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You realize the Sharks are bursting from the ground?

Several Prowlers move amongst the fray beneath the ground, setting their mines before erupting and dowsing the dinos in acid. Nothing could puncture their armor and nothing could withstand the acid.
The sauropods stomped the ground repeatedly, stunning the Prowlers that were underground and killing any that got underfoot like a kid stomping on a large beatle.

OOC: Yes I do realize they are bursting from the ground.
The Matriarch was growing tired, and requested Broodkings. The Shrikes and Fearhawks could protect them. they rained broodlings and spine wurms down upon the dinos forcing them to retreat.
The dinosaurs retreated into the jungle and any Zerg that dared followed was soon killed. The Creep expanded and as it soon covered 1/4 of the island but at that point it stopped for an unknown reason.
I actually wasn't aiming to take the whole island anyways.

IC: I grin evilly. We'd managed to defeat them easily. No force here could stand against us.
I think this RP is dead, lol.
The dinosaurs clustered around the spinasaur's cave, she let each of them in and allowed each of them to take a drink from the healing and intelligence giving spring and the newly sentienent dinos reeled in shock as their newfound intelligence rushed into their instinctual mind.

OOC: Just get more people to join and bring Korozain and Warhawk back.
Wait, so.... Is it dead or... No...?
Well you kindve left so unless you come back its pretty much dead.
"What in the name of...."

I see the molten rock flowing down the volcano

"We must make haste. Mine the minerals and we must leave!"

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