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We have all heard of Defending your home from a hostile force, From Star Wars and the frist Starcraft, To the Mass Effect series .....but one story is forgoten

((play this while reading))


The story of a people exlied from their home by an evil empire. They fled and hid on a desert planet where they scraped out a living. However, years later, the empire returned and attempted to purge the Galaxy of this race. Howver, a small group escaped. These colonists carved a bloody path through the Galaxy, eventualy overthrowing the evil empire and reclaiming their Homeworld. But peace woudl not last.

Later, an alien race attempted to destoy that planet. However, the brave people Gathered their fleet and fought back, eventualy diving away the aliens and bringing peace once again.

RIght now there is peace. But I know if there is another threat to their planet. These brave peopel will rise up and defend what is theirs.

They will defend Hiigara...

They will defend their home....
Your point?
I played all 3 game in the series and like the cataclysm the most what is to be said?

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