Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 3)

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"Have fun, Dac. I can refrain from pushing too far forward in FS."
"Thanks Zarkun."
Zarkun, are you and/or CR in DA chat? I can't get connected at all.
We both are. As is SF.
Well, I have no clue what the heck is going on, but I can't get in DA.
I just got in as well. :\
Maybe your DA is temperamental today? Not unheard off.
Yeah, no kidding.

@CR: Aurora wasn't poisoned. She was exposed to a low-power paralysis shock from one of the creatures.
I thought you said it was poison? Oh well, let's just go with it, no point in changing it now.
You failed.
At least I know now.
Oh, and I gotta ask, CR, was the Survivor supposed to live? I know my guys didn't attack her or kill her.
Yep, unconscious that survivor is.
I apologize for my spotty appearance. After all, I AM a major player here, and should appear often.
Look Draconus, you have a real excuse, you have a reason why you can't come here more often.
What is your excuse?

Im just asking because I seriously dont know, Im not doubting the validity of it.
My stepfather destroyed my laptop, and takes my phone at leisure.

For reasons noone knows but him.
Wow...Jerk move...I feel for you.
Meh, I've gotten used to it.
What I hate more is that he expects me to think of him as family.

destroyed... wow.... not just taken, but destroyed.... wtf...

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