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There is no real Council at this point. After the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Luke kinda took solo leadership.
Trust me, I was confused when I read it, too.
I knew that. So I suppose I could do that.

IC: I exit warp over Mustafar again, looking for the Vengeance. "Alright Julia, where exactly is he?"
In orbit. I'm not optimistic. Without my Tremor Restrainer, I only have eight hours. Go home. I'll let someone here know my wishes.
"I can't go home without Jigen-Tou, and I'm not going home without you. Kayle has been worried about you ever since you vanished." I run a sweep of the area above the planet. "Does that ship have a cloak or something?"
Look there. To your left is the Vengeance. It is Jigen-tou equipped.
I look over and barely manage to catch site of it. "Bingo. Be there soon, Julia." I raise a radio channel to the battlecarrier. {Shadow? This is Torvus Jentus, I'm a friend of Kayle's. I request permission to land.}
I'm fine. Just tell Master Kayle gently.
{I'll be taking off soon, so dock in Y40.}
{Thanks.} I find the appropriate dock and touch down. "Julia, there is no gentle way to break it to him. You know that."
I am aware of the difficulty. However, Tremor Restrainers haven't been made in twelve years. I literally can't be fixed.
"You're giving up, and I know Kayle taught you better." I lower the ramp and walk out, all my weapons where I'd left them for the sake of time. {Which deck are you on?}
I'm giving up because I have eight hours to get a part that hasn't existed
in twelve years.

{Command deck. Take the stairs, having pest issues.}
{Roger.} I start up the stairs, watching for the 'pests' that he'd mentioned. "There's always a way. You're supposed to be self adapting, use that to help you."
Let me guess. You have no clue what that part does.

{Hurry if you plan on meeting before we leave.}
I reach the top floor, relatively winded after sprinting for so long, and enter the command deck. "I need a couple favors."
I smile. "But of course. What, exactly?" I still look like I'm in my early twenties, and my armor is a confusing hodgepodge of armor types from different universes.
I grimace inwardly at the armor. Man had clearly been spending a lot of time doing this. "I need a ride back to the Koprulu Sector, but first I need to pick up Julia from here." I show him the coordinates. "Dimension 84299876."
"84299876? Not gonna happen. Last time I was there, let's just say five of fourteen was the best I could do."
"I have a friend there who needs help. If she doesn't get her Tremor Restrainer replaced, she's done for."
I sigh. "Listen, Torvus. I know Julia. One of my crowning achievements. But to be blunt, if that's where Julia is, we'd die in the rescue." I stop myself. "Well, you would."
"What is it about this place that scares even you?"

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