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Ok, few things to state. Very good segment by the way, I already like Luis.

1). I know that wasteland is just a figure of speak (Kinda) but the entire planet would be, essentially, a massive forest filled with any variety of genetically alter plants and animals, all of which would be aggressive to everything.

2). Planet name seems good to me, but they call their planet something else. The term they use is Erndaris (Err-an-dar-us).

3). Ok, serious question. How would a few ships scanning discover the social hierarchy of a race, especially since most of their leadership is underground, save for the Larval Queens?
Good, you(The reader) are suppose to like Luis. :)

1) Well, Okay. But it could still be a wasteland/forestry... Place... Just because there is a wasteland doesn't mean the whole planet is a wasteland. Thank you for pointing that out though.

2) Thank you, good to know.

3) It took them awhile, we're talking a few months for each planet to deep scan the thing. Not only that, but the Black Peace are suppose to have the most advanced technology from every race. The RP makes the BP look kinda retarded but... yeah...

Thank you for your feedback Jester! FINALLY some feedback!

Nukester, I have never even seen treasure island. It was a complete coincidence.
the Black Peace are suppose to have the most advanced technology from every race
error in this they have nothing from the Elerians, as only Kit and her AI Santar, would have access to the only two sources of Elerian tech. Anatoga and the NRR. though the tech isnt too much better than what the Black Peace have now anyway.
Okay, Morph. I meant all the races that the Terrans even know about, lol.
i know :P just wanted to make sure though :P
Currently writing the next segment. What would you guys like to see?

-Captain Luis
-Lt. Scout's Dream's/history/memories whatever lol.
-Lt. Scout's life continued.
-The Separatist Council
-Thomas Brown
-Brian White.
-James Watkins
Maybe do a Captain Luis Flashback?

And it looks like I win again at tech :D
Lacerta and Candor... Good luck with that one due to the whole shell thingie plus they really don't have the tech on their own.

Aquila... Secretive like Black Peace.
I purposely didn't put Captain Luis Flashback on there -_- Lol...

I didn't because I want Captain Luis' take on it to be more illusive and secret. You(The Reader) Will find out later on when battles between Lt. Scout and Captain Luis become more frequent.

ooh, I added one.
hmmm .... ok sure whatever i just dont feel like getting into a tech war atm and kit could easily match anything now NRR + the entire data base from a Xel'naga ship ....
Never say never.

*Begins work on the schematics for the Geneva's*
"I dont wanna get in a tech war but... My tech is better..." Lol xD Just teasing. You never answered me, Morph...
about what u post next? i guess life o scout cont. ....
You never answered me either, CR.
Didn't know I was supposed to answer... I guess that makes sense.
Everyone is suppose to answer but... I was lucky to get one person to answer...
Lt. Scout's life.
Okay, I'll do Lt. Scout.

Who are your guys' favorite characters and why? If you don't have a favorite character that is actually more info then having one! I have found one of my biggest problems is making my characters unlikable by making them all the same. Any comments on that?
Like I said, I like Luis cause of the 'I'm the !@#$ing king of the universe' attitude, but I think that I might like Amber, just depends on how much you expand the characters.

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