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I let out a sigh of relief. "Kayle up Cynthia and teleport back to the shuttle. I'll take the Watcher back to the on foot. Once you get to the Shuttle put Cynthia in the medical tank so she is kept stable until we get back to Fury of Terra."

Cain Wryn enough. Both of you get back to the ship now and we will settle this there. I cannot have the two of you battling it out while working for me.


"Yes I am. What made the Outcasts decide to join us in our fight against the Collective." I keep my stance and emotions neutral. It was good to hear that there was more people willing to join us but their reasoning might not be the same as others.
"Peace. Prosperity. Freedom. Some of our colonies were attacked a few years ago by what had seemed like an anti-mutant movement, but some of our more.....sneaky members found out what it really was. Many of us want revenge, and many of us want to be accepted by the public. As they have made their decisions, I have been selected to become their leader, their talisman, and I have taken up the mantle to represent them in the coming times." He says, his voice smooth and practiced, as if he had rehearsed the speech over and over. The female behind him shifts legs, her eyes planted firmly on the troops who had been selected as guards.
I note her gaze but keep my focus on Tratos. "You don't need to worry about them. I just had them come with because my father would go nuts if I let without any guards. I understand what you mean by wanting to be accepted by the public. I'm not exactly full human nor none mutant either. I am sure you are aware of my parents abilities correct and as for joining us I think you might have to consort with my father more about it.
Fantasy what is up with that blanket?
OCC: Opps, accidentally shifted from first-person to third. Correcting.

I glance at my bodyguard, then turn my gaze back to Flint Jr. "Don't mind her. She is protective, as is most of her family, of me and my predecessors. I'm glad that we understand each other, and I am aware of your family's genetic line. When I attempted to contact your father, he was occupied, so I was forced to come here to talk to you."
Cynthia's temperature was returning to normal, her breathing starting to slow down instead of the quickened pace it was at earlier. She was going to live.

Turning my head I noticed that the bindings grew stronger around my wrists. "I demand to be let out of these things...then you shall take me back to where I belong!"
"Ah understandable I guess. He is probably busy trying to keep the Collective from obtaining something that will aide them in the fight. Is there anything else you wish to speak about while I am here?"
"No, that is all. Our troops should be ready to fight as soon as the alliance is sealed." I reply, and bow to him respectfully. My bodyguard mimics the movement as if she was my shadow.
I return the bow instinctively and note the movement of the bodyguard. "Right we can probably have that done when my father is available again."
"They stay until you can prove you aren't going to turn on us first chance you get." I pick up Cynthia and teleport, landing just in front of Hawk. "These blokes are freaky as hell."
Hawk jumps up when Kayle lands in front of him. "Damn it I keep forgetting that blasted teleporting. What happened to Cynthia?"

I turn to the Watcher. "Lets get moving. There is no point in just sitting here waiting for the occupants of this ship to come and find us."
With a grunt I stand up, following him...I felt like I lost my dignity.
"I'm not sure. Whatever it was, Flint killed it." I go up the ramp and place Cynthia in the tank. "Anything happen while I was away?"
"May we meet again, Flint Jr." I say, and walk off. My bodyguard gives the group one final glance, and follows me.
Hawk remains at the ramp. "Oh just a few locals needing introduced to my weapons and finding out this old man still packs a hard punch." He gestures to the dead maintenance crew and guards.

I lead the way keeping no more than a few paces ahead of Viola. She couldn't do much but I didn't want to risk her trying to run off since I knew Torvus was wanting to try to get her out of the Collectives ranks.


I board my transport an head back down to the surface of Troy where the cruiser was docked waiting for further orders.
Kayle could see that Cynthia's spine was severed, it was a nasty wound and repairing it wouldn't be easy.

I quickly followed, I might as well play the innocent little girl being taken by her captives.
I chuckle. "Well, out landing was the only action I saw."
"Anyway when is Flint going to be back soon and does he have the objective with him?" Hawk asks still looking around for any hostiles.


I stop at the elevators and push the call button and wait there for the elevator. I glance at Viola briefly while I wait for the elevator.
"I subdued her, but he wanted me to bring back Cynthia. He's on his way though. And he has the objective."

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