Some thoughts on HoTs units. Part#1 Protoss.

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Please, before raging, understand that this just the opinion of a casual player. I am not taking places in whether which race is OP or not.

When it comes to Protoss air superiority, it feels at moments like the devs don't really know which way they want to go with the protoss, flavor-wise. This is seen clearly primarily on how some units step on the toes of another, thus pushing the older unit out of the picture.

The Oracle
The Oracle's Pulsar Beam seems like a strange choice of a spell, since it has a more limited use than that of the Void Ray's. Personally I think that the previous spell "Void Syphon" was more in touch with the name and flavor of the unit. It wasn't perfect, but it had more potential, as in either allowing the Oracle to harvest a protoss building for a % of its value in order to use it for another. Sort of to allow a quick transition from 1 build scheme to another; or rather than harvest the mineral, harvest the structure itself, and teleport it to a choice location. To me, seemed like a more logical path as to where this spell slot was being led.

Entomb is a great ability, and having it removed due to the fact that it forced the opposing player to leave a force behind just to prevent the entombs (which is rendered moot with Pulsar Beam's insane dmg in a pack of 4 oracles alone), seems silly. A better choice would have been to reduce its range, so the Oracle was forced to use 2 (or more) entombs to shut down an entire mining field. (I might be wrong on this one, but in the videos the spell casting seems to denote a single cast to block an entire field).

When it comes to Time Shift, it is a pretty darn good spell. However, mixing it with Psy Storm, it feels like a dead sentence, issued, signed, and done all in less than 2 seconds. It might not seem like such a big deal, but it makes a devastating force when combined against low health units, or slow moving units. Maybe a cooler effect would be to allow it to reset all the events that occured within a the area of effect (including reseting damage, cool-downs, and even the death of units). However this should come at a heavy cost and overtly inflated cooldown.

Revelation its fine, albeit slightly redundant.

The Mothership and its bulgy Core
One thing I keep hearing from SC2 caster is that the Core feels like its trying to do too much and has no real niche of its own. I would partially agree.

Photon Overcharge is fine, as is Recall. However, Envision is yet again a redundant ability, when adding cannons, observers, and Oracle's Revelation (which also should detect cloaked). Instead, why not giving it a more "motherly ability", by allowing it to recharge depleted shields in a small area?. This seems more in line with the unit's flavor. Its is not OP, and still forces the player to chose where to invest the units energy.

As a 4th spell, I dunno, why not allow it to fully upgrade itslef to a Mothership when at full energy?. Sure it consumes all of its energy, but once again makes the player chose on doing on thing, or another.

The Tempest
Sadly, my biggest beef is with this unit. Albeit looking cool as a devil in leather pants, it is the the one that steps on more toes than all others. It is supposed to be a long range, splash dmg, anti-massive unit (or was). When all this can easily be added to all existing protoss units, thus preventing them from being phased out.

Void Ray can have the anti-massive dmg bonus (still with the slow charge). Phoenix can have the splash damage by adding its original pre-launch overload power. And Carrier can have the long, long distance. Easy.

Alright, that is that for my insane views. Feel free to go at them and tear them to pieces.

11/12/2012 04:43 PMPosted by Ozz
tear them to pieces.

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