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@Warhawk: As you climb up to the ridge you cannot believe your eyes. You see giant mineral crystals but rather than being blue or even yellow they are clear and you realize that these minerals are pure. Nearby Vespene Geysers spewed out white gas that looked like stardust. You look away from the ocean and you see a large mountain nearby, the center of the island, and you see smoke drifting lazily from its top.
{Holy... Zhar, you should come take a look at this...}
I radio to him.
I appear next to him in a shadowy mist. I look at him.

"For safety reasons, think of me, then say what needs to be said in your head..."

"By the Gods... What... What is this?" I say after looking at the resources.
I nod;
"My thoughts exactly. What if the entire planet is like this?..."
I say, trailing off into thought.
Could use a prod from the DM.
"I do not know. But it is a planet that holds many secrets from what I can already tell."

I stare at the crystals for a small moment longer.

I take out a grey device from my robe.

{Probes. Come to my location and make a Nexus, we have work to do.}
@Zarkun: A nearby island has smoke gentley coming from the top and the sun strikes it odd and for a moment you can see something glittering.

The Spinasaurus was near the heart of the island away from the strange creatures that had deafeated her. As he got to the near the center of her territory she found the small cave she was looking for. She walked in her large sail barely scraping the top. She swiftly moved through the uneven cave floor, having done this almost her whole life. She slowed down as her feet touched water for she had reavhed her destination. Infront of her was a large spring bubbling cheerfully. Only she knew of this spring and its affects and she took a couple drinks and lied down in itand rested her head on a nearby rock and fell asleep. Slowly but surely the large gashes on her leg started to close up.
I look at the glittering and smile. Perhaps it was more minerals. I order an Overlord Prime to go investigate, as we had not yet acquired any other fliers.
@Zarkun: As it drifts over you see minerals, clear white as well as clear Vespene gas but Protoss had gotten their first. (This is Korozain and Warhawks base)
I was gonna say, if you remember the Overlord Prime, it be a bad day for anything that ate it.

IC: I growl in annoyance. Of course the Protoss survived, which meant the Terrans did as well. "This complicates things considerably..."
Making the assumption that we can see the Overlord Prime.

I stifle a curse;
"Zhar, you better get your base up and running quick, it seems we're not the only ones who crashed around here..."
I say, pointing to the Overlord.
War, how much do you know about the Overlord Prime?
Overlord Prime- The only thing able to control the Exitium Brood, they are armed with a self defense mechanism; a self destruct that can be triggered manually, or triggered upon death, spreading an acidic cloud over an area and creating real acid rain.

This is it, right?
Indeed. I have many evil plans to claim the mineral field.
The probe arrives and starts warping in the nexus and a few pylons.

"Destroy that abomination! It may have demons inside of it. Or worse..."
The Overlord Prime positions itself above the largest group of probes and detonates, raining acid on the pylons and causing heavy damage to them. I grin evilly. That would slow them down.
I look in disgust at the carnage;
"Alright, we need to deal with whatever brood that.. 'Overlord' came from.. and fast."
"Yes. Luckily the Nexus and some pylons survived. I will oversee the completion of a defensive grid, you go find where they are. A Stalker unit will accompany you.”

The Stalker blinks to his location.
By the time the Protoss had decided on a course of action, the Exitium Brood had rebuilt a good part of it's ground forces. Desecrators, Sand Sharks, Prowlers, Destroyers, and Slayers were all around, along with spore crawlers and spine crawlers, protecting the Hive cluster.
I nod in acknowledgment to the Stalker and head off in the direction that the Overlord came from.

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