Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 3)

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Hey, it's been done to my books, so it wasn't anything new.
In retrospect, did he shoot it with hollow points?
FOCC: *cough* Perfection is impossible.
Thrown into the wata.
11/23/2012 03:36 PMPosted by Draconus
Hey, it's been done to my books, so it wasn't anything new.
Why? Why books? And your mother is okay with this?
She sticks up for me sometimes, but it's little help.

And why books? I'm supposed to be "sociable". Dude gets mad at my pacing, keeps me from books & the computer, only lets me near multiplayer games . . .

Change of topic.

Who here watches chuggaaconroy LPs?
Never heard of him.
You're a pacer too? I pity you for being persecuted.
Amen to that.
So one question? What's a pacer?
One who paces.
I, too, am a pacer... It can be terrible at times.
Like a pacer test they would do in PE at school?
Not at all.
Then what the hell is a pacer?
One who paces... xD

Just screwing with you.
Back from a rather once in a lifetime experience, and ready to RP!
One who paces.

Is that really that hard to understand?

Hm... the Bar is almost filled. I wonder when Zanon's going to announce the winner of the Bar Wars.
Where did you come back from, Dac?
To "pace" is to walk back and forth, with no discernible goal or direction.

Oh, and look up chuggaaconroy on youtube.
Especially his Okami and Pikmin 2 LPs.

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