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Why didn't PartinG do his infamous Immortal/Sentry all-in? The "unbeatable" wonwonwon?

HyuN smacked him down 5-1. The set wasn't even close. And PartinG didn't try this build even once. It wasn't even as if he tried it and was beaten, he didn't even attempt it, even on maps where it would have been perfect to do so.

I really don't get it. Can someone explain? Is he maybe trying to shake this image of being a one-trick "wonwonwon" pony?
Maybe he's testing other builds for use in other tournaments. Who knows?
Saving for the last
Probably saving it for GSL.
Yea, saving for GSL
Why use the build on a rival player who you could potently play in a GSL or other major tournament and give the Hyan the chance to have the advantage if they meet.
Why would he be "saving" the build for GSL?

His wonwonwon build is very well known. He does it in almost all of his PvZ's. It's not exactly his secret weapon. It's not as if there's a shortage of replays and VOD's HyuN can watch to study the build.

You need to wonder why he even agreed to play HyuN if he wasn't going to take the match seriously and do what he needed to win.
Save your trump card for last.
It's too late for him to save it...

my guess is that his confidence in the build was mostly a bluff, since then people have been able to deflect it (or maybe blind counter it) and he felt that he would be better off playing macro games against hyun who sometimes has a tendency to turn off his brain and forget how to play.

but he forgot that this wasn't just any event, it was fight club, the only event where hyun has shown any semblance of consistency.
either he feels like it has been figured out and doesn't have confidence in it anymore, or more likely, most players will not do standard allins in showmatches (im guessing this was a BO9 showmatch) as they are more for the entertainment value than to see who is actually the best player, thats what tournaments are for. he may have also been saving it for later in the match (i.e. after he won a few games) as a strategy, which didnt pay off because he couldnt win with it.

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