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What do you think about it?

The speed upgrade is only for 25% more speed now and it's still at hive tech, in Bw it was 50% at it was at hatch...

Are 25% speed hydas that same speed as roaches with tier speed upgrade?
Still bad, hydras are only useful against gateway heavy armies but they dont come out fast enough
hydras should be only 1 supply and need both speed and hp changes to be useful. Times i think hey i need hydras are slim to none atm. almost feels like i would prefer hydras at T1

but in hots with swarm host back up who knows
@OP - Its a start, but the hydra needs more attention than this, especially since the infestor is getting nerfed (again!). The problem is that if they make the hydra any better than it makes the roach worthless. If I was running the show I would remove the freakin' roach from the game and give us the good hydras like the way it was in Broodwar. But, blizzard seems overly-fond of the roach, so I don't see that happening-ever-and as such they are struggling to balance what roles each unit will play in the game.
What the Hydra really needs is the ability to morph into another unit that is more useful (like lings -> banelings). Hydras as they are great, and even necessary against certain compositions. The problem however is that the longer the game goes on, the more of a liability they become.

I'm not saying we should being back the Lurker, but perhaps Hydras should have the option morph into Swarm Hosts so that we could use them for mid game map control and later use them as an anti siege unit.
I don't think this will do anything. How often does a Z sit back at hivetech and say, "man, I wish my hydras were just a little faster?" Seriously, WTF.

The only thing I see this making an impact with is ultra/hydra comps. Vipers may make the hydra more viable, but you still have to make sure that nothing is shooting at them.

I don't think the hydra is very difficult to fix, but speed is not its main problem lategame. It would be a lot more useful (and maybe OP) if it was lair tech.
It won't be researched in the majority of games. Hydras' damage comes at too high of a supply cost for the late game. They are and forever will be a mid game unit if they are even made.
Blizzard made Hydra a T3 unit with speed at Hive tech and I think everybody would rather go festors and swarm host since they are required for Hive tech............
11/17/2012 10:02 PMPosted by tBz
The problem is that if they make the hydra any better than it makes the roach worthless.

I thought the idea was to have roaches meat shields for hydras. Giving hydras, say, an extra +1 attack research upgrade wouldn't damage that, would it?
Still bad. Blizzard really dropped the ball when they carried this unit over from BW.

They ditch the lurker but give us this slow and weak piece of junk.

Replace it, Dusty.
I don't use Hydras now so I won't be using them in HoTS. Right now, you make them and they're a waste of supply that gets blown away by anything with splash damage. Oh, your opponent has Banelings, Brood Lords, Tanks, Colossi, etc? Say goodbye to your squishy Hydras. At 2 supply, they're simply not worth it. You already have Queens and a ridiculous amount of drones taking up a good chunk of your supply. They were good in Brood War when it was 1 supply for a Hydra with 80 health and you also had Dark Swarm to protect them. Why is Blizzard afraid to give Zerg a decent Hydra in Sc2?
The speed buff is stupid, sometimes I think the teams brainstorming sessions are mostly on Friday nights while drunk. It completely negates the advantage of creep for the Hydralisk. This game needs to be more strategic, not less.

I don't mind the fact that it has crap HP. We are supposed to have crap throw-away units as Zerg. The problem is that they should also be cheap to compensate. 50 gas a pop for an 80 HP unit is ridiculous.

Nerfing the Infestor further and not buffing Zerg in other areas was moronic. Even Terran and Protoss agreed that it was something we needed. Speaking of the nerf, why the !@#$ would you focus on making NP even more useless (congrats, I didn't think it was possible) and pretty much ignore fungal, which is the root of the problem? (hah, a pun!)

Anyway, reduce the gas cost for the Hydra and I'll be a happy camper. It should still cost 2 supply, it doesn't need a damage buff, it doesn't need a range buff, and we most certainly don't need a stupid speed buff off creep that comes at a time when we should have most of the map gooped anyway.

Blizzard, use your brains please. I know it's hard in this day and age as we live in the era of smart phones and stupid people, but at least try.

Where you guys finding this new nerf on Infestors at? What's the change now?


Found it.
Still useless.
11/17/2012 12:24 PMPosted by Nightwolf
hydras should be only 1 supply

Why cut supply in half if we're just going to get a 40HP, 6 damage, 6 range, 75mins 25 gas hydra to even out the supply change?

That's double the larvae for half the unit...

And that would be, what, maybe 20% as effective as original at best?

and yes:

11/18/2012 01:57 PMPosted by xOPieTaster
Still useless.

What we need is range for decent ground based AA. Speed won't do nearly as much after forming a creep highway w/ overlords, which would be easy for pros.
Blizzard still needs to fix the hydra. It's far too weak to AoE. We learned this in WoL over and over, why can't something be done?
Blizzard refuses to give up roach. So hydra should get like 50% speed at lair so they aren't garbage late game. Hydra should also have a +2 range not +1 as it is.

GG Blizzard
Lower the supply or the gas cost and we can deal with the speed issue with good creep spread.
By the time you can research the speed upgrade hydras are useless anyway. They're just extremely cost ineffective against anything except unupgraded (no charge and no blink) gateway armies. Hydras fill the same role as the marine, but they have the dps of 2 non-stimmed marines and have less hitpoints, yet cost an additional 50 gas.

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