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Please Take note:
Those who keep up with this story will have an advantage in the RP series to come!

Scene: Let me fill you in a little before you dive into the story.
The story takes place in "Separatist" space. Which is past protoss space. Some Terrans were exploring and found even more intelligent lifeforms then they could imagine. With some funding from many governments and organizations, hundreds of thousands of colonists were being exported out from terran space and into distant space.

The colonists got tired of being bossed around by all of their shareholders and pretty much announced themselves separate from the Terrans in Terran space. Hence, the lands they colonized became, "Separatist" space.

Obviously it was a lot more complicated then that but to summarize it in a few paragraphs... there ya go.

Our story picks up in a state of the art frigate carrying extremely valuable resources from one small colony to a large city.

Official Story posts are:
“Are you crazy!? Route 89C is pirate haven!” First mate James Watkins urged Captain Richard Green.
“Don’t be paranoid; there have been two missing frigates in the past two years, what’s the big deal? Captain Green argued back.
“No, that is simply not true!” James stated beating the palm of his hand with the back of his other hand. “Mother, bring up local news regarding pirates!”
“First Mate James Watkins, local News, pirates, command accepted.” The ship’s AI said in its usual computerized voice. Just then the room illuminated with reporters and pictures and videos of bodies and destroyed ships and looted wreckage across Route 89C.
“See? Facts don’t lie, Captain. There have been over ten missing frigates carrying less valuable cargo then us that have gone missing on less dangerous routes! Piracy, slavers you name it, if it’s bad, it is on Route 89C!” James examined each video and picture carefully before Captain Green made his comeback. Green paced around the command bridge looking off into space.

“Don’t worry; we have the most advanced Mechs in the whole human fleet guarding our cargo. Even if a space pirate did try to board us they would take them out like a piece of pie.”
“Like a few mechs are going to stop pirates!” James’ face got a little red and he began to raise his voice.
“Pirates aren’t all the way out here. Besides, there is no other route back to Separatist space!”
James Watkins shook his head,
“Wrong again, Captain. You forget about Route 89B”
“Bull-!@#$ there is no Route 89B-“Richard Green began to reply sarcastically, But James interrupted.
“Mother, bring up all routes back to Separatist sp-“This time it was Richard who interrupted with a hand motion.
“Okay, okay, but that route takes two more months! I don’t want to be out here two more months!” Captain Green threw up his arms and collapsed on the Captain’s command chair.

“Neither do I, but it is not worth dying over.” James shoved a data-pad in Richard’s face. “See? Just the “Black Peace” Have claimed over five ships in a week.”
“Oh, please! You don’t actually believe the Black Peace exists, do you?” Captain Green rolled his eyes. James drilled Captain Green with eyes that said, “You don’t?” Captain Green laughed a genuine belly laugh.
“The Black Peace is just a story to scare land lubbers into not leaving planet side and getting homesick.” James replied to the Captain with an empty stare.
“The resources we are carrying could single handedly supply thousands of Body-tight shield and platoniam armor.” James finally said, “That adds up to Billions of Credits. We are the perfect target for any pirate crafty enough to get by our mechs!” Captain Richard Green thought about it for about five seconds before standing up.
“Okay, here is the deal. All commanding officers aboard this ship get a 10% raise if we get to our destination early; the only thing holding us back is you.” Captain Green pointed at his first mate with two fingers.
“So this is it? Our lives in exchange for a small bonus?” James gestured to the whole ship. Thirty seconds passed as the two men stared each other down.
“I’ll tell you what…” Captain Green finally said, “If we go through through route 89C and harm comes to us I will give you 10% of my pay.”
“It’s not about the money! Besides, if harm comes to us we won’t live through it!” James yelled.

“Well… I am the captain, I make the final decision. Thank you for your input.” The Captain said calmly pulling out a package of cigarettes. James gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.
“You are dismissed, Watkins.” Captain Green said, pulling out a cigarette from the container. James Watkins hesitated, but then angrily walked out. The elevator door closed tightly behind him. Captain Green took a deep breath and contemplated which route he should take. After inhaling the smoke generated by the cigarette he slowly released it through his nostrils.

“Laurence…” He finally called to his head navigator. “Take us through Route 89C” Laurence nodded and punched in multiple characters on his console. The frigates engines fired up and the ship accelerated through space. The captain stood up and turned for the elevator. He casually ignored the no smoking sign and called the elevator up. When the doors opened he stepped inside and pushed the Crew’s Quarters deck button. The doors slid closed and the elevator began it’s descend. When the elevator doors finally opened Captain Green strolled to the Captain’s Quarters and entered the Master Bedroom/office. He sat on his bed and thought about home, about his wife, about how his life had escaped him. After all he was Sixty years old and looked it. He stroked his big bushy white goatee and removed his captain’s hat. He combed his white hair back with his fingers and threw down his cigarette. After giving a large sigh he lay down on his bed and closed his eyes.
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Tell me if that is too wall of textish.

Also tell me when to post the next segment.
Nice ready for next part and not sure about wall o text I read novels so...
I think I'll wait until a few more people are ready for it.
James Watkins thought about the conversation he and the Captain just had. He knew their chances for survival would go down if the Captain really did decide to not take his advice. James put on a scowl and shook his head again. These flimsy mechs won’t protect !@#$ he thought while observing the off-line security mechs charging on the walls. James looked up to see an old mechanic with a handlebar moustache walking by him carrying a toolbox. The mechanic instantly looked tense and made an effort not to make eye contact with James. James thought about why the mechanic might be acting this way, and then it struck him.
“You are only supposed to be out here if there is a problem with the Mechs.” James said, stopping him with a hand on the shoulder. The man just froze.
“There is a problem with the mechs…” The man replied softly. James swore.
“This is like a horror movie! What is wrong with them!?” James shouted.
“They aren’t activating remotely from the Mech HQ center.” He reported.
“What is the estimated time of repairs?” James barked. The mechanic froze once again before finally shaking his head.
“There is no way to tell… It could be three seconds it could be three years…” The Mechanic reported. James swore again as thousands of worries crashed through his mind.
“Get to it, then!” He barked at him. The mechanic scurried off. James leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor. He took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his hair. Great, we are travelling through the most dangerous route, carrying the most valuable cargo, and we’re completely defenseless… God help us…


Captain Green found himself in a peaceful, dreamless sleep when the ship controller came on the intercom.
“Captain, you’re requested on the bridge immediately!” Captain Green shot his eyes open and swore. He got up and walked over to his wardrobe but then realized he never got out of his clothes. He gathered himself, and then quickly sprinted for the door. After running down the hall and summoning the elevator he made sure he wasn’t forgetting anything. He quickly checked himself to make sure he wasn’t in jammies or anything. After assessing that he had everything, he exhaled deeply putting his hands on his head. My hat! As if a thought just hit him on the head, there it was. Richard turned to retrieve his hat but the elevator doors behind him opened, so he just entered the elevator and pushed the command deck button. revealing James Watkins already in the elevator. Captain Green casually turned around and stepped into the elevator. Both men remained silent as the doors slid closed. The awkwardness intensified as they both knew why they were being summoned to the bridge.

“I told you-“James Watkins began to say, but Captain Richard Green interrupted him with a swift but gentle backhand to the chest.
“Don’t you say a word…” The Captain muttered under his breath, not turning his head at all. The Captain gulped nervously just before the elevator doors opened. Richard Green quickly rushed to his command chair and sat in it comfortably.
“What is it? What’s going on?” Captain Green asked urgently.
“An unknown spacecraft has been spotted on our sensors.” The head communications officer reported.
“who's allegiance?” The Captain cried.
“We cannot retrieve specifics, our computers are bugging out. But we can identify it as a large space craft.”

There was a pause in the room. Captain Richard Green bolted out of his chair and ran towards the window quickly followed by First-mate James Watkins. When they reached the window it was clear they had found what they were looking for. A massive titanic-class battleship was visible from where they were. That was too close for comfort.
“Mother, Magnify the hull!” Captain Green said loudly.
“Captain Richard Green, Magnify, hull, command accepted.” “Mother” responded. Both Green and Watkins turned to view the computer screen. Richard quickly walked to his command chair and sat in it. Green began scanning the outer hull of the ship for any markings.
“This ship is not separatist military…” Captain Green admitted softly
“Definitely not separatist…” James concurred, jaw still dropped. Finally some text became visible on the unidentified ship. It read, “Despoliation.” James silently gasped.
“You recognize this ship, Watkins?” Captain Green asked. James Watkins nodded and replied,
“It is Captain Luis Pintail’s flag ship.” James replied under his breath, blood draining from his face. Captain Richard Green had a puzzled look on his face.
“Who is Captain Luis?” Captain Green asked, almost embarrassed.
“Didn’t you read any history books!? He is on the first page of every one! Mother, bring up everything there is to know about Captain Luis Pintail!”
“First-Mate James Watkins, History, Captain Luis Pintail, command accepted.”

Mother replied as usual. “Captain Luis Pintail began his career as a pirate ten years ago. Finally, he was defeated in battle and killed by lt. Keith Scout on October 28th, eight years ago. Captain Luis Pintail went down in history as the universes best pirate, pillaging hundreds of colonies, thousands of ships and single handedly almost stopping the separatist movement from Terran Space because of his ruthlessness and efficiency in destroying his targets. After he was defeated, the mercenary group that he led, the “Black Peace” Dispersed and vanished. He is known for his signature cyber-attack to hack enemies’ intercom communications and replace them with music about their impending doom, his revenge, hints towards his master plans, etc.”
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Well, if this holds that much sway on your next RP, you could be in trouble.
What do you mean? It wont hold enough sway to change anything. It will just give readers a slight advantage in knowing the opponent and stuff.

Think of it as a history book. If you read it, you will not only know the past, but the future!

Tell me when Ya'll are ready for the next segment.
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Think of it as a history book. If you read it, you will not only know the past, but the future!
History is written by the victor. They can change history to fit their needs. So in truth...I know some things about history which I learned from my mom which was never in a history book, I learned about some insights in interesting events and individuals like Martin Luther King...He's just another Malcolm X.
Not bad. I'm going to live through this.

And I know what you mean, CR. Lots of things you won't learn from textbooks. Like a great deal of information about the Civil War.
So are we ready for the next section?
I suppose we're ready. And CR, you make an excellent point.
Go on ahead.
“We are receiving a communication from the unidentified ship, sir.” The head communications officer reported. A bead of sweat ran down the Captain’s forehead. And the blood drained from his face.
“Any advice?” Richard Green asked, turning to his first mate.
“Take the other route next time.” James said with an unusual cheer to his voice. Richard Green chuckled but inside he was terrified and torn. He knew he should have listened to his advice. He knew this was his fault. He knew they were probably going to die if this really was Cpt. Luis’ flagship.
“Doesn’t Cpt. Luis have a Mercenary group that he leads?” Captain Green said nervously.
“He did have a mercenary group that he led.” James responded almost jokingly. Richard gave him a hard stare to try and tell whether he had given up on life, or this was all one big joke. Either way Richard had to keep his head on straight.
“Sir, we are receiving a transmission from the unidentified space craft.” Captain Green swore and shifted in his seat. He was at a loss for words so he just nodded and motioned for the communication officer to patch it through.

Soon a man with a light goatee and moustache came on screen. His dashing green eyes coupled with his dark eyebrows and sharp face structure made him ideal for mind games. Just looking at him made you cringe with fear. The man was wearing a small grin, but that was not as noticeable as his dark, pirate tri-corn hat. Captain Green stuttered and stammered around to find words, he tried to look tough and menacing, but couldn’t bear to look the man directly in the eyes.
“Ah, you must be Captain Green.” The man said with a slightly charming thin English accent.
“I am, and you are?” Richard Green asked, gesturing to the man. The man looked shocked.
“Richard, I’m offended! Surely you know who I am.” He said, giving the Captain a hard drill.
“How do you know who I am?” Captain Richard Green asked, shifting in his seat.
“Oh, I have my sources.” The man replied extremely casually. “After all, I am known for my deceit, aren’t I Mr. Watkins?” The man said, shifting his gaze to James. James became red in the face and began to stammer over his words.
“Nonsense, I know not who you are!” James defended. Captain Green looked at James with a questioning look on his face. Is it possible that James had led him into a trap? No, he wanted me to take the other route.

“Captain, he is using deceit this very minute to make us question each other!” James continued his defense while Richard Green pondered who was lying.
“What do you want?” Green finally asked the man who was obviously Captain Luis.
“Your cargo, kindly.” Cpt. Luis answered in an honest tone that almost made it sound like he was asking if he could have it for free.
“We are on our way to the mining fields, we have no cargo yet.” Cpt. Green lied. He knew all those years of poker with the buds would pay off. And with any luck, it would. But he knew better. Captain Luis was more crafty then a serpent, more dangerous than a hundred angry ursidoks and more deceitful then the Devil himself. Captain Luis laughed at Captain Greens bluff.
“Okay, listen, you lying is like a fish flying. It happens very rarely, and when it does, it doesn’t last long. So, you want to be a hero? Save some lives and surrender? Or do I have to kill yet another arrogant captain…” Captain Luis’ voice just made you want to follow him to the ends of the universe.
“You don’t scare me, pirate!” Green said with the most menacing voice he could muster. “Laurence, take us out of here! Full speed, go!”
“Yes, sir.” Laurence responded. The frigate started to rumble and the ship began to accelerate.
“I’m afraid this is not goodbye, Captain.” Luis Pintail assured. He turned his head and nodded, then the communication cut out.
“Sir, multiple destroyers just appeared!” The Radar manager warned.
“They are locking onto our-“
“Seven more destroyers-“
“Multiple targets warping in-“
“Several projectiles are headed towards our engines!” The warnings just kept coming. The captain tried to listen to them all and act accordingly, but it proved impossible. Pretty soon the Captain was completely overwhelmed.
“Our weapons won’t power up!”
“Shields have been disabled!”
“Communications array has been… I don’t even know what happened!”
“Shut up!” The captain screamed. The command room fell deathly silent. “Watkins, erect the main defense turret and-“ Captain Green stopped talking when he realized his First mate was nowhere in sight.

“Where is Watkins!?” Captain Green asked darting his eyes back and forth. Then the lights flickered on and off and the computers began to show static. Captain Green swore. He knew Watkins was the mole and he also knew he was dead. Now it was an information war. If he could get word out to separatist space that Captain Luis had returned, there would be an armada waiting for him if he returned. Captain Luis’ face appeared on every screen in the Command bridge. He had a small smile that spread across his face into a full on grin.
“Prepare to be boarded, Captain.” He said before the screens returned to static. Silence swallowed the room.
“Sir, our automated defenses are offline and we can’t sound the battle station alarms. We are sitting ducks.” Laurence told the captain.
“Tell me something I don’t know.” The captain responded glumly, rubbing his forehead.
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You guys dont have any feedback at all? Besides telling me that I'm threatening you and all that hogwash.


It is not a disadvantage if you dont read the story. It is simply a small advantage to those who do. Its not going to be anything like, "Well you didn't read the story so that character dies!" or anything like that. You will just know the motives of some characters better then others and little stuff like that.
So far its a good story can't wait for your rp
Calm down, Mark, I just barely read it. Good writing, but put space between paragraphs, especially when different people are talking.
hahha, im calm =)

I hope you dont feel pressured to read it, I didn't mean that :S

Yeah, sorry. I typed it up in Word so... it doesn't come out perfectly.

I felt I needed to post the next part because I will be AFK most of today. Im going shooting!! w00t!

James Watkins rushed down the hall and punched in the code to his private quarters. He couldn’t stand by and wait until Captain Luis killed his Captain. He was going to get out, and get out fast, saving whoever he could along the way. The doors shot open and James rushed in to his room grabbing a few valuables and pictures on the way to his night stand. Reaching it, he opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a pistol. It couldn’t get past CMC armor but it could stop a cocky aggressive pirate. After checking the mag to make sure it was full he shut the drawer and stood up and progressed towards the door. Rounding the corner he started for the elevator. He tried to remain calm by walking fast rather than running but time was running out.

He entered the elevator and pounded the third deck and waited. And waited… And Waited… Why weren’t the doors closing? Just then, all the lights went out leaving borderline “night lights” as many spacers called them. They’re little lights that illuminate the walls, but nothing more. They are designed to light the way as minimally as possible to conserve power. James swore. He knew exactly what that meant. That meant the Black Peace had already cut the power. How that was possible without internally disabling it was past James. Unless they had people on the inside; it was possible, but probable? That was another question.

The speakers that normally played gentle elevator music began playing a new sound. James swore again. Pretty soon an old metal song filled the ship with depression and worry. Every single crew member who watched the news at all knew who they were being attacked by. Each and every crew member was now living a spacer’s nightmare. To have the power go out and have a metal song play through the intercom. Everyone knows that means slavery, death or a life of piracy lay ahead. And now, a song played through the intercoms that James recognized as “Sons of Plunder” by “Disturbed.” The song he played when he seized the multi-million credit space station. It fit pretty well considering the cargo they had would revolutionize the way Humans fought war. It was a shame that it was about to fall into the hands of a pirate.

James’ thought process was cut short by the elevators power restoring, the doors closing, and the music blaring.


When the doors opened James saw something he wished he never saw. Two pirates had their guns leveled and had the triggers blasting, killing every crew member in sight. James dived behind a pile of crates that was obviously spilled over. He raised his handgun and stood up to take these guys out before they killed one more crew member. Just before standing up a body rolled over the crates and onto James. The body had taken ten rounds to the chest and a few to the head. Blood poured onto James as he tried to push the corpse off of him. James took a deep breath and stood up to see one of the pirates with his back turned shooting down a hall. James leveled the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. With a loud bang, the gun kicked back with recoil and the pirate fell to the ground, brains splattered on the wall. James’ gut sank into the ground realizing that he just took a life, a pathetic life but still a life. James advanced forward and peeked around the corner to see the other pirate looting some crates. James rounded the corner, leveled the gun and pulled the trigger several times. He wasn’t taking any chances and he was no soldier.

One of them hit home because the man stammered forward and fell to the ground. James released his muscles and the air in his lunges. Turning around he saw a man in a trench coat and a tri-corn hat. Without hesitation the man swung a punch and connected with James’ face. James fell to the ground and tried to grip his handgun tightly so that he wouldn’t drop it, but all he clenched was air. His eyes began darting back and forth in an attempt to find his gun before his assailant did. James’ vision went blurry, but he could clearly see that it was Captain Luis standing over him. Why did he always board enemy ships when he could send his goons? Pretty soon James didn’t have the energy to keep looking, or was he looking and he just didn’t know? Either way, James’ world got blurry and dark. James lay down on the floor and looked up at Luis Pintail. But instead of Luis Pintail, he saw the barrel of a gun. James didn’t care whether he lived or died anymore. For the first time pain rippled down his body starting at the face where he had been struck. Whether by a bullet or by strike, James didn’t know, but he did indeed black out.

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