planetary fortress at the 3rd

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Posted by RvNPlayerX
One does not simply get past Platinum without winfestors

I'm finding this out very slowly. :D

It would be interesting to see how a pro could do on ladder, never using them. They are so crucial.

i win games in masters without infestors all the time.

6pool doesn't count ;)

Just kidding of course!
but i don't want to use infestors because their bad

One does not simply get past Platinum without winfestors
well I dont use infestors anymore in tvz and im in diamond :P
lots of people open roach ZvT

and not going roaches vs mech is suicide

and I can't imagine many maps where they would want to pf the third...their army supply has to be smaller since they can't replace as many scvs with mules. Most terrans inbase their third CC early and use it for mules anyways, so I guess the people you're playing aren't fully using the metagame, in a bad way.

inless its say diamond league, sorry but pfing your 3rd is so helpful and since i go mech i stack minerals for days so i can make extras ccs for obitals anytime i want and have a hard to kill 3rd base.

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