Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 3)

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I don't have a Bar. I just created the official thread of the BAR WARS.


Everyone report in and tell me which side you're on.
11/15/2012 04:27 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Everyone report in and tell me which side you're on.
Neither. For this is quite ridiculous...damn, why do I feel like I should bring back my arena again?
Zarkun and TC's side. They rightfully own the bar, like it or not.
Definitely for T's & Z's PRP Bar.
What should only be done once?

Do you like it though? xD

A little, but it's a joke that' only funny once.

Also, thank you to all our supporters.
11/15/2012 04:29 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Neither. For this is quite ridiculous

^ This.
well, duh. That's why I only made it once!
Enough of this nonsense!!! Back to RPing!!!!
11/15/2012 04:33 PMPosted by Warhawk
Enough of this nonsense!!! Back to RPing!!!!
I chuckle and take another shot of Scotty's. "Much better."
"You can say that again..."
*Jerks awake* Huh what... Wow that was strange, Odd vision of smylez alter ego being sane..... Was quite frightening....
*Slowly wakes up to the most annoying alarm you can possibly think of*

"uuuuhhh... I hate my life..."
I look at Kroger. "smylez, sane? I don't know if I should laugh or cry."
I glance up from the list. "zarkun, a UED ship is in orbit. Expect customers from them pretty soon. Rumor has it the Artemis is on-board the ship, so expect her as well." I glance back down at the list, and frown. I put it away and pull out another list.
"Artemis? I don't think you've told me much on that one, but ok."
"Essentially, she is the head-honcho or the elite-of-the-elites of the Orions. Although, if the one I think is the Artemis had died, it could be a he, but I doubt it." I reply.
"Oh, right, the Artemis. I don't think you've killed him off...yet."
"Her" I correct. "Remember in The Dishonored? I mentioned her.
As a side note, I have too much spare time, so I am developing another race, if someone wants one" I comment, and go back to writing.

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