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War, there's a LARGE body of water between you and me. Can he teleport?
OOC: Not meaning to intrude, but I think this may be a pristine opportunity to have yet more interaction between people, seeing as War is going to head out and one of my characters is lost in the jungle.
oops. I thought that it said a large river... oh well.
A small flight of Shrikes, five to six, fly over the island, peppering the Protoss base with spines and picking off a couple of the probes before returning to the Hive. I grin, standing on the beach. "You will not survive, Nerazim."
Wait... the beach facing the 'Protoss' island or another one?
The one facing the Protoss island. Remus would look like an Albino Desecrator.
The minerals yeild high amounts of resources and the base expands quickly. As I am overseeing it, the Stalker appears in front of me.

He gives me a full report, then I order him to stay on watch.

"Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. One planet that is unknown to all..."

I ponder in the thought.

"This will not bode well..."
A larger flight of Shrikes passes over taking out more pylons and a few probes.
Seeing the group of Shrikes fly over and back, I decide to turn back and go help protect the base.
OOC: Zarkun, can you please respond to post #99 (I think.)
"We wait for a report from the two I sent back along the path we traveled."
"Damn, but..that will take a while...I think he needs to get back, we need to try to get over there, and get him back at the same time."
The leader thinks for a moment. "Have your strongest carry him back. We will need speed to complete this task anyways."
I motion to Zillnar.
"You carry him, you're the strongest, after all."

He gave me a certain look, and then without saying a word, he picked up Girn and started trotting away.
"Do not fight anything you come across!" The lead sand shark shakes his head. "Are you ready to continue?"
"Yes sir." I say, I then turn to Reqii, who until this point had been totally quiet. "You ready to go?"

"Yes." Reqii said, and thus, we started out.
The sharks didn't slow down, not for any reason. If they sensed a potential threat, the found a way around it. Soon, a mineral field and vespene geysers much like what the Brood Master had seen, came into view. "Look at these, brothers and sisters. Look at the means of our survival."
"Wonderful, isn't it? Although I can't help but wonder what might be happening to old Girn and Zillnar, and I wonder what ever happened to Logeni."
The two sharks finally found the missing Logeni, picking her up between them and returning to the Hive. "They will all be fine. The two I sent back just told me they found your missing friend and are taking her back to the Hive."
"Alright, when do you think we can go back? I want to know what happened, and I want to make sure Zillnar and Girn are okay."

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