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I nod, and see the Albertasaur.
"Well, the natives don't look very friendly do they?..."
I say, pulling out my battle rifle.
"Indeed..." I take a stance, a rather calm but deterring one.
Welp, I'll make my own. FYI Dac, Remus is a brood master.

IC: I slowly awaken, looking at the dead carapace of the Overlord Prime who had been carrying me. "Curses," I hiss, "I'm stranded...again." I head off into the jungle, looking for the other Zerg who had been assaulting the Terrans and Protoss.
@Korozain+Warhawk: Being a normal living creature with instincts the Albertasaurus realized he was outnumbered by these strange creatures and he growled once more and roared at the Pterosaurs covering the piece of washed up meat and they flew away as he walked up to it to take his share. The glimmering on the nearby ridge continues.

@Zarkun: You run out onto a a large grassy plain leading onto a seaside cliff.A few hadrosaurs that were previously grazing looked at you and honked vigourously to alert the rest of the tiny herd, they quickly got onto their two legs and started running.

@Dacder: The Baronyx mistakes the Zerglings running towards it as an attack and it lunged at the closet one and roared, trying to scare the strange creatures away from its part of the river.
Thank you.

IC: I watch the creatures run and grin a toothy grin. There was a chance to improve the brood here, but first he had to infect a queen with his own DNA to get a Matriarch. I continue on, watching for more to observe.
OOC: Mecha, they were attacking...remember, Zillnar is a bit of a loose cannon, so he attacked, and the others ran to support him....oh well.

Upon seeing the creature more closely, Zillnar began to run away. The others quickly did the same, but found themselves in a corner. Logeni went to run out of the pocket they were trapped in for help, the path she chose to get out was getting smaller and smaller as the Baronyx went towards, and so Logeni ran as fast as she could to get by, it was going to be a close call....
@Zarkun: As you look around you see something falling from the sky. Upon closer look you see its an Overlord and it slams into the ocean. You see a Zergling slice itself out of the dead Overlord. It looks around nervously before it finally hops in the water. It starts doing adoggypaddle trying to get to land. As it reaches halfway you see a shadow underneath it. Suddenly the water explodes and a huge set of jaws of a Tylersauraus grab the Zergling, cleaving it in half and the creature quickly swallows the front half as the back slowly sinks, pooling out blood attracting scavengers. The Overlord shakes a bit more as something prepares to come out. (You choose what comes out and what happens)
OOC: Mecha, I meant for you to decide what happens next, just an fyi. (i.e will the creature catch Logeni or will she escape and get help?)
Lowering my rifle to my side, I carefully watch the creature out of the corner of my eye;
"..Well, at least their not out right hostile... Do you have any idea what that is?"
I say, pointing the ridge.
I watch the Overlord open once more, a Matriarch exiting and flying to the mainland. I grinned in anticipation and ran to where it landed.

OOC: Go here for the Matriarch: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/6489929423?page=5 Post 96, Seventh Strain down.
@Dacder: The Baronyx roars at the Zerglings once more as a bit of warning before it walked away, having layed eggs recently and not having eaten for days she was to exhausted for conflict and she waded to her side of the river and gave a final roar before stalking off a bit downstream to hunt for fish.
Logeni continued running, but saw that the monster had gone away, she signaled them to come to her on the high ground she had gotten to, since it was more safe. We went up there, running as fast as we could, and sat down for a moment to gather ourselves.

"What the hell were you thinking, Zillnar? You could have gotten us killed!" yelled Girn, you could see that he was angry. "You....you idiot! You almost got us killed!" he yelled again, in the face of Zillnar this time.
"I....I didn't quite know what to do, I figured since there are so many more of us, we could take it....it didn't look so big when I charged at it."
As he said this, I noticed that Logeni looked rather sick. "Anything wrong, Logeni?" I said.
"No....no nothing wrong." she said, but she was coughing while she struggled to say this.

I heard the others arguing in the distance, and after a little while they finally stopped, and Girn decided it was time to get back. So along the road we started again, going one by one, Zillnar in the back, Girn in the front, and me in the direct middle.
"I do not. It resembles a reptile, is all I know. Come, we must salvage what we have left."

The Probe finishes building a structure. It looks like a small Nexus, but no Khaydarin Crystal on top. On one end there is a dome.

"The Ziggurat is complete."
"Right... I'm going to go take a look around, I'm not going to be much use in setting up camp."
I say, heading inland.

What's the place like, besides a tropical beach and island.
OOC: Where is Mecha? He seems to want to control a good portion of this RP, and I've been waiting for him for 21 hours. :P
God, please don't have gotten hacked again. That's what killed his last RP.
OOC: Sorry HW is a b!tch and I was at a friends. You guys can control a bit more such as the creatures and stuf BUUT make sure its from the Cretaceous period.

@Dacder: The river leads you through dense forest for a long while and up ahead and suddenly it opens up onto a vast grassy plan. Different species of herbivoures grazed peacefully from long necked sauropods whose immense size protected them to the beaked Iguanadons whose only protection were their herd and in dire cases their large thumb claws. A lone Iguanadon was grazing away from its herd when suddenly a patch of trees nearby exploded with movement. Three Deinonychus ran out giving the herbivore chase. (Deinonychus were what the Velociraptors in Jurrasic park were modeled after) They chased the creature into a large patch of tall grass and as it seemed to getb away the rest of the pack jumped out surronding the creature. hey predators leaped, onto the hapless creature who was helpless to stop its attackers as all 10 of the pack leapedc onto it, tearing into it with their teath a ripped large wounds into it with their gigantic toe claws. The Iguanadon quickly died and the Deinonychus started to tear into their prize.

@Zarkun: You find the Matriarch in the forest, resting to try to heal a giant gash in her side caused by the crash. You hear roaring and out of the jungle comes a huge Spinasauraus probably 60 feet long. He closes in, ready to pick of the stange, injured creature that had landed in its territory.

@Warhawk: The island has many caves and a lagoon nearby. Thats all I can say for now though it is smaller than Zarkuns island.
No problem. I know "nothing" about that...

Surveying the landscape, I turn and begin heading the shimmering patch I'd seen earlier.
I quickly morph into a Destroyer, roaring in return. "Come and be fed upon, creature!" The spinosaurus hesitates, clearly caught off guard by the size of the foe before it.
OOC: You think I don't know what a Deinonychus is? You underestimate me, good sir.

IC: We stared at the dinosaurs, backing away slowly into more cover, hoping they wouldn't notice us.
"What the hell are those things?" I remarked.

"I don't know, but whatever they are, to us they're trouble." said Girn. At this point, Zillnar probably thought about attacking them, but decided not too. Not wanting to alert them with sudden movement, we settled down for a bit. We had gone through a few rough parts, and we checked to see if any of us were hurt. Girn was a little scraped up, but the rest of us were free of scratches, though Logeni was showing signs of a fever, or something of that sort.

"We probably out to get home now." I said.

Girn replied "What the hell do you think we're trying to do? We're lost dammit! And now Logeni is sick, and I'm scraped up...could it get any better?"

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