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Bloom undoes death. Thus defeating Death, Death, and Grimm simultaneously. Just one Bloom on each makes him become a mortal idiot with a scythe. Which I then curbstomp.
Fine, but even if you defeat them, hell, even if you beat Satan, I still have Ben. Therefore, I WiN!
....I which I bring in Yoda, who has force. Thus, he force-lifts Ben and drops him into a volcano. If not, then Samus with a freeze beam, then just shatter him into several fragments. WINNER!
Ben is beyond such assaults, and uses being Ben to kill everything.
Ben . . . remind me, who is he and what is it he does? And Satan? From South Park? Dude's so spineless I could kick his !@# with Olimar alone.
Ben dies anyways due to being Ben.

Wow, today is really slow.....
Ben would lose to both of the peeps Jester mentioned. And if they don't kill him, then in comes Master Chief with a whole lotta plasma grenades and a Spartan Laser.
I just realized it doesn't matter who Ben is. Using Amaterasu alone I could defeat the other four members of the team without taking a hit.


Just use it. I can create links, but not use them myself. Curse you, Samsung!
Yet again another slow day.....
I hate DA. It won't let me connect.
It dropped me for a bit but a few refreshes later I was back on it.
Ben shan't be defeated by petty mortals, for he is too nice!

Seriously though, this is a slow day...HOW MUCH LONGER FOR SEPARATIST SPACE?!
@Markus: Seriously, what is takin so long?
I have returned.
Slowly people stumble back in then eh.
Anyone know where Naits is? He's needed in World's End rather badly.

edit: And why is WE so slow lately anyways?
No clue. He has a tendency to disappear for indefinite periods of time from what I learned when he had The Crash going.
Hostess is dead. They let the company of innocence, the one with an eye to all of America, die, but we bail out the greedy bastards from AIG?

*pumps shotgun* Who else feels like Tallahassee from Zombieland?
I loves that movie!
*Pumps shotgun* TWINKIE HUNT!

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