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Time: Dawn on Deimos, Soon after the Second Great War started.

The three capital ships, a Leviathan, a Carrier, and a Dominion Battlecruiser, were locked in heated fighting trying to gain air superiority so they could clear the way for their ground forces to take the prize, in this case a large Xel Naga temple which was probably the only reason any of the three races would come to the lifeless rock. As if given a silent command the normally dark Xel Naga structure was suddenly lit up with glowing blue lines almost like the veins of some massive creature.

The four outlying Obelisks lit up and blue tendrils came out the top and snaked across the battlefiel like the heads of some multiheaded beast. They slithered across the battlefield and suddenly projectiles fell to the round in mid air as the tendrils sucked up every last bit of momentum and energy from them and converted it to energy and transfered back to the temple. Needing more energy the tendrils started sucking up all energy based projectiles. The temple was insaitable and the tendrils started draining the power from machinery but even that was not enough and then they started to drain the very life out of everything around it.

The tendrils didnt kill when they drained, for that was not what the Wanderers from Afar wanted, their victims were just put in a coma like state. Just as the tendrils started to head for the three capital ships and air forces they returned to the obelisks for the mighty temple's was finally sated.The obelisks which were now glowing a pure, bright blue suddenly started to feed their energy to the temple which ran up each of the pyramid like temple's for vertices and gathered up top in one of the largest khaydarian crystals seen in the sector. The now glowing blue crystal realesed the energy in a beam of pure energy that shot right up above the now quiet capital ships.

The beam stopped at a certain point and it was clear it was opening a vortex.The now monstourous vortex was sucking up everything on the battlefield into its maw and even the mighty capital ships were sucked in to its ever expanding maw. The vortex had now pretty much cleared the battlefield except for a few burrowed Zerg which could not forever escape because soon the vortex was lifting up several feet of earth with the Zerg included and sucked them up. As quickly as the vortex was created it suddenly closed in the blink of the eye as the energy beam had stopped feeding it. Their was no trace of a battle at all.

Time:8 hours later, unknown planet's atmosphere.

High in a planet unkown's atmosphere a vortex suddenly opened and instead of taking in, it let out. Everything the vortex on Deimos sucked up, the vortex here expelled including the capital ships. The 3 large ships crashed onto a contenient in the North Eastern hemisphere of the planet with. South of the contienent was a hupe island chain and possibly another contienents, East was an ocean and another contienent and out west there was water and even more landmasses. The other forces spewed out were scattered all across the planet. The planet is a paradise but it is more than meets the eye.

Guidelines: You start out by your race's respective capital ship OR somewhere else but give good reason why you (And if you have one, spacecraft) were not smashed on impact) Overall I will not DM each race much but I will once and awhile (like a ling scouting party gets sent or an observer is sent out etc) I will mostly be DMing the wildlife but YOU CAN NOT DM the wildlife other than than the creatures I introduce until later. (Youll see why later) Ill be mostly controling the enviroment as I said before.Overall thats really it, Character application is the same as normal so have fun!!!

Char Application

<Rper Name>

Apply in the application thread:

My ship falls into the sky, then out another. I felt like I was torn apart, then rebuilt...

The ship crashes on some land in what seemed like the southern part. I manage to get out of the crumpled wreckage, and take out 3 working probes. A Stalker unit, pilot name: Kiron, blinked out before the crash could have damaged him too much.

I was sitting there wondering...

What anomaly could cause such a thing?
As the Leviathan went down, I ran to where a couple of my comrades were, we then braced for impact. We hit the ground pretty hard, and the ground tore some of him* up, but me and my scout friends survived, I guess I should make a list of us, seeing that I'm the only one who can write.



Haus (myself.)

That outta conclude my writing for now."

OOC: *Haus refers to the Leviathan as "him" or his" or "he".
@Korozain: You find yourself on the beach of a tropical island. Overhead birdlike creatures sored overhead with leathery wing although they are not birds at all but reptiles. They came in many different sizes with some having a wing span about 2-4 feet while others had wingspans of over 20 feet long. and some had impressive head crests. You see a large chunk of something dead but it is to disfigured and covered by the smaller flying reptile creatures. Suddenly a loud roar is heard and a large creature, standing on two legs with a large tail balancing it. You see it open its mouth and its mouth is filled with butcher knive like teeth. The creature was also very large, about 20-25 feet long. It looks at the group of new arrivals and roars at them, clearly trying to scare them off its territory.
Dinosaurs? Interesting...
@Dacder: You hear a pained command from the Broodmother, telling you to scout out the area for any resources and enemies. The Leaviathan is clearly dead and has apparantly landed in a jungle area with a large river running nearby.
CR: Damnit you guys are smarter than I thought.
IC: "The wildlife here seems interesting. I wonder what it may hold. We must make a camp. Probe. Build a home for us."

(Take note I am of a Nerazim tribe. No Khalai with me)

OOC: Wasn't that hard... Plus you shouldn't have said anything because now I think I know what this is.
11/05/2012 03:51 PMPosted by Korozain
OOC: Wasn't that hard... Plus you shouldn't have said anything because now I think I know what this is.
Ckilt was quick in springing to action, he told myself, Zillnar, Reqii, Logeni, and Girn to follow the orders, while the others tried to get organized.

Girn took command, and told Zillnar he was in charge if something happened. I didn't really describe my friends well enough, so I will do so now, Girn is a battle-hardened man, rather old, big scar on his face. He's tough, but not quite as fast as the rest of us, but there isn't a Zergling I'd rather have with me if I ran into trouble. Zillnar is a young guy, good looks, athletic, has it all, he's pretty cocky, even though he ain't that big. Reqii is rather new, she joined us just a few days before now, she's rather good looking, if I do say so myself, I think she likes me. Logeni is pretty small, but she's the quickest of the group, she's the messenger, if we ever need one. And that sums this small group up.

Hey, look, a river!

I got a drink, and we lazied for a bit, then we went back to him, I think he's dead, sadly. We haven't found anything much yet, but maybe we'll see something exciting on the way back.
Trust me its not Jurrasic Park

@Korozain: The Albertasaur growls and roars some more, waiting for the intruders to make a move. You see a ridge above the beach and you see a golden glint and some gold steam.

@Dacder: As you look around the river you see a large reptilian creature with a long snout and large hook like claws and harpoon like teeth. The Baronyx looked at the strange creatures and waded through the river, clearly showing great expertise at what it was doing, to get a closer look at the strange creatures and to hopefully scare them off
We saw the odd creature, and waited for orders.

Finally, Girn said "Wait, wait for it to make a move....."
However, Zillnar quickly ran to meet the creature, and the rest of us ran after him.
"Wait! Wait Zillnar wait!!!" said Girn nervously.

OOC: Going to make a two more characters in the other thread. At least for now, since the stories are all linked.
Mind having a Terran merc with you?
May I get a starting place please?
11/05/2012 06:46 PMPosted by Zarkun
May I get a starting place please?
OOC:I would prefer us to stumble upon each other rather quickly, because RPing with yourself isn't the most fun. Also, waiting on Mecha to say what the creature did when we charged him.
OOC: @Warhawk Sure.

IC: The Probe starts to warp in a structure, and I take my staff off of my back, and flow energy into the blades and walk to the creature slowly.
Alright; one genitally modified bad@ss coming up!

You hear a crash, followed by a series of Terran curses as a black armored Terran, Stefan, clambers out of the wreckage.

Let's say Stefan offered his services (He's a merc) after you helped him out.
OOC: Yeah.

IC: I stop the power off my staff.

"En taro Tassadar. Friend." I say extending my hand to help him out.
Grabing hold, he prys himself free of the wreak;
"En taro Tassadar, friend. I never did catch your name.. Do you have an idea where the hell we ended up?"
He asks, looking around.
"I am afraid I do not know of our location. I am Zhar'Kal. And once more. Thank you for your services to the Zirash Tribe. Stephen, Alexander."

I say, re-priming my blades.

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