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"The Brood Master has already sent a group of Desecrators with Scorpius drones to claim this place. We will return to the main Hive when they arrive."
"Okay, thanks for the answer."
Bump will post later
@Warhawk@Korozain: Suddenly you hear a loud rumbing and you see black smoke angrily coming from the top of the mountain.
The group sent to relieve the scouts arrives, and the lead Shark begins walking back towards the main Hive. "Your friends will be cared for. However, I have a question for you."
"And what might that be?"
"How would your friends feel about becoming Sand Sharks? It would save their lives."
"Ummm, what do you mean? 'Save their lives'? And I think we're, at least for the moment, all happy being Zerglings."
Who the hell does this guy think he is...
Sorry Mecha, I think I may drop out of this one, I'm not liking the whole base building thing...
You don't HAVE to base build.
Eh... Stefan also feels out of place here... I mean you've got Zarkun's Uber-zerg vs Koro's Dark Templar...
They aren't Uber-Zerg, they're just unique.

IC: "I mean keep them alive. They would still be the Zerglings you know, just with the advantages of a Sand Shark."
Deep underground: It sensed its creators children up above, having been long dormant it had been buried long after its creators fled from their own children. It was now located near an underground spring and a lava tube which it both kept running long after they should have stopped flowing but now the guardian sensed its creators children and was waking up and it had one goal, keep them from finding the darkness that lies within the planet.

@Warhawk@Korozain: The mountain was rumbling angrily and black smoke was rising from its top and soon you realize its no mountain but a volcano and its not waking up happily.

OOC: Will post more later
Ummmm guys.................
No idea where I'm going Mecha. I'm trying not to take over the RP.
Ok ill do some more DMing then.

IC:Zarkun@Dacder: As the Spinasaur slept in the enhanced water it flowed over her, flowing into the chinks inbetween her scaly armor and lapping into her mouth. As the water level slowly rose it trickled into her nose she woke up and sneezed. As she started to clear the grogginess into her mind she realized that a strange new intelligence was there aswell as some of her primal insitincts. She suddenl realized she was thinking about intelligence. Shocked she paced back and forth pondering. As she was thinking she heard the cracking of a dieing tree she stalked outside the cave and saw that the once thick jungle was dieing as the Zerg Creep consumed every bit of plant matter. She realized these strange visitors would soon turn her beautiful home into a barren wasteland and she realized something had to be done.

OOC: Will post more later.

An outlying hatchery: The dieing jungle had somehow acheived to get even more quiet than it normally was ever since the Zerg came to the island. The Zerg however took no notice as they continued with their actvities. Suddenly the once quiet jungle was a flurry of activity and the and what was still foliage was now being trampled as dinosaurs exploded out of the jungle. It seemed like a stampede but instead of running about paniced they seemed to have a single goal, destroy the Zerg.

Once peaceful Iquanadon now trampled any Zerg that got in their way and gored attackers with their large thumb spikes. Triceratops and Styracasaurs gored their enemies with their large horns. Deinonychuses and Velociraptors gutted opponents of similar size with their large toe claws and attacked in packs the larger Zerg. Massive sauropods crushed Zerg with their large feet and lashed their enemies with their whip like tails. Pteradons converged in flocks and attacked the flyers, pecking at wing membranes, eyes, and any other vulenrable spots. Mounds of dead Zerg piled up as the enraged inhabitants killed them. Even the insects seemed to be helping as they converged in swarms, attacking the eyes of the pancked Zerg.
Ha, you have no idea the beast you awoke.

Suddenly dozens of Sand Sharks burst from the ground as Shrikes and Fearhawks rained death from above. Desecrators dealt with opponents their own size and Destroyers laid into the larger enemies. Now the island was a war zone.
The group of Zerglings were trying to avoid conflict, but met a large dinosaur all the same. It charged them, and they scattered....they all separated and ran in different directions, but it didn't get Haus, he had to wonder who it had killed.
The flyers were helpless to stop the flocks of bird sized pterasaurs as they attacked the vulenrable wing membrane of the Zerg and downed several. Armored Anklyasaurs acted as a sheild and bait for the Sand Sharks futiley tried to pierce its armored hide and smashed them with their clubbed tails. Baronyx and Sucomimuses tore into the smaller Desecrators and lept at low flying Zerg, picking off a few. The Deinonychuses and Velociraptors continued their onslaught and gutted tons Zerg. Twenty Two foot long Utahraptors attacked the Destroyers in packs, felling several. Sauropods rose up on their hindlegs and brung their large thick for legs down, stunning several Destroyers and killing a few.

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