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Could we get some sort of weekly update on HotS? I know this is asking a lot from the dev. team, but I know I can't be the only person who feels antsy not knowing what's going on with the game. How close to finished is it? What's going on with the win rate statistics? What are they planning on testing next?

I know there's the front page, but most of the articles aren't anything to do with HotS. I'd have a better idea of what was going on with the game if I had a beta key, but I don't. I don't want to rush the dev. team, but I am curious as to what's going on, and even if most of the updates were boring and mundane, it would still be much appreciated. I've been waiting for this game like a coke addict waiting for a hit, and I think just the cliff notes of what's happening, even at the stage of "hey, we're just watching and waiting, and adding tweaks once in a while" would be awesome. And if Dustin Browder could read the statistics in his super-excited voice like when he was announcing things at BlizzCon last year, I think it'd just be that much more exciting. : P

In all seriousness, I think it'd stop a lot of the doom and gloom talk, sate a lot of people's eagerness for HotS to come out (at least a little bit), give us some insight into balance, and give us a better idea of how much longer we have to wait and what is, or might be, coming in the future. Just a couple of sentences would do: in short, what are you guys seeing in terms of numbers, rather than just the big splashy replays that everyone talks about? Are the problems people talk about in WoL (ie, "infestor-BL is OP", "mech isn't viable," "protoss is too weak in the early-midgame," etc) still problems in HotS?

In closing, though, dev. team, I know you're working hard to give us the best possible gaming experience with HotS, and I look forward to being able to click "install" after feverishly opening the game box and popping the game in. I also know that you guys have to put in additional time to typing up responses to forum posts, and go out of your way to do so in the first place. The TL;DR version, however boring or mundane, some sort of HotS weekly, or even bi-weekly update might calm a lot of people down, give us a little more insight, and cut down on the amount of typing you guys already do per week.

Thanks for your time.


PS. If it's something you guys can't do because of the work load, or because there are just certain things you can't reveal to the rest of us just yet, I understand completely. Just keep us posted once in a while (or at least when you can), and keep up the great work, is all I'm asking.
Yes! I think everyone would love to be updated on how HotS development is.

Basically what those are, but they haven't had a major beta patch in a bit.
Hope the next patch comes out soon.
We're currently in a slow phase where they're just sitting back and seeing how people react and adjust their play to the new changes. They'll report to the community in a week or two.
Apparently release date is set for March 12 2013. So we have 4 months to finish it.
11/13/2012 02:50 AMPosted by TheGame
Apparently release date is set for March 12 2013. So we have 4 months to finish it.

Oh lord is it even close to being finished.
11/13/2012 02:51 AMPosted by Reno
Oh lord is it even close to being finished.

I'm assuming the single player and UI functions are in place and Blizzard is giving themselves more time to test for balance.

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