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You know Dac, your guys could hear my roar.
11/07/2012 06:55 PMPosted by Zarkun
You know Dac, your guys could hear my roar.
OOC: Didn't know, but....


Suddenly we heard a roar, it was off in the general direction of the Dinosaurs, but it sounded Zerg-ey.
"What the hell was that? We better go check it out, let's try to sneak by them!" said Zillnar, confidently. Before we knew it, we were passing close by the dinosaurs, under only the cover of tall grass...
@Dacder: The group travels for awhile untill they reach a large beach and about a short distance offshore was a large island where the roar came from.
@Zarkun: The Spinasaur was big even for her species and she wasn't the apex predator of this island for nothing. She charged slamming into Remus,she suprised him by her strength which a good part came from the large spine on her back. Realizing a head on attack is useless she ran back and charged again, this time at the side of the Zerg instinctively going for the neck, her jaws searched for a a chink in the Zergs armor and with great expertise she found it though she was suprised by the amount of it. She tour into the chink with jaws strong enough to crush neosteel and crunched down.
11/05/2012 04:07 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
ou see a ridge above the beach and you see a golden glint and some gold steam.

Continuing across the beach I head for the ridge.
I grunt and grasp the creature in my scythes, lopping it into pieces and then changing back into my birth form, the wound soon healing. "Matriarch, how badly are you hurt?"

OOC: Mecha, Dac and I planned on meeting each other.
We continued on, Logeni getting more sick, and Girn's wounds bothering him further. We asked them if they could swim it, and they said yes, they could. It was a long and hard swim, but we finally made it to the island. Once we were on the beach, Logeni and Girn each collapsed, and we let them get some rest while we were on the lookout, scanning the beach constantly for life.
I hear the sound of Zerglings on the beach and shift into a sandshark, leaving the still wounded Matriarch to heal, but not before becoming one myself and leaving two Desecrators to protect her. Burrowing and heading for the beach, I survey the new arrivals. Standard strain and two wounded. Perhaps we could help each other. I unburrow and shift back to normal. "Greetings, brothers and sisters."
I looked on in amazement.
"What on earth...nevermind that. Is there anywhere we can recuperate here? We have one sick and one wounded. And five dying for rest."
I nod my head. "My Matriarch is healing herself right now, but she should be able to transfuse you soon. Follow me."
We wake up the two, but decide to carry them instead of making them walk, the swim drained pretty much all of their energy out of them. We follow the strange Zerg...
I lead them to the clearing and the Desecrators hiss a warning. "Do not worry about them. So long as you leave the Matriarch be, they won't harm you." I have them lay their wounded down and then shift into a Matriarch, using transfuse on them. I then shift back to my birth form. "They should be fine soon."
"Thank you very much, what shall we do once we are fine once more? Should we try to find our way back to the dead leviathan?"
I shake my head. "No. Odds are it will attract scavengers. Your brood mother would be too badly wounded to do anything about it either. Your best hope is here. With my brood." The Matriarch was finally well enough to spew a couple larva who quickly morphed into scorpius drones and became a hatchery and spawning pool. "I will be able to build quickly."
"Alright, but how do you think we might be able to get off this planet? After all, we don't want to stay here forever, right?"

I personally want to go home anyway, I wonder what the others think...
"It will take a great amount of time, but I should soon be able to begin the creation of a Harbinger. It is as large as a Leviathan, and better able to protect itself." I shift into a Desecrator. "For now, we will build up forces and protect this hive cluster."
"Uhhh, ok, what will you have us do?"
I was the only one still awake at this time, the others were resting.
"Stay safe and rest. I will inform you if I need anything from you." Three eggs hatched, with the scorpius drones beginning to harvest the nearby minerals. Sandsharks and Prowlers were being spawned at two other hatcheries as the first became a lair.
He says this, and I go off into sleep....
I had meditated, and after a while, I decide to go search the landscape in the opposite direction of Stefan.

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