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Rather jealous. I'd like to be hired by Blizz too!
11/09/2012 05:17 PMPosted by Spyrian
You're all making me feel so welcome, thank you!

As you should! It may seem like a ordinary day of work for you, but its a bit different to see a Blue poster from this side. As fans of Starcraft it is always cool for us to see someone who works for a company who's games we love playing post and interact on the forums.

We greatly appreciate new posters like Cloaken (and you) and we miss old ones who no longer post here as much, like Lylirra, Daxxarri, and Bashiok. (Who mainly post on D3\WoW now)
Welcome Spyrian! Great to see a new blue added to the team. :)
11/09/2012 05:38 PMPosted by Spyrian
What would you like to know? Ask away!
How long have you been at Blizzard? What did you work on before becoming Community Manager?
Wow, I've never seen so many Blizzard Employees in one place at one time...

I guess I would have to rethink my thoughts about them being an endangered species...

Welcome to the forums Spyrian, and watch out for trolls!
Hi Spyrian!
Your first mission, if you choose to accept it, it to do something about the massive amount of INFESTORS OP threads going on recently. Past 3 days, front page has been filled with them. Its a forum trend, happens occasionally. You may not know it, but I have been tagging said infestor threads with a simple phrase...
Another Infestor Thread...


Search up that phrase, sort by date, and viola, Infestors OP threads at your fingertips.
*gives Bacon*

Welcome to the glorious forums :D
Yayy (^-^;)
You are welcome, good sir, as much welcome as I am free to give. However...

Time, I think, for a nerd test. I shall ask questions from my field of expertise, others feel free to add from theirs. And no looking it up on the internet!

"Camlost" is a name taken by a great hero of men. The most renowned, and only man to come back from the halls of Mandos. Who is this man, what does the name 'Camlost' mean, and why did he take it upon himself?

EDIT: this is a generic nerd test; any and all nerd-type questions are fair game. Including boring physics ones, if that is your forte.
More moderation is always a good, and much-needed, thing on these forums - welcome.
bananas I say!!! BANANAS!!!
wow so much blues on the same thread ^_^

welcome to the jungle spyrian =)
Welcome to the forums of rage, balance whining and overall retardation!
Sorry I'm so late, but welcome Spyrian!
Hey everyone -

We'd like to make a formal welcome to one of the newest members to the SCII Community Team - the mighty Spyrian!

Never heard of him. Somehow the term "mighty" becomes amusingly hyperbolic when prefixed to the name of an unknown.

He has been at Blizzard, working behind the scenes on StarCraft II for quite some time now and moved over to our team a few weeks ago where he has made an immediate and remarkable impact.

Not an overly difficult achievement, given the standard established over the past two years.

You can count on seeming him around the forums moving forward as well as on the blog pushing out sweet content; so...you know...don't be shy and hit him up with all the hard questions? Juuuuuust kidding...

What are you saying? That he should be approached with difficult questions, or that he should be approached with softball questions?

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Spyrian!

@Spyrian: DAAAMN cool portrait dude probably one of the best blue portrait out their and LOOK its a changeling so Spyrian is Zerg woot woot. Anyways welcome fellow Zerg and one last thing. "GLORY TO THE OVERMINDD"-Infested Terran SC1

EDIT: Dude you Blues should start doing polls again like the Zerg pet poll (That one was awesome!!!)
Fix Broodfester.
Fix OP widowmine.
Fix A-Move Protoss.
Fix Mech.
Fix Tempest templar.
Create lan.
Fix OP Swarmhost
Make maps better.
Make the game client perfect.
Nerf Koreans.
Buff Canadians.
Add more unit colors.
Then remove more unit colors.
Make chat work.
Fix the XP system.
Remove marines, because OP.
all this and name changes
Welcome to the dark side! lol

I fear the denizens of these forums may make you run for your life but always great to see more folks joining in on the SC action :D


Oh... hB too ;)

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