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Since I already know what Mecha will do, I'll DM this.

Assistant DMing: Stefan and the walker find a large strip of water between their island and the one the Overlord Prime came from. More of them can be seen floating about in the air and unknown Zerg fliers are beginning to appear.
While they were doing that, the Nexus had produced 5 probes, one started rebuilding,(warping in 2 gateways and a forge) and the others tried mining the crystals.

Resulting in...
OOC: Back from Mexico, skimmed through the thread, sorry if I make mistakes or don't follow the RP well, I'm rather exhausted.

IC: After these events had taken place, the small, insignificant group of Zerglings awoke, feeling extremely refreshed, and approached Remus.

(Girn)-"I see you've made yourself busy, anything we might do to help whatever adventure you're currently on?"
"Protoss have survived the crash as well. Find Ruinis. He is in charge of the Sand Sharks. He may have an assignment for you."
"Yes sir." Girn said, we made our way towards where we figured he might be, and there he was...

"Ruinis! Remus told us to find you."
The overly large Sand Shark looks at the Zerglings. "Ah, good. You all survived. We need you to go with this group of Sharks and investigate the island to the north area. We have reason to believe there are more resources there."
"Alright. Shall we be off then?" Said Girn, gesturing to the sharks.

It appears to me that the rest of the group are all fine with going out once more, surprising. I would think they would wish to rest here some more before heading out once more.
One nods and starts running, still retaining the Zerglings speed. The others follow.
The Zerglings quickly follow, and it's obvious that while well, the two injured are still hurting, if only slightly. Suddenly, Girn stumbles, his injured leg having gone out from under him, it's only then that I also noticed the absence of Logeni.

"Girn? Sharks, stop!" I yell, nobody else having noticed these events occurring.
The lead shark stops and looks. "What is wrong?"
I look at Girn, he was breathing heavily and not moving, off on the side of the path they had been taking.
"He fell, and he isn't moving...wait, does anyone know where Logeni is?"

God, what a mess...why were we so eager to help out right away? Should have waited for them to heal up completely.
The lead shark shakes his head. "I know not where your friend is. Nor do I know what is wrong with him. This place is different, strange."
"Well, we should stop, we can't leave them to fend for themselves."
He nods then says something to a couple of sharks, who go back the way they'd come. "They will search for the missing one."

I turn to Girn. "You'll be alright, we're going to stay here with you." I say, but Girn was unable to answer.

Zillar then approached. "Why are we stopping?" He said.

"Girn's hurt, and Logeni's missing."
The two sharks race back the way they came, watching for the Zergling. "Hopefully the strange beasts haven't gotten it." The other one nods, and they continue on silently.
We looked on at Girn, and his breathing was finally starting to slow down, but he then passed out.

"Damn, there's no way he'll get back without help at this point."
The lead Sand Shark shakes his head. "We cannot afford to go back. If we do not secure these resources, we have no chance at survival."
"How shall we do this then?"
I stifle a curse;
"That doesn't look good.. Stalker, report back to Zhar the location of the Zerg and the presence of unknown zerg fliers. I'll see if I can get a bit closer with my stealth."

The Stalker bobs in acknowledgment and heads back. I bring my stealth field online and begin to move up.

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