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Developers could really benefit from a "lock tabs" option in the data module. Working in the editor on a day to day basis, you become accustom to the position of certain tabs, however if you switch between objects (tabs) too quickly or if the editor hiccups for a second, you can end up repositioning them, which sometimes goes unnoticed and overall is a pain to undo 30-50 times a day.

That said, an option/checkbox to lock tabs in place (while still allowing us to open/close tabs) would be greatly appreciated.
I totally agree since my mouse is so unprecise and I always click on the bar to move a box... >.<
Why the ever got rid of the simple drop-down list is beyond me. I had a serious WTF moment when I saw the new UI when it came out.
We had the same feature requested internally so I will add this into the HotS editor shortly.
Who was the idiot who got rid of the old pull-down list anyways? That thing was way better than this tabs !@#$.
12/14/2012 04:59 PMPosted by FockeWulf
Who was the idiot who got rid of the old pull-down list anyways? That thing was way better than this tabs !@#$.

Actually, according to basic usability principles, getting rid of the drop down, and replacing it with a tabbed browsing experience is preferable to a drop-down menu. If you think about it, there are nearly 70 different catalogs that you can pick from to work with in the data editor. If you only work with 5-8 types of data at once, having to search through the 70 different types of data every time you need to switch from 1 type of data to another, that would be a terrible user experience. Instead, by having up the few types of data that you use on a regular basis, and adhering to the principle of "Information on Demand", the user experience is an altogether more pleasant one.
Hey, I'm just suggesting something here about the tabs. They are quite usefull in one way because yes you don't need to use dropdown box, but if you want a new tab you have to use the small arrows or the kind of dropbox. I agree that sometimes you work with 5-8 types, but I think a feature that would be really interesting is a double bar tab instead of only one bar. This would allow to have twice as many tabs and it would not use that much more space.

This would allow to almost never have to find a new tab. You would have all of the most used tab accessible.
My question to you is this: How often do you regularly use more than 10-12 catalogs while working? I'm not talking specifically about the occasional time here or there that you might need to edit something (texture sets, I'm looking at you), and may not have it up, I mean as a part of your regular workflow.

Right now I have 13 different tabs open on my data editor, and it still only takes up 2/3 of the real-estate space along the top-bar. The additional issue with having a double-bar up would be locating the tab that you want within the rest of your tabs.

We're discussing the issue internally and are talking through some potential ideas and solutions for a better user experience and more straight-forward workflow.

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