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A few months ago Blizzard released their first battle reports for Heart of the Swarm with Day[9], in those reports the zerg had a new queen model that I personally liked a lot more than the current model. my question is, is it still in the current Heart of the Swarm? If it is, where is it? And finally, if it isn't, can we please have it back?

Like and post so hopefully Blizzard can see it :)
i agree. i loved that new sharper looking model. But i read somewhere it was not big enough to block ramps or something so they changed it back. could be false tho. Personally i really hate that my staple unit of the game is a model for eating disorders and all her abilities come from puking and pooping
hmm, that doesn't sound right to me, if that were the case, then i'd think that blizzard would just increase the size of the unit model a little to make it so it could block ramps and other some such like what they just did to spine crawlers. but i agree with you that the poor queen is constantly humiliated in every game ;) but at least they have the overlords to join them

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