World's End IV

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I walked into the scribe's shop, passing the other customers as I reached the counter. A young man was busy writing in a small notebook. An apprentice, no doubt.

He greeted me with a smile. He was probably a very recent apprentice.

"Hello! Do you need assistance?"

"Yes. I need to see Mr. Flyme."

"I'll go get him for you."

He disappears to the back room. After a moment and a sound of something being dropped, the man was following an older gentleman.

"Azon! Yes, yes, follow me!"

I follow him upstairs, the apprentice closing the door behind us. We sat near a round table, the old man moving some books off of it.

"What brings you back so early? You weren't supposed to be back until a week from now."

"Well, I found something very interesting that made my trip shorter."

I pulled out a small rock, it having a purple engraving on it.

"I think I may be able to find Sermillion's tomb. This is a Compass Ruin."

The old man grabs the rock from my hand, looking at it with great detail.

"It certainly does have the looks of one. Still, are you going to complete your other journey first?"

"Not right now. I find this a lot more important. This is an important tomb we're talking about."

"Hmmm. And why have you come to me?"

"I need the hilt of the sword."

He gives the ruin back, and grimly looks at me.

"I'll think about it."
Kyle looks at Simiras. "Simiras? And royalty? Solomon really has gone mad if he's attempting to kill royalty."
I was hesitant and nervous, I didn't want to be near him but Rod'nac would force me to be with them all...including them. " was caught by people..." I didn't want to continue, I was extremely nervous and it was bringing back a terrible memory.
"The Kings men no doubt. It was mine who got you off the executioner's block, so to speak. I'm glad you're safe."
I was angry, he was lying about the King's men, they were just angry subjects...peasants no less. "They weren't...they didn't even know I was royalty, and you shouldn't even now...I just want to leave. I don't want these people to follow us Rod'nac? They scare me, and they always will."
Kyle chuckles. "Anyone who attacked the beast men living in our lands are considered Kings men. They don't have to be military."
I decided to make a smart !@# remark. "Okay, King man."
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It was mine who got you off the executioner's block

"She's just a child, you tactless-"

"Fas'na! Please. And Lady Simirias, be respectful. You owe this man your life. At least thank him."

Roy: Hearing these words makes me twitch. I quickly reach towards the bow, then I pull my hand away. I glance around seeing if anyone noticed my action.
Redge walks up next to Roy. "Keep your emotions in check. You know deep down that you shouldn't have chased down the foe who beat Yoka so easily." Kyle looked at the cat girl.

"She needs to know the truth. I won't sugar coat something that put her life in danger."
Roy: "How can you stand for this Redge? He killed our own kind. We come here to bring justice on him. I know they weren't your friends, but what happens if it was Kyle or Ryan he killed. What would you have done?"

OOC: I'm not sure if Roy knows Ryan's name...

IC: "She was there! I think she knows!"

"Fas'na enough." I grab Lady Simirias hand. It is obvious the whole ordeal is frightening her a lot.
Kyle shakes his head. "She only saw one die. She's no stranger to death, though she'll have you believe different." Redge sighed.

"I would be angry at first, but I would also admit to the folly they put themselves in. Sometimes emotions cloud our judgement, as they're doing yours now."

OOC: If he payed attention when they introduced themselves to Rod'nac, then yes he will.
OOC: What is Simirias? Like ten-years-old? Harsh, Kyle...

IC: Roy: "Their families are still back there in village having their burial rights. Parents having to bury their children and wives, their husbands. You think this is fair to them?"

OOC: Ha ha! That a boy Roy... With your jokes... and your... ugh.
13...but had led a semi sheltered life.

IC: I was snug against Rod'nac, not moving away from him as I now wanted to stay away from the humans. For it was still humans that killed my mother...what would they do to us once they got what they wanted?

Kie was noticing it all unfold. "Sir, right now is not the best time to be getting in a argument with them."

Isobelle just looked back. "Roy is right, and you are right. He is wrong, and you are wrong. This can continue all day without a clear winner, or loser."
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"Roy is right, and you are right. He is wrong, and you are wrong.

OOC: Wait. Roy, who, who, and who?!
Roy and Redge.
OOC: Oh I just got that.

IC: Roy: "Fine, but I think you should go now."

"Lady Simirias?"

I look down on her, very worried. "I think it is. We have to go Kyle. If they try and stop us, then you'll have to deal with them."
Kyle shakes his head. "You're right, but I won't have humanity's reputation tarnished by a stupid few." He nods his head. "Safe travels, Rod'nac, and watch for scouts." Redge shook his head.

"Now imagine that with a real military force, with all those soldiers on both sides. Those families were spared a waiting fate."
Isobelle chuckled. "You got to love human problems." With that she turned back around and started to walk down the path.

I wouldn't let go, for I didn't want to just yet. That human captain made me feel sad and angered by his words.
OOC: I'll take KO's and Fawwer's characters with me, I guess. If they come back, at least they will be some place that they can prepare for the war... I have to assume Fawwer's character was never killed.

IC: Roy: "And this man will lead us to that peaceful future?" I gesture at Rod'nac.

"I've had enough of you tongue human. You are lucky you are under the protection of the temple."

Roy: I glare at her.

"Let's go."

"Good bye, Kyle. Hold true to your promise and we will talk."

"Come on Simirias."
Kyle nods and then thinks. "Wait." He pulls out a coin with his family crest on it, a dragon breathing white flame on a field of blue. "Under the picture is my family motto. Victoria concordia crescit. Victory through Harmony. When I arrive, ask what it is. Only myself and a choice few know it."

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