Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 3)

Joeyray's Bar
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This place where you go into this hot-air balloon, but it stays still go up 400 feet though, and it's an amazing view.
I've done that before! 'Tis quiet fun is it not?
Indeed it is.
Jester, what are you talking about?
I've seen a lot worse and I could still read it perfectly fine and understand all of it. Would you want some lemons on your eye?
What are you two talking about? I'm really confused right now.
Darkra's typing. Its friggen ridiculous. And shut up, smylez. Seeing you as Kerrigan makes me want to stab you even more.
"Draconus. I feel bad for you. My mom tries to push me to be more sociable, but my dad understands, so it balances it out quite well. But your step-dad threw your laptop into water? I think he owes you a new one. And I think he hates you."
Uh... I am social. As a matter of fact, I am actualy really bad at making cyber friends. My sarcasm and joking doesn't come across the same on the internet I guess :\

Drac, your dad doesn't hate you. He might have his moments, but I promise he doesn't hate you.

Jester, are you okay? You seem a little... off...
11/23/2012 07:01 AMPosted by smylez
"Zanon was a tyrant too. So Zarkun is perfect for his place!"

Zanon is Our Glorious Dictator who had class and substance and commands my respect while this hack job standing over there is a little Kitten who is clawing at every minuscule opportunity to assert his "so called" authority over everyone. He's a flake.

It is at this juncture that I will announce my thoughts on the bar wars issue as well as address something I consider a disciplinary issue.

I walk in wearing my sheriff's badge for a change, the gold glimmering ever so slightly in the dim light of the bar. I sigh and draw my revolver and check the cylinder to make sure I have all six bullets loaded.
I push the cylinder back in and spin it slightly so that it clicks into place.
"Now... lets get started."

@smylez: Thank you. Truly, I have been very surprised by how good your behavior has been of late. Points to you. Unfortunately the reality is that this thread has passed yours in page count by a fair margin. But read on...

@Zarkun: I feel that smylez raises a very valid point. You have grossly misused your weapons and made them your primary enforcement method. These shootings over otherwise unimportant events are far to frequent an occurrence. Yet... the fact remains that this thread filled first.

"First, disciplinary action."
I raise the revolver and shoot Zarkun once in the chest.
"Let that serve as a reminder to you that there are consequences to the abuse of power. I understand that everyone has different leadership techniques, but right now I feel smylez is offering a better example of civil government than you are. Your standards should be higher."

"Second, results. I believe that this bar has won the bar war by virtue of filling the tread first, but I can not deny that smylez has been running his fairly well. As such, when this thread fills up the patrons will transfer to Pikachu's PRP Bar and fill up that thread. At the end of that thread I will have a far more definitive answer for everyone."

I turn on my heel and walk out.
A sly smile creeps across my face, but I lean back in my seat and say nothing.
Something to consider.
I too used shooting as a leadership technique. But with one very big difference.

When I shoot someone it means something. Generally that they annoyed me too much and I ran out of tolerance.
And yet, in the last six months I have shot only 3 people in the bar.

1. Zarkun just now.

2. Draconus (who doesn't really count given the circumstances)

3. Crymsonraven who was unfortunate enough to be the straw that broke the camel's back on the 'mix me a little bit of everything' request.
Hmm... That drink was also not that good. Don't know if the bullet ruined it... or if it wasn't supposed to taste good anyway.
"Zarkun. Stop shooting people. Zanon, I thought you liked order. And KnarledOne. Your inn will be assaulted by immortals by tomorrow morning if anyone posts in it.

*plays intro to Sleep Now in the Fire*
I lean back, not happy. I take a drink, and glance at Zarkun.
11/23/2012 09:58 PMPosted by ShadowFury
your step-dad threw your laptop into water?

I feel for you buddy. I have dealt with a d!ckish stepdad (and dad) before (that BASTARD).
11/24/2012 07:49 AMPosted by ShadowFury
Zanon, I thought you liked order.

What leads you to think that my views on this have changed?

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