the message. "Flint better know what he is doing..." He mutters to himself and lumbers over to the elevator heading for E deck.


The console beeps again yielding and error message. locking the computer for a few minutes. After it unlocks the screen again shows that a password is needed and that one out of five attempts have been made.

{Roger, I'll head there.} I sighed and headed to it. Why such a strange name for yet another briefing room?


I curse. {Torvus...}


{I know.} I turn to Viola. "I'm going to trust you to get rid of the armor and get off this ship yourself. Radio me if you need any help."
I sigh, and continue to hack the computer. Karissa starts wandering around the room, and my bodyguard steps out of the room.

I pace quietly as I wait for the others to arrive. What I was planning on telling them was not to leave the room and not be spoken after the briefing. I knew it was a chancy shot of ending this for good but it was probably the only opportunity that I would get for a long time.

"Master Flint I know what you are thinking and I strongly advise against it." Delta chimes as an image of him appears on the desk.

"I didn't ask for your input Delta. I know you are trying to spare me from doing something that is practically suicide but you won't change my mind. This has dragged out for far to long and I am going to finish it now before more people end up as corpses in his wake. Terra knows how many truly are part of the body count that follows him since even before he became Director of the Collective Triad...." I stop my pacing as my thoughts sink deeper.

"It won't bring your brother back Master Flint and you reasoning is ill suited for the choice you are making, but if you do choice to remain on this course then I will follow your command to the end as always. I do also presume that one of your children will know what actually happened?"

"Yes Ivan will know as he is to inherit you and several other of my personal effects should things go ill. He will cope better with it then the Leah or Jr will."

"Affirmative, I also presume he already has obtained Hidden Fury?"

"Yes Delta he has Jessica's old ship. He has earned it for sure."


In the hallway the are signs of recent movement of one of the corpses. A bloody hand print is smeared across one of the walls leading down towards what looks like a partially open door. The room with the console yields almost nothing when it comes to usable data disks or files. A bookshelf runs along one of the walls with various volumes of different texts. The computer finally is bypassed by the hack.

I arrive at the designated room and knock. "You in here Flint?"

"Yes come on in...."

I walk in, and face Flint. "What the hell are you thinking?"
"Finally...." I start transferring the files on the console to the device, and my bodyguard comes back in.

"Corso I have my reasons. Besides I am not truly surrendering, I will explain more when the rest arrive." I motion for him to sit down at the table as Hawk lumbers into the room still rather sore about my decision. "Hawk just trust me on this. This will be our last confrontation with the Director whether or not my plan works"


All of the files are marked with numbers and several are protected by numerical codes and passwords.



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IC: I give Viola directions and instructions on how to reach the armory, get the armor off, and then get to a ship. Kayle and I then head to the 'Black' room. "What's up?"

I am going to be taking the Director down once and for all. Since he thinks I am surrendering he will not expect what I have in store for him. I admit this is probably not the best plan but it one shot that I have to finish it with out to many others getting killed. You three will be escorting me to their ship and taking the prisoners back and returning to Fury of Terra. As I am sure you have already figured that I will not be coming back with you." I pause and look down at the table.

"You're kidding. Flint, who will take over Poltergeist?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.


"Flint, I haven't been with you in this war long, but even I know that's a foolish move." I was calculating how many Watchers would be between me and Flint if it came to that.


I just stood there, dumbfounded. "I'm not going unless it's in Draconum. You'll need armed escort."
I transfer what files I can and attempt to move the password protected files into the device.

"That has already been taken care of Kayle, Ever since I was attacked on KLR9 I had already had things planed out for the worst. Torvus this war feud between me and the Director has been going on for long than both Poltergeist and the Collective, and I intend to end it. Corso you are not taking Draconum nor will you be leaving the shuttle since you will be piloting it. I am trusting you to get everyone back to Fury of Terra intact." I step away from the table and look towards the wall farthest away from the door.
"This final fight will be between me and the Director, no one else."


The files transfer with little issue but are still locked until a password is entered.

I nod silently, wishing he'd just listen.


"I understand." I turn and look at Kayle, who keeps his mouth shut and waits for a further briefing.
I pull the device out, and we exit the room. I lead the way, and note the body moved and the hand print. We approach the new room, and breach the room with a Flash-Bang grenade tossed in first.

"I know that what I have planed doesn't make sense right now, I do hope that it will in time...."
I sense Corso's unease with what I had planed. "Corso going in with a fully armed guard will only alert them and will lead to more strain than needed to fight out this battle. Since we are not fully armed and not going in weapons blazing the Director won't suspect the trap. He is to arrogant when he thinks he has actually won. While he may suspect that he hasn't if we stick to my plan then he will truly think he has."

I turn to face the group again. "Now is there anything that I might have to go into more detail about?"


As Tratos's group enters the room a raspy voice is heard and yields no definite source.
"More prey for us to feast on. More victims to maul and main. One more to join ussss in the shadows...." It states and follows up with a cold cackle.

I just keep walking, not wanting to think on it too hard.
I ignore the voice, drawing my knife in my off-hand. We continue on our way, scanning for more hostiles.
"Alright we better get a move on. The transport is waiting for us and time is wearing thin." I start to walk out of the room heading towards the hanger bay elevator on this deck. Hawk quickly catches us and grabs my shoulder.

"Have you completely lost it?"

"No Hawk. I am just taking advantage of a situation that started rather ill."

"John this plan is madness. You know that the chances of it working are slim."

"No Hawk the chances of my survival are slim not the success of this plan. Now I'll meet you on the ship." I proceed forward leaving Hawk standing alone in the hall.


A series of claws appear from the ceiling of the room swiping at the group. Several of the creatures start to enter the room from several places surrounding the group.
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IC: Tier waits, knowing some kind of rescue should be coming. He is however getting a bit mischievous and notes the same watcher from before keeping an eye on him. hmmmmm should I? No not yet.

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