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Terran Discussion
this post is just to re-forward all the ideas addressing

1.) current raven design
2.) battlecruiser/thor/terran T3 in general
3.) fungal lol'th
4.) tvp lategame aoe frontload damage vs low hp terran bio leading to drastic snowballing battle advantages
5.) the 120 ling remax after terran trades with infestor broodlord (if T is lucky enough to make that trade).

in tvz, if terran can't finish off the zerg with a 2-2 push before greater spire, should terran grab a 4th base with extra starports and then begin setting up massive defenses such as positional planetaries, more bases, and then tech to mass sky terran?
imo if your 2/2 push doesnt work
try try try again
Anyone miss the days where you could go Marine/Tank/Medivac aggressively and then add Ghosts when the Zerg got Hive, sort of like how Zerg now goes Zergling/Roach/Infestor into Zergling/Infestor/Broodlord/Corruptor?

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