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I don't know why I would even ask before reading the story for myself...
Alright well, it's the way Jay writes it. Something about it...draws you in.
Anyone ready for the next segment? Hopefully I'll get another segment tonight.
I spend plenty of time waiting for the segment. Let's get a move on.
Bahaha! I didn't even know you were following along.

I just wrote out the whole story line... Poor Thomas and Scout are in for a ride... I don't mean to toot my own horn, but this story is going to be good if you guys would just read it >_<

Next segment, anybody?
We asked for that yesterday. I think if you have it ready, you should post it. People will critique as they go.
lol, okay first of all, nobody has offered any critique... At all...

Besides, YOU asked for it, nobody else did.

Samantha's awesome is in the next segment :P
Well... I'm to busy to read everything all the time... Especially when I wake up in the morning and then I forget to read it when I get back from school. :/
It's alright, you don't have to make excuses its just... Still :S

“We must take the control room; that is all that matters!” Keith heard Mission Control say with the utmost urgency. Light filled his world as Keith found himself holding onto a handle on the roof of a Drop ship. They were inserting him and his squad out to take the control room. From the control room we could activate the defense turrets and more importantly, signal to the Separatist fleet that Serene is under attack. The Black Peace had attacked Serene for unknown reasons and what’s stranger is the Separatist fleet was not far away. It would take ten minutes for them to get here after they took the control room back and sent the message out. Thousands of lives depended on what Lt. Scout with Delta 45, Sergeant White with Alpha 55 and Sergeant Pintail with Omega 72.

These three squads would infiltrate the compound, clear the building and take back the control room. Alpha 55 was to clear the security room and unlock all the doors for us. Omega 72 was going to take the control room while Delta 45 provided a distraction and drew the fire and fury from the control room, then secured an escape route and held the LZ. Lt. Scout was also the highest rank down on the field, which meant if something went to hell, it was his responsibility to fix it.

Delta 45’s dropship was nearing the ground.
“Here we are, boys. Lock and load!” Keith heard his own voice ring through his ears. He looked back to see Hudson loading his rifle. Keith put on his helmet and waited until the drop ship had put down its ramp to run out.
“Move, move, move!” Lt. Scout repeated until every last squad member was out. They approached the main door just like they had planned.
“Door breach, position one!” Keith heard someone say.

He would have never known he was the one who said it if he didn’t feel his mouth move. It was like he couldn’t control himself. He felt that he could, but if he tried he found that he couldn’t. Almost like living in a dream. Delta 45 positioned for a door breach in position one. Position one was more defensive then position two. Position one allowed for most squad members to fire at any and all targets immediately after the door opened, but one grenade finished them all off. Position Two allowed for a quick entry, but was suicide if there were many concealed enemies.

The door’s last hinge was drilled off and the door fell open. Many Black Peace soldiers began firing in their direction, but the hail of fire provided by Delta 45 quickly ended any life on the other end of the hall. The squad began moving through quickly and silently.

“Mission control this is Delta 45, we have made our entry, over.”
“Rodger that, Delta 45.” Mission control responded quite quickly. A door came up on the right.
“Door breach, position one!” Lt. Scout commanded, nearing the door.

The squad prepared accordingly and this time Keith gave the signal to kick down the door rather than drilling the hinges off. It was faster and made for an easier entry if you didn’t have the element of surprise and you weren’t expecting heavy fire. Hudson kicked in the door and the room was entered.

“Clear!” Hudson yelled, looking up and down. Keith noted the fear in his eyes and thought about how afraid his own family must be by now. That is assuming they’re not already dead. Keith cursed himself for thinking such a thought and continued with the room sweep. It was found empty and of no use to Lt. Scout, so they left, heading for the hall once again.

“Alpha 55 has just made their entry. They are proceeding to the security room, over.” Mission control came in once again.
“Copy that, Over.” Lt. Scout responded, leading the squad back down the hall. The hall split into a “T” shape. Left or right…. Left or right… Lt. Scout chose left because that’s where the stairs to the top floor was. The Helipad on the roof was going to be our ticket out. He had to clear that area.

Lt. Scout made a left and the squad followed. A staircase was quickly on the right. Scout climbed up it aiming his rifle up. No contacts yet. It was only until at the top of the stairs did they meet some action again. A patrolling guard was shot three times and fell over lifeless. Lt. Scout continued to lead his squad until one door remained. On the other side of the door lay outside, through this door was the key to their escape. No doubt ten maybe twenty soldiers awaited them. The sound of a drop ship’s engines was audible from outside. Lt. Scout gave the signal for Door Breach position 1. Delta 45 got in position, then Lt. Scout kicked the door open.

Delta 45 unleashed a barrage of bullets down range. Lt. Scout couldn’t see what they were firing at but clearly it was a lot because they just kept firing. Evidently the coast became clear because they stopped firing. Lt. Scout peeked his head out and looked around. Ten dead soldiers lay sprawled all over the floor. Lt. Scout led them outside.

“Clear!” Someone yelled. Lt. Scout put his finger to his ear.
“Mission control this is Delta 45. Evac LZ is secure, over.”
“Copy that Delta.” Mission control came in. “Omega 72 is requesting back-up. They are sending coordinates to your HUD.” The image of the compound was visible on Lt. Scout’s visor. It showed several green pings throughout the compound.

“Alpha 55, do you read me?”
“I read you, Delta, what is it?”
“I need you to give me eyes on the helipad. If they reclaim it, let me know.
“Rodger that, Alpha, over and out.” A small black and white camera feed was visible in the corner of Scout’s visor.

“Let’s move!” Scout commanded, pointing at the door they had come in through with two fingers. Scout’s vision began to blur and his world started to fade. His senses were dulled beyond usefulness and he found himself looking at the sky.

14,739/16,500 Words posted.
Come on, get reading! PLEASE!! I don't post this for no reason. I want feedback! Please, im begging you!
Not my fault the site was down for maintenance. So far so good. Your character development has improved tenfold, but still has it's flaws. Keep going, young padawan, you are doing well.
Thank you! That is what im looking for!

You are such a friend :P
I'll agree with Zarkun here, your writings gotten a lot better, but it can feel a bit rushed at points. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to the next bit.

As a side note, if you want some good Sci-Fi books to read for fun and inspiration, try just about anything by David Weber or Hammer's Slammers by David Drake.
Thank you, my writing is improving, I can feel it. No thanks you you guys though xD

Thank you very much for reading it though, it does mean a lot. Next segment on the way.
Next segment in a little bit :)

I think it's one of my best yet to be honest. I will be anxious to see what you guys think.
The next part please?
Hm... Let me see if I can do you a favor...

Alright, I can get you one more segment tonight.

Scout jumped awake and tried to control his breathing. The room was dark and someone was in the corner. Lt. Scout’s eyes darted back and forth trying to figure out where he was and what he was doing there. Keith relaxed when memories of the resent past came flooding into his mind. He examined the figure in the room and identified him as Thomas. His brown, medium length hair gave it away. His eye lids rested over his blue eyes. It was obviously he hadn’t shaved in a while. Scout relaxed a little and shifted in his bed. He froze when he realized something was wrong. He shifted again, but felt nothing out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact, he didn’t feel anything at all. The pain in his back was gone. Scout touched other things to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He wasn’t dreaming. His emotions were too strong.

Keith realized he was sweating again. This time, his nightmare wasn’t really a nightmare, more of a memory. Why was he acting like he relived watching his wife die? Keith froze at that thought. His face became pale and the blood drained from not just his face, but his whole upper body. Scout held his breath as memories of his wife and children flooded to the fore front of his mind. His eyes scrambled for something to focus onto. He had to do anything to look at something else besides his family. For so long he had tried to bury the memories. With his assassination attempts, it was becoming harder and harder to ignore the gaping hole in Scout’s life. He tried to refocus and shook his head. With a groan, he leaned up and looked around. Surprisingly, it was as if he was never even wounded. He felt around where the bullet had come through and he felt the stitches that sowed his skin together.

Keith pondered what could have healed him. Then he remembered the pill that the nurse had given him. Had it really completely healed him though? Thomas’ head slowly raised and his eyes blinked to life. He looked around and saw that Keith was awake. Thomas stretched and Keith scratched his arm.

“Good evening.” Keith greeted.
“How have you been?” Thomas asked part way through a yawn.
“Good, for being the victim of an assassination anyways.” Keith remarked, half-jokingly. Thomas chuckled.
“Yeah, you really saved me back there.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck.
“Don’t you forget it.” Scout said with a pointed finger. “We’re even.” Thomas froze.
“Even? It’s five to four!” Thomas said with a small smile and his palms facing the ceiling.
“How many times do I have to say it? That Ultralisk was not going to eat me, so it doesn’t count as saving my life.” Thomas chuckled.
“I’ve still never heard of an ultralisk that wouldn’t eat someone who cut half of their face off.”
“I didn’t mean to! It just fell off when the rocket hit him.” Lt. Scout urged with hand motions, “Besides, what are the odds I would fall out of the gunship on top of him?” Thomas laughed,

“Alright, we’re even.” He said submissively with his arms raised as if he was surrendering. Lt. Scout smiled and put his hand on Thomas’ shoulder. He then shook it gently and patted it twice before letting it go. The same nurse as the one in the elevator walked in. She had familiar eyes, too familiar.

“You boys need anything?” She asked politely. Lt. Scout and Thomas looked at each other briefly, then both replied with negative comments. After both Keith and Thomas had had their share of talking over each other to say the same thing. Thomas yielded, and Keith clarified.

“No, thank you.” He said with a small smile. The nurse examined both of them with a glance, then walked out. As soon as the door clicked shut, Thomas and Keith made eye contact once again.

“Doesn’t she-“ Thomas began, but Scout interrupted him, knowing what he was going to say.
“Yep” Silence for only a second.
“So you agree that she is-“ Lt. Scout interrupted him with a moan that said ’yep’
“But could she just happen to look the same?” Lt. Scout answered him with a moan that said, ‘nope’
“Are you certain?”
“So we should-“
“Yep.” They finally met eye contact. “Let’s go.”

Thomas stood up and felt his shin for his concealed weapon. The outline of a gun was visible on his shin and Thomas shook his pants to get it away. Keith groaned as he shifted his body around the bed. His feet touched the floor and he slowly stood up.
“Man that medicine works wonders!” Keith said, doing a few trunk rotations.

“It works somethin’ alright.” Thomas said softly, approaching the door to hopefully listen in on what was on the other side. Keith had finished his little stretch by the time Thomas cracked open the door. Peaking out the crack, Thomas saw nobody. Satisfied, he flung the door ajar and stuck his head out. Nobody. It seemed as though the whole floor was abandoned. Thomas walked into the hall and threw his head back and forth. Where was everybody? Keith came hobbling out of his room.

“I feel funny.” He said, scrunching his nose.
“You look funny.” Thomas said with a small grin, examining Keith in his hospital clothing and a scrunched face. Scout raised his eyebrow and turned an ear towards Thomas at his comment.
“Nothing, I didn’t say anything.” Thomas said, pretending to be busy thinking up a plan all of the sudden.
“Im certain you said something, what was it?”
“Me? No, I didn’t say anything. You must be hearing things.” Thomas said gesturing to his ear. Keith shrugged, but while Thomas wasn’t looking his face grinned from ear to ear. It was all that he could do to not burst into laughter.

Thomas began creeping for the elevator, Keith followed. Both of them looked around like birds in a parking lot. When they reached the elevator, Thomas pushed the button.

“Why is it so quiet?” Scout asked, breaking the silence. Thomas didn’t answer. The elevator doors opened with a ding. Scout and Thomas were just beginning to make their entry when they realized someone was in the elevator. It was the nurse that had so recently asked how they were doing was standing in the elevator, feet shoulder length apart. In her right hand she held snugly a 9mm silenced pistol. Determination was in her eyes.


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