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What would be the proper counter to defeat a Thor Heavy Composition with vikings and hellion/banshee support? -Minimal if any siege tanks.

I know at least it's a variant of Infestor Broodlord Corrupter, but I can't seem to find the right balance. I've tried Alot of broodlords over corrupters, But corrupters seem to die to vikings really fast before they kill anything. Even with no vikings, Thors have the range to hit BL's.

What's my goal here?

Tried Neural but that's a no go and everyone knows not to use roaches.
i use lings and ultras vs mech, mainly I use lings for constant harass but if he ever decides to box up his units and counter attack while im counter attacking him before ultras hit the field be sure to hit that gg button, because thats zerg for ya, the complicated race.
well you can kill them with roachling infestor or muta before they get a big enough army, you can get like a 60 supply lead and engage intelligently and wipe them. The problem with going too thor heavy is that first they can get overrun, and secondly they get wiped by large infestor counts (infested terrans)
i struggle with the thought of Lings because of blueflame hellions.

11/14/2012 08:38 AMPosted by ZCksuen
mainly I use lings for constant harass

Agree, probably the only reason i'd make lings against this comp.

11/14/2012 09:36 AMPosted by Midday
The problem with going too thor heavy is that first they can get overrun

This is probably where i overlooked my advantage. I'll have to try and force some engagements.

I'll see what happens. Thanks guys.
If there's no tanks. Infestor/Hydra would be the best counter to Thor/Viking. Hydra and Infested Terran will drop Thor's and Vikings crazy fast. Other than that I usually do Roach/Infestor and if they have a lot of Hellions I prefer Banelings over Zerglings, gas permitting of course.
Engage mid field with Ling Roach Hydra Infested Terran spam, when Lings and Roaches die pull back and remax with Ultra Ling Hydra Infestor.
I love it when i make 5 corruptors then let them see them on purpose so they max out on vikings when I actually went ultras the whole time makes me so happy to see a deathcloud of vikings fly overhead a group of ultras and infestors and fungal them all
LOL, never considered hydra's, But i'll give it a shot on my Terran Practice Partner.
the strongest army is, ofcourse, broodlord/infestor/queen/ultralisk.

kind of expensive.

in an actual game scenario, they will usually push with hellion/banshee, so teching up to mutas very quickly is usually your best option. try to kill off the hellions and banshees before taking too much eco damage and then use your mutas to take full map control, delay his third, and force turrets if possible.

at this point he starts producing thors 2 at a time, and depending on the game, you have a decision to make. either go roach/ling allin (u can use drop here if u like) or tech up to tier 3. if u are going for tier3, get 10 infestors so they start banking energy, and if he pushes before u can get to tier 3, u hold down the r button and overrun him with roach/infestor/ling.

queens are great for antiair and transfuse, they can keep your broodlords alive a LONG time and kill off those last 2-3 vikings.

NP is also very good. u can either NP thors if he only has a few left or 1 is out of position, or u can NP vikings and make them shoot at the other vikings, then land them, which effectively kills them.

otherwise u get yourself a nice little deathball of queens, infestors, and broodlords. ultras are optional, but they are good to close the gap to broodlords since he will likely be going for some push to hit before broods are out, so thats why i usually get them, unless he already did a fail allin that i held with roach.

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