Pikachu's (Cough) PRP Bar (Part 3)

Joeyray's Bar
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11/15/2012 04:17 PMPosted by Dacder
"I shall be the heir, right smylez, my noble lord?"

"Serve me well and I will reward you with riches!"
Yay, riches!

Wait, can I have beer instead?
"You can have as many as you want!"

"Dear me! I have to get back on this paper quickly! I have been distracted for too long! I will be back tomorrow!"
Well, I'm leaving today, so carry on the movement brudda.
You waging war now?
11/16/2012 02:29 PMPosted by supaflyz
You waging war now?
No, we`re just bored as hell can be.
Only a couple believe this is for real...
I SHAL DESTROY YOUR BAR!!!!!!!!!!! Send the KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!! Suddenly a Kitten bigger than moon appears over the corrupted bar and shoots lasers out of its eyes and expels more tiny kittens from its mouth.
And just when I had enough juice to post...Mecha, I'm sorry to say this. But right now, you're being a dumbass...plus Zanon kinda approved of this. Don't make me send Zarkun on you !@#.
Hey? what's wrong with a little chaos?
Yep. post number 13.....

NOW that's kinda creepy...... (post #13, giving smylez the thumbs up)

(conspiracy theories FTW!!!!)
Besides...Do you know what smylez does to any cats and rabbits he sees? And don't make me call Zarkun right now or bring out all my groups. They can easily kill your "Kittens", cat or rabbit, whatever.
Or skunk.

I'M BACK! I'll take something horribly crazy, barkeep.
My fellow conspirators, I am here to issue a call to reason for today we face the most greatest event of our time.

While we battle one another across the entropic galaxy, divided by our petty quarrels that is so prevalent in our history since the dawn of time, the opportunity of a greater prize draws near. The time is now for us as nations and as individuals to set aside our longstanding double crossing and unite.

The Old Guard is no more. What semblance of unity and protection it once provided is gone. It is a phantom, a memory of a past. Under The Big Two-Zanon andThundercrash, our greatest hurdles, they have fended off three invasion of the trolls. But today, they have all but left the scene and left weak caretakers in their place. Unprecedented and unimaginable as it may be, these are the signs of our times.

With our enemies weakened, who will you turn to lead you to victory against the accursed "order"? The time has come to rally under a new banner. In unity, there is strength. Already, the many dissident factions of Chaos have joined us. Out of the many we shall forge an indivisible whole, capitulating ONLY to a single bar. And from that bar...I shall watch over you.

From this day forward, let no conspirator backstab another co-conspirator. Let no individual faction attempt to engineer their own ascendancy. And let no one to consort with the side of "order". The time has come to shroud this sector in darkness. We shall win no matter the cost!
I'd laugh if you didn't sound so corny. Seriously, you're going to loose.
You have commited your greatest atrocity by changing your portrait to Zanon's!!!!!!!!! BTW I SHALL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!
It's already working! Your spelling is a sign of your incompetence. Small victory today!
Mecha... I shall use the "Cats and the Kettle" video while I make Chinese.
HA! Now that you are using Mengsk, you are practically Zanon's twin! WE will be victorious!

Lord Smylez, The forces of Vertigo, OHM, Kay-Oh! Industries, and the Brotherhood will give you their strength.
11/19/2012 02:16 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
You have commited your greatest atrocity by changing your portrait to Zanon's!!!!!!!!! BTW I SHALL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Yea, like you can kill your own creator. Come back when you are actually a cat. Maybe with lasers on top of your head. Might just do the trick.

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