World's End IV

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Gry'kah, irritated with the boringness of this situation, enters the temple in hopes of finding something or someone interesting.

I listen to the soldiers rejections. Not a good response. I absently wave my hand in the air, incinerating the globs of spit launched at me in midair.

"I do not intend to interfere with your mind, the spell is incapable of doing that."

I point at Redge. "You're a mage, do you not know this spell? It is a relatively simple enchantment that detects the memories of people that are relevant to yourself."
Redge shakes his head. "I was taught that the mind is the most private part of a person and should never be invaded without permission. The only memories of yourself you'd find are the mentions your machine made, your sniper and our seeing you. If you're as honorable as you claim, you'll leave our minds untouched."

I nod to Redge.

"Then it seems we're at a bit of a standstill. I don't want to cast anything on you without your permission, seeing as you've not done anything to me, but I can't let you leave just yet either. At this point, any knowledge of us could be a huge threat. I doubt that more than three hundred people outside of this area know of our existence, and I intend to keep it that way for now. So I'm not going to do anything to you, but you can't leave, either, and you're honestly not in a position to try and leave by force. "
Kyle steps forward, holding out Rylos. "Touch the blade, Celestial." Ryan sighed.

"You have no right to detain us, nor any need. Our business is concluded and we leave in the morning. If you try and stop us, you'll see what two mages trained under Kain Hawkens can do."
an arrow flies through the air, and slams into the blade. The impact slammed the sword into the earth. "I'm afraid physical violence is not permitted here. Any attempt to injure one another will not be tolerated."
Seth drew another arrow, and nocked it. "Settle down, we can come to an agreement."

I form a magical barrier around my body near the blade, recognizing the weapon as being capable of harming me.

"I would prefer not. Those tend to be... uncomfortable, as far as I know."

An arrow knocks the blade away.

"Thank you. I will not resort to violence, though. Not unless it is in retaliation against another act of violence against me or one of my people."

I turn back to Redge.

"I agree that I do not have a right to do this, but I already explained to you the need. And who is Kain Hawkens? I believe I have heard the name, but I can't recall..."

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Kyle glances at Seth. "The only harm he would have received is a slight shock. A warning if you will." Ryan chuckled.

"The only man to ever master all the arts of Ruination magic."

"Ah. So that's who he is. However, I happen to have fairly extensive knowledge of Void, Genesis, and Ruination magic. I was once one of the highest ranking mages in the Sylt'ar military, you know."
"Good for you. However, seeing as you've diversified into three families of magic, you individually, you're weaker then us." Ryan chuckled. "Ask the guide as he's called, we haven't gone into the temple."
"We are in every position to leave. You don't seem to understand that this temple will destroy you and your ilk if you try to harm us. You really have no choice in whether we leave or not."

"Interesting thought. However, much of my knowledge of magic was acquired though the use of Void magic. I won't tell you exactly how it works, but suffice to say that I devised a spell that allows me to gain at least a general direction about any spell I see cast. After working alongside the mages of the Sylt'ar military for several years, you could say that I've picked up a bit. With this spell, however, I can devote most of my time to studying Void magic, and yet still gain knowledge of the other arcane schools without spending a significant amount of time of them."

I turn to the Beastman who spoke.

"No, I think not. I will not harm you unless you attack first, but should there be a conflict, our outer perimeter is set about three miles back. I have my doubts that the Temple will interfere at that distance."
Ryan shakes his head. "Your spells still are not as powerful as ours."

"Perhaps, though I do not agree. It would be interesting to spar with you, in any event. However, given circumstances, I have no reason to directly fight. Nor would I want a conflict. Regardless, I have no objection to you staying here for the night, as you don't seem to be planning on leaving until at least dawn."
Ryan nods and walks back towards the camping spot. Redge follows as does Kyle. They were tired and needed to rest.
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"No, I think not. I will not harm you unless you attack first, but should there be a conflict, our outer perimeter is set about three miles back. I have my doubts that the Temple will interfere at that distance."

IC: "You talk as if you would be able to find us at that distance. How adorable."

"Have you forgotten the airships? We have two supply vessels, ten reconnaissance craft, and my flagship, all creating this perimeter in addition to ground forces. I believe we would have no problem finding you, nor would you have any effective means of retaliation against airborne craft."

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Ryan hears that and creates an overly large fireball as Redge whips up the wind a bit. "Nature is a powerful thing Celestial."
Isobelle revealed a bit of her cloak, revealing the tail to me, and only me. "This was what I have been hiding from everyone...the lame leg I really do have, though it's healing. You see, I almost died one day. But this creature, it was a baby dragon!" She whispered to me. "It saved my life by infusing me with it's life essence, this pendant..." Pointing at the stone around her neck. "is it's heart."

I was taking this all in, no one has showed me such trust before. I was ready to give my trust to her. "I promise I wont tell anyone...some secrets are meant to never be shared."

Isobelle smiled. "That is right...and some secrets can be the difference between your life, or your death. This is one of those..."


Kie was annoyed by this show of power from his own company he's with! Showing off and thinking they are, anything can die. But the others...they are being foolish, even with their power there comes a great weakness. "Kyle? Can we please stop instigating? You heard what the Beastmen said about the Temple....yes?"
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