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Why doesn't Terran get to play with our coolest unit? Seriously the neglect of Battle Crusiers is borderline criminal. I wouldn't mind have somthing functional late game either.

It has gotten one buff to speed that upgraded it from Slug to Turtle, thanks it helps so much! Would it be so bad if they were a powerful unit. The only time they get to see the battle field is in TvT and that is a rarity.

Just a thought from a Plat Terran.
Now imagine BCs have their build time increased by 30 seconds, take another 32 seconds after production to be battle-ready, lose yamato, lose 100 hp and 1.5 armour, their anti-ground dps is reduced to their anti-air dps, their vulnerability to enemy armour is made even worse, and their attacks can be shot down.
Can they be faster?
11/12/2012 02:18 AMPosted by VIPER
Can they be faster?

Hmm, well they were given a speed buff before, and they are as fast as a thor now i believe.

Making them any faster would make them too fast for a capital ship, BCs and Carriers are the fastest capital ships in the game, Broodlord being the slowest.

Blizzard says they will be looking into changing a lot of the WoL units though, so hopefully they will do something for BCs too
You think you are the only one? Three words for you

Carrier has arrived
Then we increase Battlecrusier AND Carrier speed.
I thought building that unit was like building ultralisks.

Look I am so ahead I am throwing minerals at units...WEEE HAAA.

you see them in team games, and I built a bunch in a 1v1 TvT when I had 5 bases to their 2.
Took my advice :D
It's a large, capital ship. There's no need for it to have super speed.
11/12/2012 10:07 AMPosted by Butterednuts
It's a large, capital ship. There's no need for it to have super speed.

Except there's no case where you can go wrong with super speed...well...there is one...
11/12/2012 10:37 AMPosted by Toortanga
there is one

What case is that?
Cattlbruisers do work in TvZ, and they even have occasional appearances in TvP. The issue, as always, is getting to them. They're actually godly units if you upgrade them properly. Small units get shredded by their quick attacks, while large units get slaughtered by yamato.

One of the primary reasons why I'm such a proponent of Tech-Reactors is to allow for easier BC access.
11/12/2012 11:38 AMPosted by VIPER

A sad day indeed...
I felt physical pain when that happened.
But to be fair, it was totally MVP's fault. I think its... 3 Yamatos to kill a Mothership?
Buffs to the damage were removed by Blizzard. The ability to give it a speed and acceleration boost was removed. The battlecruiser is not weak, it is just a painful transition that leaves a huge vulnerable period where the enemy can attack and kill you.

400/300 and a lengthy build time can make BCs quite difficult to truly get out in the numbers needed. Plus air upgrades are never focused on and they are quite crucial to realizing the BCs full power.

Holy shoot, Polychrome...Monochrome...

I wonder...
give it a warp speed ability, that requires upgrade/cooldown/energy/Or could cost HP too like stimpack, or each BC could only warp once

its essentially teleport, but you have to have vision of where you are "warpspeeding" too.

so your cruisers can warp speed to where the rest of your army is or back to your base, basically anywhere you have vision

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