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Hey guys usually im a aggressive or rush style player but im looking into trying out a more macro orientated style of play. Can anyone recommend effective macro build orders for each match up? Thanks ^_^

Watch that series it should give you a good understanding of the basics. It is a bit more difficult than it seems in the videos because you will be pressured while droning and you will have to learn how to deal with that.
Drone until 28, maybe lings for scout then make units. Also, hatch first is good macro. Queens, spines, spores to hold off stuff early game then late game macro is just make more hatcheries.


Do the Sparkypop no gas 3 base double expand before pool and drone to 40 with mass spines build. It's pretty effectively if your opponent doesn't scout you and doesn't note the hatch or pool timings you're good. In mid game they will assume a 3base zerg but secretly you'll have 30k mins and 30k gas(take gas once you've got good income) and expand everywhere with max army.


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