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"For some reason I feel like the Ravius's should be the ones to take over..."
Or maybe the Brotherhood, or Kay-Oh! Enterprises. Shadow was involved in with both of those organizations on a fairly regular basis.
"Yes, but one Ravius was romantically involved with Shadow's daughter and another Shadow cared about as much as his own daughter. Plus I think that the Ravius's could be quite good teachers."
The Brotherhood could be equally effective, I think. And Kay-Oh! would probably hire the Raviuses.
Kay-Oh! is simply a conglomeration of everything owned by yours truly. It's made lots of money by blatantly abusing the ability to move between dimensions, e.g. selling items to people in dimensions where said items do not generally exist.
And how does a Special Operations Leader fit into this? This is Cynthia Ravius we are talking about... Plus did you know that even at 45 that she is single and never really had any kind of relationship? I know, it's such a shocker since it's a CR character.
THough that would give me an excellent opportunity to resurrect Zaros' best friend... Entity Seven.
CR, how's that race coming for P&P, any ideas yet? I'm only asking because I was hoping that maybe we could get you, and one more person by tomorrow and hopefully start then (If I'm not busy for whatever reason).
Since Cynthia is part Protoss, and she will still look incredibly young... I wonder if she should try to get into a relationship?

Dacder, I wont have anything by tonight... I'm sorry but I'm really trying my hardest.
"Depending on how old he is, he might be in self control. I think I'll also make Zaros even more cold-hearted than ever. And what happened to Shade and Raven?"
No problem CR, again, I could very well be busy, and I understand the application is rather er....demanding? And what is it with you and romance? I prefer either funny or kind of insane. But that's just me.
What can I say... I guess it just relates to that empty feeling I guess...

Any way, they are going to be Terran since the other races I have make no sense with this type of layout... I have some interesting plans but I don't know how to go with it.
It's going to be really lenient, and it doesn't have a plot....well, not it will be dominated by the "sub-plots". The main plot will hopefully just....encourage interesting things to happen? So if you have a good idea for a sub-plot, you can pretty much start it however.
Just poppin' in.

Hey ShadowFury. Want to come back to This is Their story or should I keep your identity as assumed dead.
"I'll come back. Just will need a recap."
I walk back in, my .45s in their holsters and a Remington Lever action .30-06 on my back. "Well, welcome back SF. We've missed you."
"Why do I feel like you brought that weaponry to deal with me?"
"Because he DID bring that weaponry to deal with you. Things have changed, Zanon isn't here."

Then to zarkun, "Hit me up with the usual!"

Back to SF, "Glad your back by the way... It was getting too quiet 'round here."
"I've never had the pleasure of knowing SF, at least I don't think I did, and I think it's a pleasure."

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