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With the meta swerving towards both toss and terrans fast expanding does banelng busting the wall become a more viable less all in strat now that they are going more towards economic strats? been playing around with it trying to hit late enough that im not all in but early enough that im not wasting my attack.
tons of zergs do a roach ling bling bust vs terrans.

Protoss have forcefields
i like to go that 3 hatch roach bust vs a toss if they go nexus first it works pretty well because they dont expect your cheesing cause you have a queen at your nat and a 3rd hatch building
its the perfect cheese :)
Is that the one where you cancel your hatch before it finishes and push with like 8 roaches?
Protoss has forcefields. Protoss units don't die to banelings. Protoss buildings don't die to banelings.

Baneling busts work better vs terran, but depending on the timings terran can have either hellions and/or banshees. Either/or can focus fire the banelings, then mass-repair + a single bunker and/or some depots can hold off any number of roaches and zerglings.
yea forcefields drive me nuts. its veryannoying how many they can get out. no matter how perfect i prepare my army for his he can stop me from engaging. im about ready to base trade every toss i play because i cant find away to survive these 2 base pushes
6pool->slow bling bust works great against toss. they always give up the nat, so they have a single cannon in there mineral line while they go 1 gate->cybercore, u use your initial 6-8 lings (depending how many live) and morph 6 blings and sandwich the mineral line. but i dont like busts against a walled off toss, since forcefields op. also cant u just make infestors and win anyways.

against terran there are a few busts, the first that i used to use is:

15h/16p/17g ->1 set of lings when pool finishes, drone to 28, ling speed at 100 gas, baneling nest next 50, then pop lings until 44, and go bust.

eventually i starting popping lings to about 38, and then eventually stopped morphing the banelings and bling nest at all, and droning to 32 and then build the lings, and u still will probably break the terrans natural. if they have a good bunker, u pick off a few scvs and deny mining time, and what did u invest...8-10 sets of lings that mostly live.

theres also a massive 2/2 baneling bust off 3 base, that is extremely strong against a terran with few tanks.
i have done this a few times today where ill do a 2 hatc bling bust and it works out pretty good. my micro is improving as i manage to keep each ling alive that i can and turn the weak ones into blings. I dont feel like im all in as long as i dont give to much up to forcefields. Rarely have i seen them out in time and when i do i try to bait it with just lings and hang my blings back till the field dies and then try again. i use about 6-8 blings to take out the wall and usually powers down everything with a few blings left over. I almost feel bad but its easier to do this then it is to defend the 2 base pushes at my 3rd

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