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Lore taken directly from UaSD in the link below
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The Great Continents of Corinth and Edeyn:
Corinth is a massive landmass that is home to many unique lifeforms. This great continent is home to various species of creatures and races. Races govern their own lands selfishly from one another but trading is fairly common between the three planes.

Corinth is bound by laws of nature that affect the land the same time and the same manner. A cycle of four seasons is used to measure the passage of time. Day is determined by the rise and set of the sun while the same goes for the moon. Across the three planes, all of its inhabitants share a similar fable in that a higher being created them in their image. Scholars across Corinth hypothesize that this is likely why all sentient life looks humanoid.

The floating paradise of Edeyn lies above Corinth in the sky plane which stretches above the land and sea and they are also subjected by the natural laws that affect Corinth. Its landmark is a series of highly elevated mountains that is surrounded at all times by endless clouds. A massive gateway somewhere within the mountains acts as a bridge between the two land masses. Land is kept afloat above the clouds through arcane means. It is the home of winged beings called Sylt'ar who built great floating cities and forts by bounding arcane power. While they still call the mountains their home, many of them migrated to Edeyn. Most of the wildlife are domesticated. Much of the scarce land in the plane of sky have been used as living space for the Sylt'ar. It is said that the plane of the skies is the most beautiful of the three planes. Streams of energy flow through the planes of the sky.

Corinth has many diverse geographical features, ranging from the vast plains to the scorching desert to the great forests. Many different types of species are found across the lands. In addition, the plane of the land is divided into major races. They are the Humans, Beastmen, and Krynar. They guard their borders zealously and rarely do they interact with each other except for merchants who travel on trade routes. News rarely travel fast. Although there are occasional skirmishes for territory, the leaders of each nations learn to coexist with one another. Rare creatures like giants tend to keep to themselves in remote areas of the continent. A great sea surrounds the continent and though the races of Corinth do not like to travel by water, ports do exist for the purpose of commerce.

Empyrean Relics:
The Empyrean Relics are said to contain the powers of the planes themselves. They are powerful artifacts believed to have existed since time's beginning. There are two relics and each one is present in a plane. The relics change their forms depending on their surroundings with respect to their planes. Although their power is immeasurable, it is drawn from the determination and strength of the users. In the wrong hands, these relics can cause misfortune. As such, they are used only in times of great emergencies.

Each race in possession of the relics uses them differently. Presently, the Sylt'ar is in possession of a relic that takes the form of a scepter. It is a symbol of leadership that is passed down to a new line of succession to prove their right to rule. The relic of the land was split into four pieces after events that occurred long ago. Each race in the land of the planes has a shard of the relic. The Beastmen's shard takes the form of an amulet while the shard of the Krynar takes the form of a ring. Considered to be their most prized possessions, these shards are locked away safely by both nations. As for the humans, the shard is that of a sword who chooses its wielder randomly. The last shard is lost to the ages, waiting to be found once more.

The Sylt'ar
The Sylt'ar are winged human beings whose strengths lies in their speed and agility. They perceived themselves as the direct descendants of the gods. As a result, they believe themselves to be better than the other races. This attitude give them little reason to interact with “lesser races” and it is rare to see one in the planes of the land. They have a central governing body lead by nobles from various city states.

Sylt'ar looks exactly like a human but their white wings are the only thing that makes the difference. Due to their wings, the average Sylt'ar is physically weaker than a human. However, their military is formidable. Well trained in the uses of ranged combat and spears, they are a deadly agile and strong force to reckon with. In addition, they have a natural affinity for magic. Thanks to a period of peace and prosperity, the Sylt'ar's military is being scaled back but a well trained sizable army is still trained nonetheless.

On average, they mature around 10 and live to 40 years old. In death, they will become join with the energy stream in the sky plane. However, if they die and bear a burden, they are able to manifest as spirits and communicate with the living. With a stronger mind, they can physically interact with the real world. When they find peace, they will eventually join up with the energy stream.

Humans are among the most resourceful and ambitious among all the races. Years of wars with one another has kept the human race strong and steadfast. On the technological front, they are among the most advanced with airships and cannons.

Adhering to a class system, humans place great emphasis on birthplace and nobility. Classism is quite common and accepted. It is legislated at times. Those who find the means to learn topics such as engineering and magic often show an astute ability to learn, practice and advance into new frontiers. They are also among the must industrialized and their trade routes are quite comprehensive. City-states everywhere experienced a population boom when the late ruler united all the lands of humanity under one banner.

The former kingdom of humanity prospered but during it collapse, numerous warlords rose to take advantage of the chaos in their quest of power, splitting the area into numerous fractions. Only recently the lands were reunited.

Humans are the jack of trades in terms of their attributes. Calvary supported with infantry present a challenge to any foe. Organized warfare is favored but tactics used by the Beastmen are proving to be troublesome with this philosophy.

Many believe that the beastmen are savages who live deep in the forest homes. This belief kept most humans from ever venturing into their lands. While they are seen as primitive, it is far from the truth as they are civilized. Traditionalists by nature, they have lived and prospered far longer than any other race. Due to territorial expansion by other races onto their lands, Beastmen have a particularly strong hatred for them especially humans.

The Beastmen through some means are highly evolved than their lesser brethren. They developed a written and verbal language. Social with one another, they have knowledge of tool making. They are capable of standing upright and utilizing their animal instincts. Beastmen can be found in all forms from deers to the more predatory lions.

Matriarchal, all subsequent rulers were queens who ruled under a single house without interruption. Although they are fierce and impulsive individually, they are lost as a race without someone to guide them. While some evolved to Beastmen, many did not. These lesser beasts cooperate with their more evolved counterparts out of mutual bonds even though they cannot communicate with each other efficiently. Militarily, they use hit and run tactics especially in their forest home. Magical prowess is rare among Beastmen.

Powerful mystics whose powers are concentrated in the west, the Krynar look similar to humans but they become scaly and greener in appearance as they mature. An ancient gate separates the nation from the human and beastmen. Some say they came from dragons of old but many dismiss it as nonsense.

Both genders have an affinity for magic but females are generally more powerful than males. Magical powers physically change the beholder and auras can be seen by the most powerful Krynar. They live exceptionally long lives and they age very slowly.

They are prideful and independent folks and choose to spend their lives in solitude, traveling and thinking about intangible things. The Krynar are not as great in numbers as the other races. However, there are artisan builders and crafters, the best and efficient in Corinth. As such, their cities are large, magnificent and well defended. Their standing army is nothing to sneeze at either. War beasts, magical users and a powerful array of infantry ensures they are a potent force.

Their council is very conservative and they take a long time to make decisions, preferring to plan first before acting.

Arcane Animals:
These are animals generally influenced by magic and they differ from normal wildlife in that they may have an innate control of magic they are born with and as a rule, they are much more intelligent than normal wildlife. Whether they are respected or hunted out of food or sport, their number dwindle as the years pass. Some arcane animals are gryphon and basilisks.

Through dark magic, the spirit of the dead can be brought back to the realm of the living. How they are seen depends greatly on the potency of the spell and the skill of the caster. They are rarely seen, let alone studied as all the races outlawed the summoning of celestials and the amount of power to summon one is massive. They are malevolent entities in all cases.
Magic is an extension of a caster’s will. They are present in all form; both tangible and intangible objects have some magical properties that gives it its form. Though all properties may have similarities, at its core, they are unique. While there are schools of magic in an effort to divide the practicing of magic, they are never completely disconnected with one another.

Ruination magic simply breaks an arcane property and channels its energy into spells. Ruination magic is much simpler to use than genesis and perception magic. Ruination magic is much more potent in combat and it is a discipline every offensive mage must know in any military.

Ruination magic draws power from the user. As a result, casters must physically drawn in their own energies to cast a spell which takes a lot of stamina. Hence, they tend to be stronger than other mages. Humans surprisingly are the better ruination casters. Ruination magic entails Fire, Ice, Pressure, Wind, and Lightning, the former being more rare and power in most cases.

Genesis magic focuses on channeling energy back to a focal point, usually one's self. A more difficult school to master than ruination, it is more versatile than perception and ruination. One can learn healing magic, conjuring tangible things, enchanting and even summons.

While most genesis mages are healers or conjurers, more powerful mages are able to draw external sources for the magic rather than their self. This allows them to be on the battlefield much longer and it enhances their offensive capabilities. Genesis magic is able to reanimate corpses and it is now banned and a capital offense to be found practicing it across all the races.

Perception magic draws power from the mind and the spirits of the casters themselves. It is the most difficult school of magic to master but mastery leads to untold powers.

The powers of perception is only as powerful as the mind. The caster must visualize the spell in the mind, draw power from imagination, channel the energies and finally applying magic outward to reality. More powerful perception magi are able to bend reality itself within the confines of the magical abilities. Human practitioners find that they will have shortened lives and will rarely master the more intricate parts of perception while Krynar magi are not affected and make the bulk of perception mages. Sylt'ar tend to avoid this magic believing it to corrupt the mind and spirit which will negatively affect the energy streams of the skies. This does not mean that there are no practitioners of perception of the Sylt'ar.

Perception magic can be further specialized to attack the spirit and break the mind. However, for some reason, this does not work on the Sylt'ar.

This school of magic is unique in that only a person can be born with them. Without the need to draw mana or physical energy from themselves, they can influence their surroundings however they wish. Magic is natural to “void” users. They can create and release magic from nothing or even enhance themselves with magic to perform nearly impossible feats.

Anyone discovered to have this magic is sent for training in a guild to ensure their powers are regulated and kept in check. The guild is called the Gray Warden and it was established out of an agreement from all races. The few who leave the guild are watched closely.

All forms of magic can be further specialized and each school of magic are not mutually exclusive from one another. Indeed, utilizing and combing different forms yield interesting results but few are able to do so as mastery of magic is difficult.
Tiers are used to govern combat capabilities to prevent instant counters from happening again and again. It does not affect their importance to the plot or how good of a chracter they will be. You can be tier 3 and be integral to the story or be the most OP but terribly developed character.

King "Salamander" Soloman, T1
-Late king of mankind and bearer of an Empyrean Shard known as the Sword of Kings. Reunited humanity under a single banner.

Highlord Laccadan, T1
-General of Soloman and his right hand. Fought alongside the late king in the human civil wars.

Warmaster Cleo, the Black Ice, T1
-Leads the Red Baron and wields the spear Bloodfall.

Magus Agathe de Albine, Human T2
-A skilled Genesis mage with years of training.

*As they have not seen much action, I will make minor changes to their backgrounds.
Stefan Alexander T3 (T2 in forest), Human
Backstory: Born near the border of the Mistwood Forest, the town Stefan was raised in was far enough away from any major city so the local relations between humans and the beastmen have always been relatively peaceful. Stefan has a deep respect for beastmen and their knowledge of the woods, always deferring to their laws while hunting within the forests. An excellent hunter and tracker Stefan is more at home in the woods than anywhere else, but has traveled to J'are to see the world. Knows some ruination magic

William Alexander, T3 Human
Backstory: The older brother of Stefan, he left home at a young age and joined the military. He has only visited home a few times and has worked his way up to the rank of sergeant within the Hell’s Raisers company. More at odds with the beastmen than his brother, but he still has a healthy respect for them. A resolute and boisterous individual, William commands the respect of lesser soldiers. Yields a crossbow and a 2 handed war axe.

Beast Lord Rod'nac, T2 Lion Beastman
-Having studied under the shaman, Lod'lic Seer of the future and Healer to the people, Rod'nac is one of the Beast Lords under the queen. Most of the leaders of the military are female. Rod'nac is a rare exception and is thus regulated to scout parties. That, however, hasn't stopped his ambition and pride.

Svelena, T3 wolf Beastman
-Second in command of Rod'nac.

Fas'na T3 Beastman (house cat-like in appearance)
-Warrior under the command of Rod'nac. Extremely loyal. A private in terms of rank and a new initiate. Has somehow gotten possession of the Blood Blade, the ancient halberd weapon of the Bloody Beastman Queen Forth'ra whose angry spirit is housed in the blade.

Azon Droga, T2 Human
-Azon has traveled far and wide to many lands. An adept in genesis magic, he also has a wide knowledge of various cultures and creatures, including special spells that were exclusive to ancient races. He knows many languages.

Lisora Forsye, T3 Sylt'ar
-A simple warrior Sylt'ar. She is able to cast Ruination magic as well. Usually wind. Now helps the humans because of the struggles she has seen them go through.

Rak'rai Korso T2 Sylt'ar
Backstory: A Sylt'ar who harnessed "Void" magic and was taken to the Gray Warden guild. He quickly trained there, meeting several humans who he had befriended. He now will help humans with their struggles. Minus the weapon and the cross.

Nolan Heruse, T3 human
-22 years old, ineffective with blades, he has begun training of his "void" magic that he recently discovered. Except skin is tanned, not green.

Kaitlyn Heruse T3, Human
20 years old, she is equally as good with her tomahawk as she is with her "Void" magic. She and her brother are good friends of a Sylt'ar. She learned about her "Void" magic about the same time as her brother.

Dora Forisen, T2 Celestial
-Evil in life, she practice ruination and perception magic. She was more powerful in Ruination, especially fire, and weaker in perception. Her weapons skills are nonexistent. When an uneducated, but powerful, genesis mage brought her back she brutally murdered with the magic that came back with her. She is now mostly transparent unless she prepares to cast a spell. She can be seen if one looks hard enough. Except more transparent.

Kyle Wester, T2 Human
-Born to a sergeant in the army, he was trained from the day he could walk in how to fight. Years later, on his 18th birthday, he joined and 4 years later was a sergeant. Leads the company known as Hell's Raiesers and recently promoted to captain.

[Zarkun][Redge Hunter]
[Tier 3, Human]
[Met Ryan while he was in training under Master Kain as a Wind Ruination mage. Was attached to the same regiment as Ryan and now fights alongside him and Kyle. Uses a spear in battle combined with Wind magic focused through the spear.]
[ minus the shield]

Ryan Grant, T3 Human
-Kyle's best friend and training partner for years. Found he was gifted with Ruination magic during that time, mainly fire. Usually embows his and and ally's weapons with fire to add that extra sting to their blows. Wields a sword and shield.
Without helmet:]

Gordon Hammond, T3 Human
-An assassin looking for work. He is skilled in his trade.

Simiras Riverdance, T3
Was raised in the forest and has some similarities to a fox itself, even some of it's personality. She was ambushed by some humans who were venting out their anger from the raid that she didn't do and she is headed for the capital.

Kie Louden, T3 Human
-Trained as a Shocktrooper to help break the lines of the enemy and to suppress them down. Uses a hand crossbow and a sword and shield. He is currently under the command of the regiment Hell Raiser's.

Scholar, Isobelle Ravenguard
[T2] Female Krynar
A Krynar scholar who is 28 years old and is considered to just have maturity. Her left arm and leg were crushed by a boulder. However, a dragon hatchling saved her from death. Around her neck she found a shiny stone pendant and discovered that it was the dragons essence. She now uses a travelers cloak to hide the features, and a staff to help some with walking, for her leg hasn't healed correctly.

Seth, T3 human
A bandit in his mid 20s and skilled with the bow. He is proficient with swords. The youngest captain of the Cavaliers, a knight brigade, he became disillusioned and disappeared when he found the killing of rebellious civilians appalling.

Malata Farsight, T2 Slyt'ar
-Considered an oddity among Sylt’ar, her innate curiosity about the world and its planes, as well as her wandering nature, made her somewhat of an outcast among her people. A natural at both Perception, Wind Ruination and Fire Ruination magic, she specializes in using her powers to travel with little effort and to keep herself hidden from view, while learning about the world around her. She travels wide distances, seeking to expand her knowledge. Very inept at physical combat, when forced into such situations she will use illusions and heat distortions to escape. She will, however, gladly aid anyone in exchange for knowledge. Due to her near constant use of her powers to aid her travels, she is nearly impossible to rouse when asleep.


Teir: 2
Gender: Male
Race: Beastmen/Tosk
Age: 235 Moons
Weapon: Bat'leth
Magic: None

Gender: Male
Race: Beastmen/Tosk
Age: 345 Moons
Weapon: War-axe
Magic: None

Teir: 3
Gender: Male
Race: Beastmen/Tosk
Age: 198 Moons
Weapon: Broadsword
Magic: None

Teir: 3
Gender: Female
Race: Beastmen/Tosk
Age: 231 Moons
Weapon: Coiling Staff
Magic: None

Teir: 3
Gender: Female
Race: Beastmen/Tosk
Age: 267 Moons
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Magic: None

All Tosk have highly honed predatory instincts.

Benemesh: T2. Beastman warrior. Very strong, good melee fighter. Leader of the group. Excellent strategist. Wields broadsword and shield.

Theshu'r: T3. Beastman warrior. Very strong, very eager to please. Wields broadsword.

Eruy'go: T3. Beastman warrior. Small, fast, vicious. Wields scymitar.

Rekhur: T2. Aged but strong beastman healer, with some skill in Genesis magic. Wields scymitar.

Avaran: T3. Beastman warrior. Big, strong, not too bright. Wields axe.

Gry'kah: T3. Beastman archer. Skinny, quick, not too brave. Wields crossbow.

Amark'uh: T3. Beastman warrior. Tough, aggressive, fairly small. Wields broadsword and shield.

Graem'r: T2. Beastman berserker. Mean. Wields two swords.

Rythorn: T3. Beastman tracker. Wields short sword, dagger. Good at... tracking.
Synthis Xeirus, T1 Celestia/Sylt'ar
-Head of the Skycastle with plans not made known yet.

Cerius Ralent, T2 Human
-Second in command of Synthis

* = disposable
** = less disposable
*** = not disposable (not yet at least)

Miranda Frost*** T2, Human Female (26)
Class: Tactical Officer/Sniper
Equipment: Coilgun, Ice Needle (thin bladed dagger with a frost enchantment)
-Slightly above average height, slightly past shoulder length brown hair, wears a long white cloak. Usually very calm and calculating. Comes across as intelligent but rather uncaring. Uses ruination magic

Seith Tor**, T2 Krynar Male (39)
Class: Swordsman
Weapon: Broadsword
-Generally uses powerful, slow strokes in combat and wears heavy armor.

Name: Harris Gerd **, T3 Human Male (42)
Equipment: Quad Barrelled Mortar, Shortsword
-Short and wide, dark brown hair, wears a brown leather jacket.
Notes: Really likes blowing things up. Ruination magic is very weak, but used to light fires and fuses.

Name: Kand Uris * T3 Human Male (19)
Weapon: Pistol, Dagger
-Engineer, short and thin, longer than average wavy red hair, wears a leather vest and woven hat. Very quick, good at short range combat.

Name: Tholk Ravus *, T3 Krynar Male (22)
Weapon: Miniature Cannon, Baton
Magic: Genesis
-Engineer, Larger and taller than average, wears a dark brown shirt with black trim.
Not very agile, magical abilities are limited.

Name: Sel Rayis *, T3 Sylt'ar Female (34)
Weapon: Shortsword,
Soldier, average height, red hair, wears light armor. Uses sword while fighting on the ground, ranged weapon while flying. Magic in Genesis.

Kaladin, T3 Human
-Kaladin is a spearman, a captain at that. He leads a small entourage of troops under a lieutenant's command in Laccaden's military force. Is able to cast simple wind ruination magic to strengthen his attacks.
Misc and additional info:
Map: Under construction
How do I rewrite the locations there? Maybe redraw the lines to be finer? Just download the image and extract to MS paint?

-Lesalia and Fovoham Dyllen (Human)
-Lionel is the Gyr'eah (Beastmen)
-Gallione is the Edelyn (Sylt'ar)
-Limberry and Zeltennia is Sallum (Krynar)
-The Royal City of Lesalia is J'are, the human capital.
The Four Sisters:
The story of those few. Those four people, a krynar, two humans, and a Slythar. A few hundred years ago, when the island was, conquered and lorded over by dragons. The Beastmen had retreated into the forest, hiding in fear. The remaining soldiers of the humans cowered, destroyed by and fearful of the dragons. The Slythar, hid away from the dragons, ruined. The krynar were affected worst of all, as they had no where to hide, living in the haunts of the dragons. Their numbers were so devastated, and their repopulation so slow because of it, that their population was affected to this day. Famine, Banditry, and all sorts of crime was prevalent.
However, something happened.
An old wizened sage, brought forth four weapons, imbued with Powerful magic, never to break. Weapons, with the power to penetrate the armored, jeweled hides of dragons in a single blow. Claiming these weapons, were the youthful children the old sage had raised. For he had raised four children, and adopted three of them, two humans, a Slythar, and a beastman. The first to claim a weapon was the boy Pierce. He picked up the enchanted bow, and claimed it his own. The weapon imprinted the youthful boy's Ideals, and took them as its own. The second to claim a weapon was the Female Slythar, she took the golden sword. Naming it after herself, Radient, it glowed brightly in her soft white hand.
Then there was the Beastman. In his clawed hands was the lance. Terrus, was his name. The last one to choose was the human Lunus. He lifted up, a silvery staff, the wood flecked with veins of sapphire in the wood. Lunus was the heir to the sage's magic, and the only trueborn son of the old sage. But he loved his adopted siblings dearly. Those four, would change history, with weapons in hand.
The words ended abruptly, at the end of the page.

Arcane Sanctuary, Astrologer's Lounge

Corinth is home to the Beastmen, Humans, and Krynar. The Humans occupy the northern tip of Corinth and call it Dyllen. Consisting mainly of plains and plateaus and lakes, they have established many cities. J'are is the human capital city on the coast and it is here where the story starts. Other notable cities is Mec'a, a flourishing trade city where money reigns.

Bordering the southern half of their borders are the Great Mistwood Forests where it is home to Beastmen's country Gyr'eah. Tensions between the Beastmen and Humans run high along this border. The Beastmen capital and major cities are deep within the forest.

To the west of the human lands is the lands of the Krynar. A massive gate prevents entry from foreigners. The fortress-city Da'lane sits atop a hill overlooking the gate. In addition, the Gray Warden guild, a neutral body training "void" mages is mere 30 miles northwest of Da'lane on a serene lake. The capital of Antigon lies in the heart of the Krynar kingdom.

The Sylt'ar floats in the east where the mountains are insurmountable. Little is known of them compared to the others and whatever information gleamed is through rumors.
(Under Construction)
Timeline of World's End:
*To fit this timeline and make the passage of time flow smoothly, some events were either rearranged or removed. The alterations should not affect the plot dramatically.

It has been nearly 10 years since the Great War ended. The human lands, splintered into various factions and fought another for power, were finally united under the banner of Saris "Salamander" Soloman. With those 10 years, a period of rebuilding and prosperity flourished in Dyllen, the human nation.

1023-early 1024
However, tensions worsened between the Beastmen and Humans as the humans encroached deeper and deeper into their lands. The Beastmen responded with fierce raids on the human frontiers. Although more guards were sent to protect these vulnerable settlements, it was not enough. Mal Ruina, a major city was unable to defend itself against a large war party and fell on Febuary 2nd, 1024.

February 20th, 1024
King Soloman issued an edict that day after rounding up all the Beastmen in the country and transporting them to major cities to face public execution. On the capital of J'are, the procession is interrupted by a Syl'tar named Lisora. After a verbal brief exchange with the king, Lisora flies away and the execution continues. The Hell Raisers clean up the bodies on the grounds. The day ends with King Soloman declaring war on the Beastmen.

Azon makes his way into the capital for business and Captain Kyle saves Simiras, a beastwoman from certain death, hiding her in his private quarters.

February 21st, 1024
Simiras feels a "guardian" Malata who is somehow protecting her. Dora tries to blackmail Kie and Kyle but fails as Azon and a few others drive the celestial back. However, the celestials manages to free prisoners from their cells.

Simiras escapes with Malata's help but Malata is injured in the process. The Hell Raisers and the city guards manages to round up most, if not all of the prisoners. The King demands a report from Captain Kyle and he gets one. He sends for Astrid to find a way get rid of Dora.

February 22th, 1024
Seth watches a village raided and destroyed near the frontier by a horde of beastmen and he is unable to help. Lisora meets Seth and they argue whether or not the killing is right or wrong. A band of Tosks comes upon the destroyed settlement but they agree to not fight. Seth returns back to his home, the temple.

February 25th, 1024
Astrid assigns the task to Agathe to investigate the celestial and kill it if is still around. Agathe makes preliminary investigations but to no avail.

February 27th, 1024
Malata and Simiras are halfway to the Great Mistwood Forest but Malata is succumbs to her wounds. However, Lisora chances upon the group and she heals Malata to health along with Simiras. They find the party of Tosks and they agree to accompany them back to the Beastmen's homeland.

Rak'rai Korso arrives at the Gray Warden Guild and leaves the same day when he is released by Headmaster J'yar to experience freedom.

King Soloman and Laccadan begin to plan for war.

February 28th, 1024
Azon stays incognito and continues his business in the city. He receives a dragon egg when he returns to his home just outside J'are. Hammond arrives in the city.

Azon leaves and heads south on horseback in search of adventure.

February 29th, 1024
Agathe tracks down and fights Dora. On the second fight with Hammond's help, she is able to defeat Dora who takes the form of a crescent shaped crystal. Agathe returns to the city and gives Hammond a feather should he agrees to her offer.

March 1st, 1024
Rod'nac successfully kills Yoka to restore his family honor. He and his pack flee the scene and they stumble upon Malata's group. Azon joins them. They near the border.

Cleo is made commander of the Red Barons.

March 2nd 1024
Cerius Ralent begins to make plans to recall his master and bring him back as a celestial on his sky fortress. They succeed and immediately proceed to enslave a town on the fringe of human territory.

March 4th, 1024
The party of Rod'nac stumble upon the temple near midnight where Seth reveals its secrets to them. They find trinkets and artifacts.

March 2nd-4th, 1024
More troops are sent to the borders. The Hell Raisers are sent to Yoka and arrive there on the 4th.

March 5th, 1024
Mid-noon, the forces of Cerius finds the temple and they begin investigation. The others inside are still learning about its secrets.

Clea arrives at Yoka. Captain Kyle gets permission to hunt down the killer of Yoka.
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IC: "We will be leaving soon my Lady. Just give it time."

Roy: "Lady Isobelle, are you just going to leave?"

"We are discussing matters in a civilized manner, Seth. This is nothing that concerns you unless you can convince these people to let us leave."
Kyle looks at the man, but keeps the machine in the corner of his eye. "And who might you be? Happen to know place I can set up camp where I don't have to worry about getting stabbed or shot in my sleep?"
"This is the guardian Seth. Seth, this is Captain Kyle," I offer as an introduction.
Seth smiled and said, "You flatter me with the title of guardian. But I am a simple guide. So what is you problem? Are the machines stopping you from leaving, or is it the soldiers?"
To captain Kyle, Seth said, "The temple is a place that you describe, but if you commit an act of violence within, it will... Decide your fate."
(Milia can do both. Responce to a question on the other thread."
Kyle nods in recognition. "Nice to meet you Seth. And we seek no violence, only a safe place rest before we leave."
"Could have fooled me."
Isobelle just nods her head. "Yes...less dangerous that way, more fun, while also staying out of your childish plans."

I wanted to get away from it all, this pressure and tension from not being able to leave was making me nervous. "Okay, and I don't believe in might, but I don't."
Roy: "Lady Isobelle, take me with you. I won't stay near my friends' murderer."

"I can make no apologies. I know what I did. You would have killed me if I hadn't defended myself. It was a grudge match between Yoka and I and you got in the middle of it when you shouldn't have. Lady Simirias, please be patient."
"That's your choice. May I at least know your name? I would feel better not having to address you by anything else."
Isobelle just sighed. "No...It's to dangerous that way, better if I went I always have."

I shook my head with a stern no. This was directed at Kyle.
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"That's your choice. May I at least know your name? I would feel better not having to address you by anything else."

OOC: Seth's name? I gave it to you already...

IC: Roy: "Please, this is important to me." I glare at Kyle.
"Roy, stand down. You walked into the lion's den when you pursued him. Their deaths were caused by folly the decided to partake of." He was annoyed with Roy. "Please, Rod'nac, what is her name? I feel it best I address her properly."
"Lady Simirias, you owe it to this man to introduce yourself."

Roy: I stand there and fume.
There was a thread for this if you scroll down. I always make them ahead of time... Oh well. I need to eat.
11/05/2012 02:17 PMPosted by smylez
There was a thread for this if you scroll down. I always make them ahead of time... Oh well. I need to eat.

Didn't noticed smylez.

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