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as a relatively new zerg player im kinda looking for general strategy/playstyle

what style of play do you think is better to play with, push out early/mid or late, personally i find a late game push more fun because it gives me time to actually play the game, but ive been losing with this a lot, mainly against a million gate toss play (they seem to be able to regenerate a deathball in seconds) and mech terran.. i cant figure out if i just suck, or if im doing something un-advantageous
Push at all times. Try not to straight up engage him until that late game push, and just keep him busy with harass. Ling runbys, baneling drops, and mutas all work pretty well. If you can keep him confined to only a few bases and force him to turtle, you can expo and tech up. Mech moves very slowly but hits hard, so the goal is to keep the engagements as far from you as possible until you have your BLs and can dictate the engagements.

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