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The group ducks as one and start unleashing firepower across the room, their guns not giving off any muzzle flash or sound as they kill everything that enters. I toss a grenade through one of the doors.
Corso reaches the shuttle and runs the preflight checks as Torvus and Kayle check their gear. "This is stupid." Kayle had a sour look on his face. The other two simply nod and continue their preparations.
Hawk shuffles out of the hall he was in and heads for the ship. He boards just as the comment about the plan being stupid is made. "I hear ya. Sometimes I wonder if he has just lost it at times...."

I walk into the elevator and take it strait to the hanger floor where the shuttle was awaiting. I let off a sigh and hurry to the shuttle once the elevator stops.


One of the Creatures drops from the ceiling strait on to Tratos clawing at his face and biting at his limbs. Several more drop down onto the others in the group as well.


The Watcher continues to observe Tier as the prisoners are escorted into the holding cells. Tier was currently strapped to a dolly for ease of transportation.
Torvus spots Flint and signals the others, who get ready. "Will anyone else becoming?"
"Ya know for people who are supposed to be the best you watchers are not very bright now are you?"
My knife stabs it in the arm, stopping it from clawing, and I stab the other arm, then slice its throat open. Karissa slices the ones that drop near her, and the ones attacking my bodyguard were dead before they touched the ground from her gun.
"Damn, you are one ugly !@#$er." I comment, and stab it in the temple for good measure, then I take the knife back and remove the body off of me.
I look up at Torvus. "Yes a small group of Storm Troopers and a Spec Ops team to make sure everyone makes it on board safely. The Spec Ops team has something else to do while the shuttle is docked on Frykt Incarnate. They will make sure the weapons systems are disabled to prevent the shuttle from being destroyed. The team leader is preparing one final present, with the aide of a few mechanics, for the Collective as well."
I pass Torvus and head for a seat in the shuttle.

In a few more moments a few Storm Troopers board as well followed by the Spec Ops team, who are carrying a rather large object.


Another creature tackles Tratos from behind knocking the knife from his hand and bites at the base of his neck. More flood into the room to attack the group. Several head towards Tratos and the rest slowly surround bodyguard and Karissa.


The Watcher remains silent and continues to watch Tier. He was expecting Tier to try something but he wasn't sure what or when.
Its teeth flash toward my throat before another of my knives slice its skull in half, killing it. A flashbang is thrown out, and all of the creatures stumble blind, and several begin to be cut down with practiced efficiency. I start shooting for the head, backing up for the door with my team.
Making sure everyone is on board, Corso takes off, radioing the Collective ship for docking clearance. Torvus was formulating a plan of his own in his mind. I know he's going to do something stupid, and I have a trick up my sleeve. Just hope the power generator is in the standard place... Kayle locked and loaded his assault rifle and leaned back. "Flint, you're sure this will work?"
"Yes I am sure it will." I remain looking strait ahead of where I was sitting.


The creatures that manage to evade the attacks retreat into the shadows.

A familer voice is heard. "Well you are fairing better than most of the people that have came here."

A hiss is heard from the creatures and the raspy voice returns as well. "Begone Grey eyes. You are not welcome here."

"For the last time you blasted spawn of a mad scientist my name is not Grey eyes and I am not leaving until you and the rest of your kind are removed or incapacitated."
Kayle shakes his head and returns to prepping his gear, while Torvus continues pondering. Corso lands the ship. "We're here."
I get up and wipe blood off of myself. My bodyguard helps Karissa up and reloads her gun. I listen, and turn on the spot, getting ready for another attack.
"Keep your arms at your side but ready for action if need be. Spec ops team you got your orders earlier, you know what to do. Lets move out." I get up from my seat and walk down the ramp to the awaiting Collective troops.

The Spec ops team equips the package with a cloaking device before cloaking themselves and the device and disembark the transport with said device and work their way through the massive Collective ship towards their primary objective.


The creatures voice lets out and angry hiss. "You will not succeed Grey eyes. Our numbers are many and they still continue to grow. You will be food for our kin before the end of the day." Shuffling is heard in a nearby duct that fades away quickly.

The first voice curses loudly. "Damn things must have found another way to create more of themselves."
In a few moments a figure appears in one of the dark corners of the room. The same piercing grey eyes from earlier show through the dark.
"I see you three survived. Not many would have been able to stay the hoard that just attacked you. Were any of you bitten?"
I check myself, no bites on me. Karissa and my bodyguard check themselves, and we all nod. "Lemme guess. This station was experimenting with Zerg?" I ask.
I noticed I was in a ship, in a jumpsuit that was used for training. Where should I go first? Home? The Director? Flint Sr.? Kill them all? Yes... I should take them all down, even if it would kill me. For both must pay for their crimes, and I'll hold it for them.


Cynthia was all groggy as she got into a simple suit. "Where is my equipment at?"
Corso stays where he is and Kayle and Torvus walk down the ramp, Kayle hefting his assault rifle at the first Collective soldier he sees. "Watch it, pal." Torvus simply waits. "Where are the POWs?"

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