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I pull a paintbrush out of my pocket. "Watch this." The tip glows with energy as it is dipped into a mysterious variety of ink. I paint a swirl from left to right in midair, causing a gust of wind to head right. "Celestial Brush. Very few over there can use it, but those who can are devastating."
"Impressive, but it doesn't tell me why you're so afraid to go there."
I sigh. "These capabilities are the only way to take on the demons of that realm. Think of it this way: the ability related to explosive force, Cherry Bomb, would obliterate you in a flash. But even the weakest assaulter in that dimension can take three and keep on fighting."
"I've learned a lot in my two visits to this dimension. You'd be a fool and an idiot to ignore that."
Once I am certain the way is clear I run to the shuttle with Viola not far behind me. Once we arrive Hawk escorts her to her seat and makes sure she is securely strapped in before taking his seat. I head for the pilots seat and start powering up the shuttle and get ready to take off.
I remain at the ramp, even after it closes. I wasn't taking any chances. "This is going to get...interesting. So, Viola, did your mother ever tell you who your father was?"
Viola was secured and she stayed quiet, not wanted to draw the attention of anyone. But she saw Cynthia in the tank, in such a ravaged state. She then heard Kayle. "No...And it's not like I'll believe you."
"Maybe not me, but maybe the man who is your father. Either way, he does care for you."
There was hate in my eyes, they were just using the fact that I didn't know who my father was to get me to talk. " am I supposed to know who my father is if I have never seen him."
"Kayle now is not the time for that and I think he wants to break it to her. Delta are the explosives ready?" I take the shuttle out of the ship making sure it stays cloaked as I try to increase the distance between us and the ship.

"Yes Mr. Flint. Shall I set them off now?"

"Do it."

The explosives go off and parts of the ship break off leaving the it now unusable and floating wreckage in the vacuum of space.
"You're right. Speaking of which, you know where he is?"
"He had to go find someone in a different dimension. Not sure when he will get back either though I hope it is soon, I don't know how long until the Director finds out we have her and I really wouldn't want her to die before he gets back."
The two dimensions in this story is extremely confusing.
I shake my head. "Despite this dimension's technology, you would fall to the weakest enemies there. I barely held myself."
The shuttle arrives back at Fury of Terra and docks in the bay that it launched from. I power down the ship and lower the ramp before heading out of the ship. I motion for Hawk and Viola to follow me as I pass and head towards the holding cell aboard the ship.
I retrieve Cynthia and rush her to the medical staff. "She's hurt good Doc, look later."


"Shadow, technology isn't everything. I've recieved training from the most elite warriors of this dimension, and may have accidentally ended up learning a little bit from Samus Aran when with Joan as her body guard, but that's besides the point. I don't trust in my weapons alone."
I smile. "Your youthful confidence is awe-inspiring. Tell you what. You help me, I take you to Julia."
The doctor looks over Cynthia carefully. "Yes I can see that. Take her to preop and the will prep her for surgery. We should be able to repair most the damage but I am not sure about the severed spinal cord, that might be irreparable with out a few tools that we don't have.."
"What are they? It's partly my fault she was in here in the first place, but I'll fix it."


"You may be much older than me, Shadow, but I'm not that young. Not anymore. But, I'll see what I can do."
I smile. "Allow me to show you my time machine."

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