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Yeah, I think we probably lost the BAR WARS. Unless Smylez gets back, it's over, because I can't double-post.


So, what's happened in the last day or two? I noticed Draconus has returned, but this helps me little. All the RPs he was in that I was in are dead.
Stupid death of Z&Z. Twice.
And who knows where Techsuit is. Since it was approaching its end anyway, I'll deliver its final moments here:

Julia switched back to human form to leave these survivors on KLR9, but quickly leaves to pick up Ginei. Ginei flies in from Kaldir for a reason she blatantly refuses to explain, and she weds Flint and Dani. They deliver the evidence against Johann's assistant, who actually turns out to be Luna, and she vanishes (more on Luna, hopefully, in FOCC). Shadow develops the cure from the sample, and gives the recipe to Poltergeist labs. He announces only to Kayle that he will be dimension hopping in the Vengeance until he finds a way to track down Luna. The Spectres who survived the Purge are given a formal apology, and Jessica is given a statue on KLR9, because it turns out the data disc she gave to Ivan contained the necessary materials for SCAR generations, as well as the file that revealed the location of the Vengeance itself.
What happened to Korzis?
Wow, that's some deep stuff. That's a good question though.
Korzis and Cynthia, at the end of Techsuit, sorta went on with their lives.
Not everyone gets an epic ending.
Hm. I was going to use Korzis to bring back Entity Seven.

Refer to Seven's death in Reckoning if you don't see the connection.
Perhaps it can happen silently, without the other characters having knowledge of it.
Can we get some forward motion in FOCC and PKA please?
I'm waiting for Kroger in PKA.
I'm beginning unit production on the Unity, for now. Lotsa fun to be had against them.
hey guys XD miss me?
Here's the sad thing though, really the only people who would remember you would be me, smylez, TC, Knarled, and maybe Zarkun since he seemed to be reading a lot of the RP's before he joined.

Hmm, maybe Draconus would remember you maybe.
He was in one of Naits RPs that I joined, and he vanished as did DarkZealot.
ik i read RPs. you really didn't think i would vanish completely :)
One thing to just warn you about darkra... You might want to take a look at your grammar. I noticed a few people I'm talking to are thinking about sending out the G-Nest.
Darkra! It be good to see ya brudda. You should come to the Chaos side's bar. Join the forces of insanity!
nono i know all about the whole "taking over the bar". excuse my non existing caps since its not auto and posts would take me way longer if i did focus on every cap and you know i'm a fast thinker when it comes to RP so it sticks.
Your post quality makes up for your lack of hitting the Shift key. Anyways, glad to have you back even if you don't join Team Insanity.

You made the Roach cry... :'(
Come here Roach!
*I beckon to give a reassuring hug*
KO, you know it don't matter. smylez vanishes too often.

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