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"Mostly medical nanites. We don't keep any on the ship since they are in such short supply since the Collective has put so many restrictions on their production and use." The doctor motions for a nurse to come over with a gurney so they could take Cynthia to the preop.
I scoff. "Are you kidding me? Do you even realize we Lorians don't give a rat's @ss what the Collective says?"


"Shadow, time is a very sensitive thing."
I smile. "This lines up with an extremely odd occurrence I have yet to explain. I know what I'm doing." With that, the massive ship appears in Koprulu, in a rather desolate area.
I shake my head. "I'll trust you as long as it doesn't involve changing anything about the past."
The doctor looks at him scornfully. "Yes but the transports carrying them are constantly raided and the nanites are taken then sent to Tarsonis for processing. Mr. Flint is only able to get them due to Poltergeists resources."
"Aren't our transports getting raided then. They're all equipped with ways to avoid gravity wells." I pull a couple vials out of a pouch. "Here, these should help until Gretta can get a fresh shipment sent."
I smile. "Hold on to your lunch. And pull your helmet down. We can't have you being recognized." A bridge officer salutes me. "May I go, Grandfather?" "But of course, young one."
"Recognized? Shadow, I'm a well known name, not a well known face. Just call me Ace. It was my childhood nickname."
I smile. "I won't be speaking. My voice is too familiar where we're going." A purplish glow envelops the ship, and suddenly a terraformed asteroid with an expansive Academy accompanied by a decent military base is visible. I pull my helmet down and stand on a glowing blue circle on the floor.
"Wait...Cayl told stories about this place...the Academy? What happened here that you need fixed?" I activate my helmet and follow suit, standing on the circle.
The young bridge captain steps on. I shake my head and sigh. "Cayl ever tell you about Iapetus di Carnal, specifically his personal fight against the boy?"
The doctor accepts them and looks back at Kayle. "Thank you, I will make sure she gets them. As for how the Collective raids the Lorian ships I dunno how they do it."
"Must be matching their speed at some point. Not unheard of. I'll let Gretta know."


"I remember he told his son, daughter and nephew never to use the primal energies. It almost consumed him. Not much else."
"I really wouldn't know much more than the raids happening. I am just a doctor anyway." He helps the nurse move Cynthia on to the gurney and take her to preop.
I sigh. "You'll see why in a second." The three of us warp into a chaotic battlefield, with a nine year old in a chair watching the hectic scene and giggling with childish glee. I pull out my Celestial Brush, and cut one of the eight headed serpent's heads in half by painting a straight vertical line.
I look around at the site. It really was a mess. I quickly recognized Cayl though, even if he was a whole hell of a lot younger. "What..."
Using the brush, I quickly dispose of the heads, and gesture Torvus and my grandson to the Skull Creature. We're actually lucky. That's a juvenile. Looks like one of their hatchlings, really.
Flint from the past looks up at the new arrivals barely able to stand. His is pointing his revolver shakily at the trio.
I disassemble the threat that was the eight headed elemental serpent Orochi.
I chuckle. "I can handle that." Drawing the lightsaber I'd picked up on Kashyyyk, I activate it, the silver blade coming to life and leap forward.

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