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I love Luis :D

You hit the nail right on the head with his attitude too xD
Bump. You got anything else to add here, Mark?
Next segment on the way. Didn't write any over the weekend, my bad.
Are you really that excited for the story or do you have ulterior motives or what?

I'm getting a little paranoid, my apologies.
I am a bit excited for it. More than a bit, to be honest.
Okay cool. Just want to say that I do, in fact, own this story. It is mine.
Gaah! Writers block stopped me from getting more then 400 words down! D:

DAG NABBIT! I never remember to just take the tiny bit more effort and scroll up to see if Im about to double post...
Way to go, man.
I only got 200 words down last night :S

But I got the entire story mapped out on paper so hopefully writers block should be less frequent.
Are we there yet?
We're there, just forgot to post it last night. Got 2k words I think.

Keith awoke with a piercing light. He squinted his eyes open to see a nurse putting a tray of food on his lap. Lt. Scout put up his hand to blot out the light but to no avail. The nurse walked back out without another word. Well she’s nice .Lt. Scout thought to himself sarcastically. Keith shifted his gaze to the food. There was some sort of fungus, what looked like a mashed potato, some kind of red soup, an orange, eggs and a small cup of Yogurt. Lt. Scout twisted his mouth into a frown as he picked up the fungus like greenery with his finger and his thumb. He examined it for a three seconds, not altering his facial expression at all, before throwing it at the trashcan. It bounced off the side and hit the floor. He never makes those kinds of things.

Keith muttered something under his breath and leaned his head back on his bed that was now propped up. He tried to sit up but winced at the pain that shot throughout his body. Swearing, he stopped trying and remained lying. The nurse returned with a smile.

“Would you like to turn on the television?” She asked, smile still beaming from ear to ear.
“No thanks.” He said, forcing a weak smile back. Keith always thought it was awkward being in the hospital. He was in hospital clothing on a bed and the only thing he could do was to sit there and be a nuisance to the poor nurse. The nurse walked back out and Keith sighed. He eyed his food, then took hold of his spoon and scooped up some yogurt. Just before he took a bite he remembered the two assassins that put him in this hospital. He stopped right as he was about to clamp his jaws down on the spoon. He pulled the spoon out and put examined it carefully. Looking around, he laughed and shook his head at his own paranoia. He finished the bite and couldn’t help but smile at himself.


Thomas sniffled into the receiver.
“I don’t know what to tell you, Baby. Keith just got assassinated. He took a bullet for me quite literally!” Sobs engulfed Thomas’ ears through the phone. Thomas felt like crying himself. Tears began welling up in his eyes. “I know him, he will come through. He always does. If he says he will let me off he will let me off, I promise.” He tried to blink the tears away but to no avail. They began streaming down his face.

“I’m so sorry…” He spoke again, this time his voice had a quiver in it.
“How is he doing?” Thomas’ wife asked, hoping to get the answer that he was dead. Even Thomas couldn’t deny the fact that if it weren’t for Lt. Scout; Thomas would retire and return to his wife. It was because of Thomas’ great sense of duty, honor, respect for Lt. Scout and concern of the safety of the galaxy that kept him in the military. It was his wife that kept him sane through all of it.

“The doctors say he will need a few days of bed rest. His body armor stopped the bullet from killing him, or doing any major damage, but he still can’t move entirely.” Nothing but her light sobs could be heard. Eventually, Thomas’ sobs could be heard. They both sobbed for five minutes before Thomas’ wife broke the silence.

“Come home to me, Tommy.” She said, holding back just enough sobs to say it.
“As soon as I can, you have my word.” He said
“I had your word.” She retorted. Her sorrow gave Thomas a gut wrenching, overwhelming feeling of depression and sadness. He didn’t know how to respond to that. She was right. Thomas wanted to scream and break something. For the first time in ages, rage filled Thomas.

“I’m so sorry…” He said, losing control of his emotions, they ran wild, causing Thomas to break down.
“I am too…” She said, regaining control. “I swear… If you die because of Scout…”
“Don’t worry, he has my back.”
“Don’t die on me, Brown.” Thomas hesitated but he soon promised something that he just might regret.
“I won’t. Luis will fall by our hands.”
“Good luck, darling.
“I love you, Baby.” It took a while, but Thomas’ wife responded kindly,
“I love you too.”

Keith awoke from a small nap to a nurse rubbing his hand.
“Wakey, wakey, Mr. Scout.” She said with a smile. “It’s time to take your meds.” Scout awoke with a groan. When he opened his eyes, a nurse held the palm of her hand steady as if she was holding a pill and in the other hand she held a cup of water. The water was… odd. Scout debated with himself whether it was just him or not. He could have sworn it was tinted green.

Keith took the pill, but not the water.
“The water is for you, sir.”
“No, thank you.”
“But how are you going to swallow the pill without water?” The nurse asked with a cocked head. Keith smiled,
“With pure skill.” He said, before throwing the pill in his mouth and swallowing it. The nurse’s jaw fell and she giggled,
“My, my. What awesome skill you have.”
“I know right? If only that meant something in real life.” Scout said, leaning his head back.

“Still, you must be thirsty.” She urged, pushing the water in his face.
“No, thank you, I’m good.”
“I insist. It’s good for your stomach.” The nurse said, smile fading from her face. Just then, Scout realized there was something familiar about her. Something about her eyes…

“Just set it right there, I will drink when I am thirsty. I have a stomach of steel, don’t worry.” Scout ordered, pointing at the small table next to the bed. The nurse finally gave in and set the water down. She then walked out of the room. Keith examined the water carefully. He was not thirsty, but even if he was he would not trust this water. Something about it was… wrong. Lt. Scout chuckled at his own paranoia. Before long Lt. Scout drifted to sleep. His body was hard at work and that medication made him extremely sleepy.


Thomas slammed the phone into the phone jack and sighed a deep and staggered sigh. He walked out of the phone booth and slowly walked down the street. His walk was aimless and before long he was completely lost. His mind must have known where he was going because when he finally pulled out of his mental and emotional stupor he was standing in front of the hospital. Thomas looked around him and made a puzzled face. It was a good thing his subconscious knew where he wanted to go.

Thomas walked into the hospital and went straight up to the front desk.
“Captain Keith Scout?” The desk clerk typed it up on the computer and then looked up and smiled,
“Room 232.”
“Thank you.” Thomas said without emotion. He then slowly walked into the elevator just to the right of the front desk and hit the button that had the number two printed on it.

Just as the doors were about to close, A nurse appeared out of nowhere and stopped the doors from closing with her hand. She slipped in and was tampering with something in her hand. She said nothing, but Thomas knew something was off. Thomas examined the nurse carefully. It seemed as though she wasn’t in her full uniform. She was missing her hat and her pants were slightly lighter than the rest of the nurses. What was even more disturbing was that this girl was familiar. The nurse went to go push a button on the wall, but once she saw floor two was already queued, she stopped and resumed her motionless stance. Even more suspicious. Thomas thought as the awkwardness increased.

Eventually the doors opened and they parted ways. Thomas went down the hall looking for room 232 and the nurse went into a back room. Thomas neared the door labeled “232” and stepped in. Scout was sound asleep. Thomas decided to stay in the room and watch him rather then walk back out and let him sleep. With creepy nurses and an assassination attempt just yesterday, Thomas couldn’t bring himself to walk back out of that room. Thomas sat in a chair in the corner and let out a sigh. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly while rubbing his face with his hands. Thomas opened his eyes and looked around the room. His eyes caught hold of a glass of water on the table next to Keith. The water had a tint of green if you focused really hard. Thomas squinted at it to hopefully get a clearer image but to no avail. He mentally shrugged and leaned back in his chair. It had been a long afternoon and darkness creped over the sky. Thomas closed his eyes and drifted to sleep, a mistake that could cost both Keith and Thomas their lives.


13,065/14,715 Words posted in total.
Dun dun DUN.

When will these Black Peace people learn that an ordinary person, bribed, is far more effective than any trained assassin?
Bahaha! In their defense can you imagine trying to bribe someone to kill a well known war hero? It just simply doesn't work that way. I don't care how much you pay me, I wouldn't go up to Lt. Scout with a knife or whatever I had.
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Test post?
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Hm... Okay :)

I think the next segment is ready when you guys are:)

Quick, random question. What made everyone read "Jay the ghost?" I know, I know it was mockingjay who wrote it and stuff but why are people attracted to that story and that writer?

The reason why I ask is, when you look back at MJ's thread, "Jay the Ghost" The thread is filled to the 24? 25? Page of comments and people just reading and eating it up like starving children. How come he was so successful. Could you guys pinpoint it and help me become more like MJ?
First, she. Jay is a she. Remember that and KO and Zanon won't eat you alive. Second, have you read it? The story is amazing.

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