Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 3)

Joeyray's Bar
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"Oh, right." I sip my Scotty's and grimace. Damnable headache.
Well...I can't get on DA chat, my internet is as stubborn as a I guess I can get started how what to call the Lizards and how their backstory is going to be.

And this in turn is slow as hell.

Come on...please post this time...
Yeah I know Zarkun. It was more odd than anything.
I'll have the Broadcaster next with a Firebat chaser.
I mix up Kroger's drink and slide it down. "I've decided I'm just going to shiver and continue with my day. A sane smylez...he'd laugh at the thought."
You should have seen the paradoxs that they took way to far. Previous bar thread last few pages. I think smylez used it as fill so he could hijack the bar. *Drinks Broadcaster.*
"Going camping in few hours gonna need ALOT of my favorite drink please zarkun." I say as I pull out a camping backpack and start filling it.
Grr... having to result in using IE on the xbox, and none of you dare criticize me on my spelling right now, for this isn`t Firefox nor CHrome...It` the chatpad on the controller.
Wow that is bad.... I hope everything gets fixed for you.
It`s really annoying and to bad I can`s talk in DA because its flash.
Several crates are brought up. "How's that Morph?"
I look at the supply "Ehh should last me till I get back sunday" I then take out a small cube point it at the crates and they are transported into the cube. "Gotta love the infinite space cube."
IE on the xbox is irriating...I cant think straight...I`m getting pissed...myrp is on hold until I come back, if I come back, if I can. I`m losing it.
The door to the Bar opens, and a large group of troops enter in. Several take booths, but one female trooper takes a stool, away from everyone. Her armor appears mostly ornamental, with drawings and symbols covering every millimeter of it. I glance at her, then glance at zarkun. "That's the Artemis." Several UED troops start shouting out orders.

Troop list:
Argonaut: 22
Ajax Marine: 18
Fenrir: 8
Nemean: 6
I get the soldiers their drinks and glance at Jester. "She don't look that tough. Course, I'm not an RP character."
"She doesn't look tough, mostly because she has no reason to be tough right now." I gesture to the troops. "Ask them about her. You won't get much, but I reckon you'll get some good stories."

An Argonaut walks up and asks "Hey, what's the strongest thing you got?"
I hand him an Ace Suicide. "Have fun."
He nods, and returns to his seat. He takes a drink, and vanishes from the face of time.
I watch the whole thing, and glance at zarkun. "What the hell did you give him?"
"Ace Suicide. He asked for our strongest drink."
"And you made him disappear like that? !@#$, put that into the water supply. Mass killing." I say, and chuckle.
"Actually, that's only one of many side effects of drinking it. Not sure what else it can do."

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