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it would be great if it was possible to show the Actor Debugger in mutliplayer!
At the moment it seems to be impossible to do this. You can bring up the Actor Debugger window in singleplayer by typing "ActorInfoDisplay", but this doesnt work in mutliplayer. Allowing all cheats also doesnt seem to make a difference here.

The Actor Debugger is very important to find potential actor leaks ingame that cause a FPS drop over time. Since singleplayer games dont really match a normal game it would be VERY useful to be able to track actors in multiplayer!
I think this is a great suggestion and it may be easier to enable just the ActorInfoDisplay overlay in multiplayer rather than all of the cheat commands. I know that many problems only appear in a multiplayer game since we have run into that problem ourselves. We frequently use replays to debug those types of problems since it allows you to repeated reproduce an issue in the client.
Currently, you can use triggers to print some actor infomations.

Using 'Actor Get Text' and 'Actor Scope Get Text', they are not much, but could do some help.
Thanks for your reply.

Does that mean that we can expect a working actor debugger for multiplayer in HotS? :)
That would be great.

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