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The elevator door opens and I gesture for Viola to enter first.
{Kayle Hawk I will be getting there soon stay on guard.}

{Right making sure the area stays clear.} Hawk speaks into the comm.
{Roger.} I look at Cynthia closer, and cringe. "Hawk, it severed her spine."
Hawk turns and hurries up the ramp. "What in blazes..." He looks at the reports on the screen. "Damn.... The medical tank should numb any pain she is in and start the general healing process, but we need to get her to the medical staff as soon as we get back to the ship."
I shake my head. "We'd need another psionic to see what happened to her. Or maybe that Watcher knows."
My head was looking down at the ground, my hair covering my eyes. Being a good little dog I was, behaving and obeying as to not be punished.
"I would figure you would carry yourself with pride Viola not like person being lead to their own death." I enter the elevator and push the button for the floor that hanger bay was one.

"Right I'll keep an eye out for them." Hawk returns to where he was at the base of the ramp watching for Flint and Viola or any hostiles that might appear.
I nod and take a seat, watching Cynthia's vitals. {Flint, did you see how beat up Cynthia was?}
{Only the exterior wounds, though judging from those she is still probably hurt really bad.}
{Whatever the hell it was, it severed her spine. Maybe a couple punctures in one of her lungs, if not both.}
The elevator door opens and I step off and scan the area making sure it is clear. I gesture for Viola to follow me once I was certain the area was clear and I make my way to the hanger now.
{Alright we should be there soon keep your guard up Kayle.}
{Roger.} I step out and join Hawk in keeping watch. "They're almost here."
"Good, I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this new army that has shown up and Cynthia needs help soon...." Hawk's voice trails off as he keeps on watch.
I felt like snapping at him, or trying to break free, but it wouldn't work anyway.
"Because it feels like my death, the death of my freedom...not like you would understand since it's the other way around for you."
I chuckle slightly at Viola. "I understand more than you know young one." I stop at the doors to the hanger and peer around the side looking into the hanger checking for any hostiles. Its been awhile since I've seen anyone from the group that owns this ship and it was starting to give me a bad feeling.
I have to wrap up my plot points, at least for the holidays.
Flash forwarding, here is what Torvus learns:
A few new Force techniques
Julia is finally broken, and Poltergeist no longer produces the replacement part
Shadow is hanging around Mustafar
And don't're grounded.
Just that my family wants me to "interact" over the holidays, so I will be grounded if I use the internet.

What. The. Freaking. Hell.
So pretty're grounded but you aren't grounded.
The moment Flint turned a corner, Wynn and Cain glare at one another. Wynn said, "Father like you better Cain."
Cain said, "And you never looked at the unity of the family. Father took as much care of you as he did for me."
Wynn smiled, and said "Have you told anyone?"
Cain shook his head. "No."
Wynn glared at him, "I thought you were a traitor. I thought I would have to kill you."
Cain smiled, "can we agree to not strike each other?"
Ok, so I need to skip the council and go straight to Shadow? o_0

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